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Who's the most forgettable Pokemon?

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
Chingling, Castform and Mothim.


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If its those you forgot to use, i would go with Golem and Ampharos. I never like Amphy and Golem in game, so. I forgot the name of eyery pokemon of Hoenn and Unova xD


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Furret, Quilfish, and if you say dunsparce, billions of people love dunsparce and have pictures of dunsparce. So don't overreact!


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For me, it's Spinda. Every time I see it, I think: "What is that thing?"

Curiously, some of the most forgotten are favorites of mine, such as:

Dunsparce, Shuckle, Qwilfish, Kecleon


not bad
Well, if it truly was the most forgettable, none of us are listing correct answers.

But, that aside, I think it's Skarmory. I always forget about it.
Before 5th Gen, I had forgotten about Qwilfish and Murkrow at one point. Furret and Mareep are a couple of others that I forget about easily.


Before 5th Gen, I had forgotten about Qwilfish and Murkrow at one point. Furret and Mareep are a couple of others that I forget about easily.

Qwirlfish is really forgettable you only just reminded me that it exsist.


Bibarel's adorable.
I would say Swalot ranks up there.

If anyone's heard of Pokemon Type Wild, it's basically a fan-made fighting game containing nine different Pokemon. Most of these are recognizables like Blaziken, Lucario, and Loppunny. Some of them not so recognizable, but make sense like Breloom. And it also has Combuseken, despite already having Blaziken. ...But probably to biggest baffle is the fact Swalot is in it. Not that Swalot is bad, it's just that Swalot seems like the most random possible design for a Pokemon Fighting game. It's, like, Muk with more of a friendly look. And it's probably one of the last Pokemon that comes to mind when I think of Pokemon.


I'm surprised that people are mentioning Gen I pokemon, since (for me) those are the most memorable. That's probably just because I started with the first 150 pokemon in R/B, though.

For me, all of the baby pokemon (Cleffa, Igglybuff, Tyrogue, Smoochum, Elekid, Magby) are a lame way to increase the amount of pokemon, and are easily forgettable.


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Beheeyem. It's got a decent movepool, but most people don't indulge it. Beheeyem's definitely the most underrated in the 5th Gen.


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I can't even remember mine's name. I think it is a... um... I want to say bug and rock type, it looks really weird, I'm going to have to look it up... (Many minutes later) It's called Shuckle... I forgot what it was but now I know.