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Whose side are you on?

team aqua!^___^
xd honestly, i not in anyone side,
but team aqua is better.


Shade of Blue
Team Aqua. Team Magma wants more more seas, without seas, there'll be no water, without water, we'll all die.


Furret <3
team magma because maxie is way cooler than archie but i would choose rocket over both of them and gaylactic


kiss my greens
Meh, neither side. I kicked their butts, why should I side with them? XD

Anyway. If I had to pick a side, I'd pick Aqua. Their plot to flood the world actually makes sense, as the Earth is mostly made of water anyway. Plus, their outfits were cooler, and their leader wasn't a total knobhead.


avant ǝpɹɐƃ painter☆
team aqua!
they're cooler than that team magma, i think xd
but i'm not on everyone side.

Rugia Thunder

Team Aqua for sure, better leader, better outfits, and just more my style xD


Well-Known Member
God, i dunno.. They're both total knobheads.. Although, at least they don't refer to themselves as ''evil'' or ''criminals'' as much as team rocket.. Well, excepting that first Aqua/Magma Grunt you beat:
''Grr! My career in crime comes to an end!''. Honestly, who does that?
I suppose i'd pick Magma, because their costumes kick ***. I mean, horns on a hoodie, that's what i'm talkin about.. Lol. Team Aqua's attire, on the other hand, suck. They're like little kids playing dress-up.
Well, I would choose Team Magma, because I hate the Water. Plus, I don't like Archie very much... Then again Kyogre is cooler then Groudon.. But Magma's super secret base is near my favourite town, Lavaridge. So I'd choose Magma.


I dont know.
Team aqua, of course. I like their uniforms and their plan will help to repair the droughts in all the world.


Team Magma as I like the sun and..nah I wouldn't say I hate water, but the sun is better^^ So Team Magma