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Whose side are you on?


Dragon Trainer
magma cuz i love fire pokemon

groudon can use thunder to whip out team aqua

Shadow Gamer

The Shadow Trainer
I'm going with Magma because I'm a hoodie fanatic and they're hoodies are bad a**.
I would join Team Magma. Because of the Ground and Fire Typing. And expanding the landmass. As I was born to be on the ground.
Groudon using Solarbeam then?


Well-Known Member
Team Aqua. Hoenn seems kind of hot to me, so a little cooling is useful everytime. And Water-types are just way more awesome than Ground/Fire-types.


i would have joined team magma


Low Special Attack + Drought + Thunder = Fail!

Kyogre can use Hydro Pump, along with Drizzle, wich makes Water-type moves stronger + makes Hydro Pump's accuracy 100, WILL own Team Magma.

Drought + Solar beam = instant attack


Calm And Hyper
I'm not gonna get involved in the "who would win in an actual battle, groudon or kyogre?" debate, however in emerald I find it stupid that Groudon is fighting Kyogre ON A PIECE OF ROCK, IN THE SEA, Kyogre's natural environment. If Kyogre just did surf Groudon would die. Luckily for Groudon, Kyogre was equally stupid as instead of doing any moves it just tackled Groudon (thats what it looked like from the sprites at least).


Master Breeder
i wish there was a team sky that wanted to get rayquaza cuz i just cant decide between kyogre and groudon since they both have ways to beat each other

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
Team Aqua, I like being in the water plus if the weather is too hot people say I'm annoying.


Eevee Breeder
I like water Pokemon more, but...
I can't swim, and I like Magma's outfits much more, so I'm gonna have to go with them.
I can settle for using Flareon and Ninetales all the time, they're pretty BA.


Well-Known Member
I would have joined Team Aqua, because it seems like they were nicer, plus they are water pokemon...