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Who's sick of Ash?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Kamen Rider Kabuto, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Yes, but a title like that would automatically cause Ash-bashing.

    Anyway, I'm still not sick of Ash.
  2. Snairyu

    Snairyu Giant Deadly Mollusk

    Yes there is. Look at standards. Usually, those are the perfect sets for those pokemon, making them perfect for their specie.

    The pokemon in the games are a hell more interesting than the ones in the anime. Also, the pokemon in the games are often used only for power. I have never met a person who actually "likes" their pokemon. Showing off your wins and teams (Netbattle ftw here) happens a lot.

    But he has evolved many of his Pokemon- just not all of them. I think more evolved in the recent arcs then ever before. Also, Ash isn't a weak trainer. He doesn't win all the time, but he doesn't lose too much. He also made the top 16 in the Kanto league, the top EVERYTHING in the Orange League, the top 8 in the Hoenn and Johto leagues, and [SPOIL]he eventually beats Brandon.[/SPOIL] He really has matured since Kanto.[/QUOTE]

    So what? He trained for years and lost against a MEOWTH. Pikachu pwns Meowth. Look at the stats please...

    REPLY ^^ I like a debate.
  3. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    The Pokemon in the game are pieces of data with no personality really, and everything relies on formulas.

    Honestly. HONESTLY!
  4. Snairyu

    Snairyu Giant Deadly Mollusk

    Exactly. No friendships. I could not care less if my pokemon would be hurt if I owned them. They battle. They would get hurt o.o
  5. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    I still don't see how is Ash is a "bad trainer" because he has to go out and train instead of building a team in a few hours why sitting in his underwaer on the computer.

    Besides, when I battle in the games, I use Pokemon I like. So sue me.
  6. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Standards = opinions from people. Opinions =/= facts.

    Interesting? They're just computer data without emotion or anything. You know why people don't use the Pokemon they like in game battles against others? Because arrogant jackasses like yourself will do nothing but put down someone for not using a Pokemon to your standards. :)

    I lol'd. It's in training, doofus. He can call it back whenever he likes. He's done so before.

    Games =/= anime, you dolt. The anime isn't an RPG. ;\

    If they actually did exist, see how long they'd listen to orders from a puny human who's relying on THEIR power and can't do anything on their own without the Pokemon. ;)
  7. pikachu146

    pikachu146 Well-Known Member

    I am not very sick of Ash, because if Ash isn't the main character anymore, I feel that it is kinda wierd.
    But Team rocket is the one I am sick of.They come in to cause trouble almost every episode,and blasting off every episode without dying. When will these guys die? And everytime,they say their Motto,which annoys me.When I am watching DVD,I always fast forward away from the Motto.
  8. Anonymous Trainer

    Anonymous Trainer <-----Facewall

    It's called the miracle of preventing the series from going downhill my friend. Team Rocket has a MASS of fans, so if the writers removed them, well.... you can kiss the series good-bye. I hate their motto as well, but they're also considered some of the comic relief, especially in the movies. The only one out of the trio that makes me agitated is Jessie. >.<
  9. Rainninja

    Rainninja Ninja///Pirate

    I don't like Ash because he dis-owns Pokemon.
  10. HyperCyber


    Satoshi is okay. The writiers laid off the general theme of "DON"T EVA GIVE UP!!!111" a little bit on him. My expectations on him kinda drop every season, so I dont mind him that much anymore.
  11. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Funny, he's only disowned a very small amount because he let them be free to be with families. :)
  12. sbs3661z

    sbs3661z Well-Known Member

    I will then think you would hate:

  13. Frost Nova

    Frost Nova The predator awaits.

    Sick of Ash? Well, he's probably one of the biggest Gary-Stus out there isn't it? Six year olds love him, but honestly, the pokemon anime needs someone else. It's getting extremely annoying just seeing him around. At least change how he sounds like: he's been like, ten or twelve for about ten years now?

    Ash is a pathetic idiot who doesn't know the basics of pokemon. Just because of him sticking say, four grass moves on Sceptile we get this onslaught of noobs in the RMT forums who do the exact same thing and think they are doing the right thing because the anime says so. Oh, don't even get me started on the thunderstone fiasco.

    Oh yes, whoever said you can't use your favourites in battling has absolutely no idea on what he's talking about. Many people use their favourites in battle, and there's absolutely no problem with that. The question just boils down to whether it is usable in competitive battling or not. Oh wait: was it Chris who mentioned it? Step inside the RMT forums and take a look for yourself then.

    And a final reason why Ash sucks: if he seriously wants his Charizard to get stronger, he should just keep it with him. It's always better to train him yourself than rely on someone else to train your pokemon am I right? The reason why he doesn't is because he can't be bother to do it himself. Same applies with ALL his past pokemon. Seriously, he's got all these good pokemon like heracross and Snorlax, and he doesn't take the chance to train them even further. All that talent gone to waste just because he wants to train more pokemon.
  14. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    The Simpsons have been the same ages since 1989. What's your point?

    Blame an animated cartoon character on "noobs." Right.

    Yeah. Everyone uses the ones they like alright. The ones everyone else uses and has declared to be the strongest. ;)

    Not really. When it was with Satoshi, it was beaten very easily by a Lizardon trained in that very place. Therefore, in order to truely become stronger, it would have to train in the same way the others do.

    Look at everyone he's had to battle and you'll have your answer.

    And there's something wrong with that? If you actually watched the show, you'd know they don't exactly turn out to be weak when they come in to battles. Hell, Kabigon's seen quite a good number of uses.
  15. Maestro Kinético

    Maestro Kinético Well-Known Member

    I am so sick of him (and sick of all the other characters too) they should give him some development, something that happens with his mother... I don't know.

    I think they should hire new writers.
  16. **King Metagross**

    **King Metagross** The Steel Beast

    Actually come to think of it yes,

    One reason why,
    No matter how far ash get in anime is party is so weak :i mean look at it, when it was time to about face the last gym in kanto when gary showed up, he had a nidoking and arcanine and all ash have was avery weak party and in johto like when gary had a scizor and his newly evo. umbreon and think about what did he have in his party that time,[SPOIL]OH and lets not forget about elekidile
    How can pikachu lose to a elekidile when he beated a regiice!!!!![/SPOIL]

    Then yes but he would be better in anime if he have a full balance team then he'll be better.And yes I think gary is a whole lot better than ash, seriously!!!!

    EDIT FROM DOGASU: I've added a spoiler tag...if you make a post like this after this Friday, you'll get 4 infracture points per post.
  17. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    Again. Game stats don't apply to the anime. You also seem to forget that Pokemon all battle differently. ;\ None of them use the same battle strategies.

    And since when did having pre-evolved Pokemon make one weak?
  18. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    I have to throw my hat into this. [spoil]The recent gym ep. in D/P showed me why I wanted Ash gone and a totally new cast. Ash is an experienced trainer and now has a rival who is basically a rookie. Shinji defeated the first gym leader but Ash lost to the exact same gym leader and the exact same Pokemon. It came across as cheap and that's the problem the show will be running into this saga.[/spoil]
  19. ^ASH^

    ^ASH^ Beginning Trainer

    And why did you decided that Shinji is a beginning trainer? it is unknown if he is a beginning or an experienced trainer... just like Ash is an experienced trainer but he came to Shin'o only with Pikachu and Aipom so could do Shinji (why would he do that? we can't know but it is possible... especially because in the gym episodes when Shinji hears the gym is a rock type he gets frightened a little and say he goes to the Pokémon center and suddenly return with Azumarill - maybe he went to the center to contact someone who keeps his old Pokémon?)
    And by the way Shinji battles it is more clever to assume he is an experienced trainer (and also it seems Elekid was his first Pokémon... people think it's Hikozaru only because it's a starter but we already saw a lot of wild starters)
    And also whether he is beginner or experienced - so what if he won at the gym and Ash lost? so right Ash is an experienced trainer but he use newly captured Pokémon that had almost no experience (Aipom and Naetoru)
  20. Jolty77

    Jolty77 <Bring her back!

    Ash isn't going anywhere and that is plain and simple. As long as the fans in Japan love him, he will be staying.

    Him releasing his Pokemon are for good reasons. Charizard wanted to train at the valley. If Ash had said no to him, then he would just be an ***. He released Pidgeot to protect other Pidgey's. Primeape to train and do what it wanted. It just shows Ash has a heart and cares for his Pokemon.

    The Pikachu thing has been explained before. Plus, in the anime anything goes. A strategy could easily defeat a stronger opponent. Look at when Ash first tried catching Chikorita, she put up a pretty good fight against CHARIZARD.

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