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whos ur contest pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by smgls, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. smgls

    smgls Bug Catcher Pro

    which pokemon is ur best when it comes to contest and ribbons?
    i use ninetales for beauty and other ribbons. currently holding 19 ribbons.

    also i cant beat the master challenge in the beauty contest. mostly because of the visual part. can someone help me?
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2009
  2. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused

    There's this recent topic about contests, you could check it:

    I have a Raichu named Wright U. which I used for contests.

    Make sure that you maxed that stat with poffins and that it holds the scarf.
    You can just save before the contest and try the visual part. If your points are low, SR and try again.
  3. umbreon4ever

    umbreon4ever Dark Trainer

    I use Staraptor, I always use flying pokemon in contests.
  4. masterleo

    masterleo Order Up!

    I use the in-game traded chatot
  5. Nebbio

    Nebbio NINJA!

    I use Machamp and Combusken.
  6. venra77

    venra77 Wifi battler

    i use my milotic FTW!!!!!!!
  7. Leafreon3809

    Leafreon3809 I'm back!!!

    I use a traded mismagus and my dialgia. I can beat the ultra rank with a mismagus!
  8. pokedexfiller

    pokedexfiller Unova Trainer

    i had a duskull for smart, but that didnt work out well , so i got a t-tar for tough and we're currently trying to beat the master competition
  9. Ash^_^

    Ash^_^ I got a feeling...

    I'm using my pikachu.
  10. Tropios

    Tropios ':o Me is stinky??'

    im trying to beat beauty master rank with milotic and gardevior(gardevoir i my poke with most ribbons) and im feeding azurill for cute
  11. pikadude43

    pikadude43 Well-Known Member

    i had i togetikiss which bet thebeuty rank (all) then i taught it loads of tough moves and we dont tough contest(all)
  12. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    My Master-Rank Cool winning in Hoenn from Coloseum Raikou.
  13. surfer treecko

    surfer treecko Highly Explosive

    My ponyta.

    With Ember/Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Firespin, it can do pretty well.

    Of course, it fails at actual battling.
  14. kiogrey

    kiogrey RS REMAKES

    I use my Uxie for Cute contests, and Gastly for Tough.
    I never got through the Master rank, I just could never max out their condition.
  15. Phoenixphire

    Phoenixphire Well-Known Member

    I use my Arbok for the Tough Contest :)

    Usually does pretty well ^.^
  16. Phoenixphire

    Phoenixphire Well-Known Member

    I use my Arbok for the Tough Contest :)

    Usually does pretty well ^.^
  17. Gladeshadow

    Gladeshadow Well-Known Member

    I use Staraptor and Luxray :)
  18. Sohashi

    Sohashi Well-Known Member

    in emerald i used groudon from ruby, got me two masters medals, then he dissapeard somehow... :( alakazam is pretty good to
  19. Lucariofan-atic

    Lucariofan-atic avant ǝpɹɐƃ painter☆

    Cool Contest: Rayquaza
    Beauty: Milotic
    Smart: (usually) Alakazam
    Tough: Swampert
    Cute: Whiscash.
  20. sweet_piplup123

    sweet_piplup123 I lost the game?!?!

    I used to have a Blaziken in Pearl for cool contests but I traded it to a friend...
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