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Who's your favorite sailor moon character?

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xXYobi TakiXx

Get ready to fly
hi yah! want to shout out '' i love sailor venus and sailor mercury!'' Well, now its your chance! By doing so you can win a shiny pokemon from yours truley. just shout out who you like and i'll pick the winner if you want you can ask me what shiny pokemon i have avalible. and remember say your sayings with feeling in it. PS: there will be a drawing every sunday. please do join because i want to get all these shinies out of my pc. i will give my friend code to the winner of the week. oh and one last thing, i will be giving free shiny promos to the ones who enter before March 19th. the shiny promo will be a shiny arceus or keldeo(your choice of pokemon).good luck and have fun!


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Sailor Mercury is my favorite inner sailor scout and Neptune is my favorite outer (I like Neptune the best though). I also really like Sailor Pluto and Jupiter.
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