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Who's your partner pokémon?


Hylden General.
Hmm... Blastoise will always be my nr1 pal! My Jolteon or Espeon would be awesome parters too, since they are smaller than Blastoise ^^
Edit:Sine I would travel from region to region, for each region sepperatly, starters not counted
Kanto: Jolteon
Johto: Eevee
Hoenn: Manectric
Sinnoh: Lucario
Unova: No idea... probably Semisear or Volcarona.
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Its always mainly my cyndaquil who was my starter. Other than that, I switch off evenly between my flareon and arcanine, since they are both my second favorites. :3


Fire Team User
I would say my top partners would be Mew, Latias, and Charizard. Mew is just so cute and can make psychic bubbles to bounce on or to protect me ^^ Latias can fly and is also cute as well, and very strong. Charizard is my old school favorite and can also fly and light the way during night fall, caves, and keep me warm during winter or when I'm in the mountains.


Sand Trainer
hmm... in either real life or ingame I'd have to say my partner would be a Volcarona, Galvantula or Bisharp.
Your Pokemon Assistant

Say for example if Pokemon were actually real.

Based off your personality or just because you want to; who would be your "signature pokemon" that you could count on to be by your side? Kind of like Ash and Pikachu.

Mine is (obviously;Weavile)
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Well-Known Member

Just imagine meeting that one hot girl...

No but seriously, I'd probably choose Treecko.


<---Shine for me
Keldeo,riding off into the sunset on the Pacific Ocean LIEK A BAWS


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Rapidash so I could ride it at 180mph, or Abomasnow because I like cold weather and it makes berries.