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Who's your favorite 5th Gen Pokemon and why?

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Scraggy/Scrafty: They have such awesome, unique designs, and I love their typing combination. Couldn't care less about their "competitive battling" value, really. The design is all I care about. <3

Zorua: I always loved Zorua since I first seen (saw?) its design. I was dying for one for ages, until I finally managed to get wifi and trade for one. Its Illusion ability kinda turned me away at first, but now I find it pretty fun to use. ;)

Darmanitan: My god, do I love this Pokemon. Its ability makes it a monster in battle, and it's design is pretty sweet.

Victini: I love this Pokemon a lot for its cuteness, but I'd probably never actually use it because of its "legendary status". =/

There's tons of other Pokemon I love in this generation (pretty much all of them, actually), but these ones just stick out the most for me. :>

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Audino, it just rolls off your tongue XD


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Zorua, but shiny zorua specifically! It is like an adoreable little fox. :)


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I think I'll change my answer to Volcarona. Its cry sounds like an epic nuclear explosion. And its design is very beautiful.


I don't know maybe Snivy I always liked it. it's just so cool and the anime really helps too.I like Oshawott, but then there's also Woobat, Haxorus, Excadrill, Litwick...Actually I have a lot of favourites in Unova.Lol at the start I didn't like any of them and now I can't even choose my favourite...


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Chandelure. Cool fire moves(If leveled up from Litwick). Not affected by normal or fighting. resistant to more than it's weak too. No quadruple weaknesses, which is good concerning dual-type pokemon. Flash fire, which would make fire boost it's attacks. Flame Body, with a 30% chance to burn, plus the halving of hatch time. Highest special attack off ALL Ghost types and ALL Non-legendaries. PLus it just looks SO COOL.


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I'd have to say...

Darmanitan. :555: Just look at that face :D ...and it does what it says in its stats, no two ways about it. Which is just what you want sometimes, no?

Scrafty and Excadrill are wonderful too, but Darmanitan FTW!


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Volcorona and Zoroark are sick. Zoroark has my favorite ability and Volcarona was the Pokemon that I found in every game that I wasn't expecting.(Desert Palace)
Whimsicott hands down. I didn't take a good look at the sprites before the game came out. I started playing my Black game and was training in Pinwheel Forest when I ran into shaking grass and faught and captured my first whimsicott. He's been a member of my team ever since (though later I found out about the moves it later learns as a cottonee aand started training another one) I also just hatched a shiny cottonee (1st shiny ever!) and I love its shiny sprite XD

Tied for 2nd are scrafty and reuniclus(especially shiny). I just love them and don't know why.

Some others I really like are zoroark, haxorous, volcarona, lilligant, emboar and reshiram.


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Most amazing Pokemon in the world.


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Golurk...the first fifth gen species I cared about, Golett was the first Pokemon in several gens I admitted to being 'cute', the first fifth gen line I bothered to train and integrate into my overall team, Iron Fist just SOUNDS like an awesome ability. Its look is literally BOSS, as in, he could be put as some other video game's boss and not look at all out of place. I always imagine that whoever at GF designed him was at least partly inspired by the the Guard Armor in Kingdom Hearts.

I used to think that Eevee and Mew were cute--then along came Golett, the cutest Pokemon in existence. That little face is so adorable, I just wanna cuddle him! And Golurk is just out and out awesome; if it weren't for Riser, I never would have been able to whip Ghetsis. How I adore my robo-ghosts. <3

I also have to admit to a fondness for Sawk. Normally, I'm not too keen on Fighting types, but Sawk's just incredible. He helped carry my team like you wouldn't believe and he's rapidly become one of my faves from this gen.


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I think it's obvious from my user name and avatar. But it's Scrafty. I love his design of a mix between a punk and a lizard. And its face... ITS FACE!!! It's so derpy! He might even replace Kingdra for my all time favorite Pokemon (and that's been his spot since gen 3).

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My favorite Pokemon from Generation V would have to be the Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott family. Unlike all those haters when it was first revealed I was excited to get one. I especially love Samurott, its abilities and the way it looks!


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Shiny Virizon is amazing! I love Grass/Fighting pokemon so the combo is great for my taste! Plus the pink just makes me feel like candy all the time.


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Galvantula and Joltik.
I picked Joltik because it's so cute! I mean, just look at its animation! <3
Galvantula because they're beasts with great type coverage (Thunder, Energy Ball, Bug Buzz and One other move, I think I have Slash) and it was the first level 100 I got in White. I want to breed either a shiny or a flawless Galvantula, or both!
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