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Whose side are you on?

I would probably favor Team Magma simply because Groudon is cooler, and I would like to aim towards making more land instead of drowning it. Most people would agree that there is enough ocean.


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aqua has hella cool costumes and a better hideout so them


Team Magma, because I'm a pyromaniac, their costumes are cool, and Groudon was an insane force to be reckoned with in Ruby and in the movie.


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Magma all the way, Groudon pwns Kyogre.
Also celebitrainer, without earth and rocks, there wouldn't be a place to live, just saying.


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Maaagggmmmmaaaa.......I really dont know why but having more land are would be....I dunno but overall I just like magmas uniforms xD ^^""


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You could guess from my Username xD
Red is cooler than Blue(and, does anyone remember that in the Animé, it is Maxie, not Archie that tries to flood the world, and even his own friends.... and Team Magma's Infraview Goggles is cool xD)


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I hate them both, but if I had to choose, it would be Magma.
For the people who like Aqua because of Kyogre or Magma because of Groudon, remember that they're trying to capture them and force them to do what they want.

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Team Aqua.
One of my favorite types is water.


Most probably Team Magma. The vastness of the ocean and it's dark depths tend to scare the **** out of me.


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Team Aqua all the way! They are just full of awesomeness.