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Who's sick of Ash?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Kamen Rider Kabuto, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Seriously, Ash is way overused, I mean seriously people, He never really tries to level up his pokemon, Plus he wins almost every battle, Its gotten anoying, Plus every movie he encounters Legendary after Legendary and not once does he try to catch it, What trainer wouldn't try to catch a legendary if their that close to it
  2. Nightshroud

    Nightshroud Well-Known Member

    I don't think Ash wanted to catch legendaries and go

    "Oh look everyone! I have a legendary and can pwn you in one shot with it."
    I don't think ASh would catch one and brag about it, he does want to be a Pokemon Master, but not in this way...its childish and Ash is way past the childishness now, though you can still see it in episodes.
  3. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    I am.
    man he's sooo overused.
    and his new voice makes him
    sound like a lesbian...
    Im also sick of may.
    [SPOIL]when will hikari be on!?[/SPOIL]

    EDIT FROM DOGASU: I've added a spoiler tag...if you make a post like this after this Friday, you'll get 4 infracture points per post.
  4. Nightshroud

    Nightshroud Well-Known Member

    Your saying that May is getting overused as well? I don't think any character is getting overused.
  5. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    So you think Ash is overused, yet you sport an Ash avatar. You're sick of May, despite the fact that [SPOIL]Hikari just delivers more of the same.[/SPOIL]

    Did anyone else try to make sense of this one?

    EDIT FROM DOGASU: I've added a spoiler tag...if you make a post like this after this Friday, you'll get 4 infracture points per post.
  6. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    yes he is.
    see? even I overuse him.
    What Im really saying,though, is Ash's
    voice is annoying now.
  7. How is May overused o_O

    and I'm actualy getting anoyed with the show altogether, I mean the main show is too predictable and Pokemon Chronicles is focusing too much on older characters or just the pokemon which you have to actualy pay attention to (I usualy watch TV when Playing Pokemon or using my Computer), The only things I actualy though had potential were the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon special or the original 2 episodes of Pokemon Chronicles with Raikou, I mean finaly! A team rocket that can actualy do something!!
  8. Ed Phoenix

    Ed Phoenix Pesky Boy

    I've been saying that since I got here. That Team Rocket is awesome, there not afraid to have there pokes attack people.

    Plus, I'd like to see another special with the Johto trainers.
  9. Nightshroud

    Nightshroud Well-Known Member

    Jessie, James and Meowth are getting overused to be honest in my own opinion.
    I mean the Blasting Off Again is being a real pain in the neck now, and I personally think they should stop trying to steal Pikachu and end up catching their own instead.

    Sorry TR lovers but that is how I feel.
  10. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    I think the line "We're blasting off again *bling*"
    just gets overused. and when will they ever learn
    that Ash and the co. will always prevail?

    i still think the Team Rocket is awesome.
  11. Seriously, If they spend all this time in the wild trying to catch one and leveling it up they'd have a level 100 Raichu by now

    Agreed, They weren't major weenies
  12. Nightshroud

    Nightshroud Well-Known Member

    I guess so, why can't they just steal someone else's Pokemon instead?
  13. NES

    NES Flip me to the side!

    A bit bored of him, yeah, with all this spotlight, but after all he is the protagonist.... do i have to say more?.
  14. hevver

    hevver Heart of Darkness

    Come to think of it,
    there werent really any wimps
    In Pokemon...they always jump into
    trouble all the time.
  15. Well all shows got to change the main characters eventualy or people will get bored, And the story should be alot less predictable
  16. Jonessodaco.Chris

    Jonessodaco.Chris Is Back Finally!

    yah^^^ ash voice is annoying like dont u think he hit pubberty yet seriously get a mans voice no more chick voice lol... but no ASH OWNS and theres no beating him
  17. Yeah, Its very weird that he had a deeper voice when the series began then he does now, Maybe those simaler pants are the same ones, To have a voice that high at his age there has to be some constriction XDXDXD
  18. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    All right, let's back up a sec here.
    Well duh. He's the main character.
    Mainly because levels don't even exist in the anime. He does train his Pokemon, however.
    Ever since the the latter half of Battle Frontier, he's been on a huge losing streak, and even before then, he lost his share of battles.
    I think I'll just copy this from the Anime FAQs:
  19. Well why doesn't he catch all of them, I mean why doesn't he catch Rayquaza then get Groudon and Kyogre, Or if he can't touch any of the real legends why doesn't he try to catch Mewtwo, Mewtwo is geneticly enhanced clone of a legend so technicly hes not a actual legend but is one, Or what about Deoxys, Dexoys really didn't help anything, Plus its from space, If it can leave that part of space its probobly OK without it
  20. flamingoozaru

    flamingoozaru Well-Known Member

    I am kind of sick of Ash but I am more sick of Team Rocket, can't they get a -insert really angry one word here- life! The one I really hate most Pikachu, if Ash doesn't use him, he will win one of the tournament for sure!

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