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whos ur contest pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by smgls, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. FallenForce

    FallenForce Well-Known Member

    I got my Hipmonchan in a trade, adamant lvl 100.

    I thought ' wow, what a great pokemon'.

    Then I looked through its summary and saw that it had won 2 Master Contests, Cool and Tough.
  2. Charzard03

    Charzard03 New Member

    I use my Pachirisu named Pako for contests and he currently has 19 ribbons :D
  3. megaman12

    megaman12 Not Happy

    I use my Empolean on every contest and it has 22 ribbons.
  4. dragon-dark-master

    dragon-dark-master Thanks SPPf. TTYL

    My Deoxys, LV. 100, has done smart in Hoenn, and Sinnoh, I haven't done any other contests in Sinnoh, I have an Aggron who's done Tough in Hoenn and Miolotic in Beauty.
  5. SoulSilver99

    SoulSilver99 Milotic Rox!

    Jigglypuff!Shes a cute girl.
    shes up to the final stage of contests but we always come 2nd
  6. FireSong

    FireSong ~The musical leaf

    Cool ~ will be Luxray (Zeon)
    Beauty ~ Glaceon (Snowdrop)
    Cute ~ Leafeon (Dhalstar)
    Smart ~ none at the moment
    Tough ~ Lucario (Reico)

    And that's just about it. x3
    I'm thinking of what Pokemon would do good in all Contests.
  7. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Let's see, let's see...

    Lucario (Nora) was used in Cool Contests (I know, overused. Frankly, it's not like I know what pokémon's used in what Contest type, of all things)

    Ninetales (Foxy Loxy) was used in Beauty Contests (Somewhere... I can hear someone sayin' I mimicked that one kid in that one Pokémon ep when Brock gave away Vulpix.)

    Dragonite (Rydia) was used in Cute Contests (... I think it's cute tbh. Shaddup.)

    Starmie (Starfy) was used in Smart Contests (Actually, how DO you judge Smartness? Heck, how many nerdy pokémon even exist?)

    And finally, I used my Rhyperior (Taizo Hori) in Tough Contests.

    And yes, I do suck a LOT when it comes to nicknames. Frankly, I'm no good at originality, but from what I've saw in R/S, nicknamed pokémon appeared to do better than non-nicknamed ones. That, or my Ruby game is wonky as eff. *shrugs*
  8. m!ss p!nk

    m!ss p!nk Puss wuss >3

    Beauty - Milotic (molly)
    Cool - Raichu (Light)
    Smart - none
    Tough - none
    Cute - maybe my glaceon (glacia)

    That what i have :3
  9. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    all six of my teamies happen to be able to become contest pokemon with a few small edits in their movesets.

    contests in D/P/pla are more easy then the avarage person thinks it is.

    however these are them:
    dragonite - cool
    charizard - cute
    raichu - smart & cool
    aggron - tough & cool
    absol - cute & cool
    gardevoir - cool & beauty

    i used to rely on a D/P contest guide i made which some might remember but it is highly possible to do without it, but that is if you are good at it.
  10. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Because of the lack of Jam moves, I find the Super Contests a rather strange change for the game. My whole strategy originally was simply jammin' the opponents down, and finish with my own combo move on the last two turns. Just feels weird that jamming doesn't exist anymore...
  11. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    yeah okay the jam moves went gone but there were things added in it's place that required speed and reflexes. let's be honest dressing up within a minute and the dancingrounds can be a disaster if you are new at it.
  12. GoodPokemonTrainer121

    GoodPokemonTrainer121 Yeah man!! :)

    I mainly use my Blazkien..

    STICKTOPIA Well-Known Member

    I use my buneary:D
  14. Calm PokeMaster

    Calm PokeMaster Well-Known Member

    I use Infernape for Beauty and Gardevoir for Smart.Only contests I win in......
  15. ElegyCity

    ElegyCity Do we get ice cream?

    Well for all the R/S/E contests I have a Banette with all the ribbons, and for D/P/Pt I used a Swalot to win all the contests and ribbons. I would have used the Banette if I had remebered I still had her on Emerald :p.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2009
  16. Avion

    Avion The Anomaly

    when I do the contests I like to rock the cool with Ninjask
  17. coolminun

    coolminun Banned

    won master rank with beauty with beautifly, and right now struggling with smart contest with skymin and giratina O
  18. Gaiasa Hinuta

    Gaiasa Hinuta Banned

    I have a variety of Contest Pokemon, as follows:

    Cool: Lopunny
    Beauty: Milotic (duh)
    Cute: Leafeon
    Smart: Vespiquen, Gardevoir
    Tough: Lucario, Kabutops
  19. GolemGuy

    GolemGuy Better Than Thou

    Hoenn contest metagame > Sinnoh contest metagame.

    Hoenn not only has the vastly superior Pokeblock, but it also has a much more competitive appealing phase. Lack of dancing and dressing up is also win.

    Anyway, I used my Sharpedo in Hoenn for beauty (Surf + Waterfall + Dive + Rain Dance = win, also the sheer irony of Sharpedo) and a Cherrim in Diamond beauty contests. Haven't got anybody in Platinum yet, but I think that I'm going to use my final team from mono-normal Ruby when I import it.

    Linoone- Cool
    Exploud- Tough
    Swellow- Beauty
    Girafarig- Smart
    Delcatty- Cute

    or something like that.
  20. Short Wing

    Short Wing Home of the Braviary

    Walrein "Sphealy" Beauty lol
    Buizel Tough
    Ambipom Cool
    Then I got board with contests ^_^;
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