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Who's your favorite 5th Gen Pokemon and why?

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Pokerman Master
mine would have to be zebstrika, it was the best one i had during my game play. serpherior would have to be the second, even though my first choice was samurott.


Well-Known Member
Virizion is probably my favorite.

I like the design, typing, and it doesn't hurt that it has good stats.

I also like Serperior it just sucks that it has a bad move pool and its attacking stats are weak.

I know it's Dreamworld ability makes it really strong after a Leaf Storm but I can't get DW abilities so personally it still sucks [I do like the design though and I really like Snivy in the anime].
I have to go with
Emboar:Because its my favourite starter and Ive not liked the fire type starter since 2nd gen
Samurott:I just love the way it looks
Krookodile: Because the one I trained up just owned everything
Chandelure: I just think everything about this pokemon is right.Also I've been wanting a fire/ghost type pokemon for years and Chandelure was how I expected a fire/ghost type pokemon to look like
There are others that I like but those are my favourites:)


Serperior(i love snakes in general).
Zebstrika, Braviary and Scolipede(cool designs).


Either Scrafty or Crustle. Before I started black I knew I wanted Scrafty and Crustle because I liked their designs. I used both of them in my play through and they ended up helping me a lot. I just think they are really cool.

Lady Umbreon

Well-Known Member
Scraggy. Rubber pants dance! Or Eelektross. Lots of great Pokemon this generation.


"Orange" Magical Girl
Durant, Whirlipede, Gothorita, Darmanitan, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Crustle, and Beheeyem, are the one's I adore this generation since Durant replaced Heracross as my favorite. Gothorita is cute, Whirlipede is cool cause he steamrolls awesome, and the rest are cool.
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Kall El

Isshu added some really cool Pokemon :]
Where to start...

Musketeer trio had are strong and have beautiful elegant designs. Virizion and Keldeo are my two favourites here!
Victini had a cute design and great typing! Wii-create :p
Emolga!, not used one yet sadly but great concept and a cute look!
Ferro,Bisharp (Chess anyone?), Escavalier were great additions to the steel family, loved the detail designs!
Archeops is out of this world! Tropical and very-jurassic like look was defos one of my favourites.
Sawsbuck and his seasonal changes were great touch too!
Other then that, Vanilluxe and Hydreigon weren't too bad either!

- Some hate on the 5th Gen designs - I have nothing to say except-
I personally think, Isshu has some really cool native Pokemon.
Original concepts and beautiful designs.
Don't hate on the Ice-cream, when you have a Muk. JS :p
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Cool Rafe

Cold & Anti-social
My top favourites of the 5th Gen would be Hydreigon , Haxorus , Excadrill and Mienshao .

If I have to pick my most beloved one, it would be Hydreigon because its design is just great(liking the 3 heads) and it has a cool combination of Dark and Dragon type which makes it so badass . Oh and it is the only pseudo-legendary that has Sp Atk as its highest stat . Just what I've been wishing for .
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No longer posting
Keldeo is really becoming my new favorite 5th Generation Pokemon. Especially its new Resolution forme, it's really epic and colorful.
I can't think of any favourites at the moment, but I can pick out a few designs and my favourite aesthetics about them.
Sawsbuck is a graceful deer that was really needed. It may not be the first, but in comparison to Stantler, it has a unique twist of a Grass type and the idea of season changing antlers makes it stand out from the previous deer-like Pokemon. It keeps the elegant face and strong body shape which is something I didn't like about Stantler too much. (the massive nose haha)

I like the Vanilla Ice Pokemon line, especially with the little Easter Egg smiley face at the back of the final evo. x3 The creator (forgot his name) really had fun with this design, turning an ice cream into a Pokemon~ It's something the game needs without it being too ridiculous or Under Powered.

The two fossil Pokemon are worth commenting on. They were a good choice of animals to base off for the fossils. Each having an important HM (Fly or Surf), a nice design (perhaps a bit too closely related to the original animal) and a good stat range. They work both as a competitive Pokemon and an in game.
The Trubbish line deserved a grassy patch in the alley ways of the city. I don't understand why they didn't do that. xP


Well-Known Member
The Black and White Pokemon are my least favorites compared to the Pokemon from the other regions but I really like Woobat and Oshawott.
I originally didn't want Oshawott. I was going to get Tepig because I almost always start off with a fire starter but I found out that if I got Oshawott, I could get a Pansear for a fire Pokemon.
Now, I really like my Oshawott, so it worked out well! :)
My favourites would have to be:
Snivy, I don't know... I guess it's kinda cute? Well, it DID make me break my chain of water starters only...
Haxorus, it's just awesome. I love my female Haxorus!
Eelectross, first pokemon I got to level 100 on Black, second ever (My first was my Empoleon, Pippy, on a mixture of Pearl, Diamond and Platinum) and it has barely any weaknesses, if any.
Although I do like more of them they would have to be my favs!


Great King of Evil
I was gonna say Entei buuuuuut then realized it was 5th generation so I have to say, Zoroark. Or i guess zorua AND zoroark. i loved their appearance in the movie and the anime and also their ability, illusion, it always tricks my foe. BTW first post!


My fav 5th gen pokemon is oshawott cause its so cute and the scalchop thing is so cool
the way it can be used with his moves and the anime made them even more appealing as pokemon
and is based on sea otter so kinda interesting on how it looks = )


I hate Metagame.
Mine is Braviary. It looks really awesome and its stats aren't that bad to boot. And everything about it screams, "AMERICA!"


Shiny Hunter
Favourite overall has got to be Hydreigon - awesome moves, awesome stats, awesome design, just all round awesomeness.

I also love Swoobat because it's just lovely.

And I like Zekrom and Reshiram which is unusual for me as I'm not usually that keen on Legendaries. I just love their designs though.
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