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Who's That Character!?

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Blood Red Absol

AquaMilotic's Waifu
The Game is Simple, Guess the name of the Character posted above you and what they are from, then post your own character for the person Below you to guess <3



That is Ash Ketchum from Pokemon



Bart Simpson from The Simpsons



Lina Inverse from Slayers

(and so on and so forth)

1) All SPPf rules apply
2) You may choose any character from any anime, cartoon, game, etc
3) do not post any inappropriate pictures or make rude comments (try and be mature)
4) Try and avoid pictures with multiple characters in them as this may confuse people
5) Most of all have fun :D

1x = 1 day ban
2x = 1 week ban
3x = 1 month ban
4x = perm ban

Banned people:
none ^_^


First up, guess this character:


Pyrrah of Soul Calibur



I think the Link to your image is borken, it's not showing up on my computer :(


Stein of Soul Eater

Ugh, lemme post a smaller one.


Blood Red Absol

AquaMilotic's Waifu
I know the Character from Code Geass but i haven't seen it for so long i forgot the names



That's... that's Kouta from B&T, not Code Geass
IDK, and thanks for the spoilers, I never finished Black Butler ;_;


L of Death Note I presume


Seriously, I'm posting images from characters in the same game.


No idea


Still from the same game.
Not open for further replies.