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Whose Your Favorite Zatch Bell Mamodo?

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by Naruto Uzumaki, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki Cascade Trainer

    Hey Everyone What is your favorite Mamodo from Zatch Bell? My favorite is Zatch or Tia!
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2006
  2. Zinimi

    Zinimi Yes, I like Snubbull

    I've watched the show and own the first manga, but could never remember the guy's name...
    It's that dark Mamodo with the girl as the partner, the one with the "Reis" and "Gravi-something" attacks.
  3. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki Cascade Trainer

    His name is Brago.
  4. ^You mean Brago? He gets a good time to shine at the end of the current dub saga.;)

    My favorite...I have a few. Zatch is probably #1, because he's cute, uses lightning, and has the seiyuu with the most adorable voice(Ikue Ootani[Chopper, Hana-chan, and yes, PIKACHU]).-^_^- Tia's very awesome too.
  5. Zinimi

    Zinimi Yes, I like Snubbull

    Thanks. =D
    Yup, then Brago is my favorite. I also like Fulgori and Konchomi (i know I probably spelled them both wrong XD)
    Let's do a random number and see what Pokemon it is. ;299;
  6. Deputy55

    Deputy55 RK9 Unit

    I say Zatch, lightning is awesome. Besides, he is invincible
  7. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: my favorite mamodo is Won Rei and that weird mamodo bunny. >_> weird bunny but funny!!! XD
  8. Almighty Zard

    Almighty Zard He has returned.

    mine is Bari the wind mamodo that fights like somebody from dragonball. heck i'd love to see him and Brago go at it.
  9. Railith

    Railith Hero of Justice

    Pony(uma)gon is the best mamodo. I mean really you all should know this.
  10. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    My favorite ish: Gashu/Zatch because he's cute, uses lightning, and has the seiyuu with the most adorable voice(Ikue Ohtani who does PIKACHU! *glomps Pika Plushie*)
  11. Miss Kanna

    Miss Kanna Hakudoshi Addicted

    Tio! >=D

    Muahahaha,I love characters with short tempers and pink/reddish hair XD
    I also like Won Rei and Laila <33
  12. Ash6K

    Ash6K 8D

    Zatch, Tia, Brago, Ponygon, and Won Rei are my favorites. Especially, Tia...she's awesome and her final offensive spell looks cool.
  13. Kimori

    Kimori Feel my soul

    My favorite is probably Tia. She's just awesome, and her defense/healing spells are really useful. I also like Ponygon, because he's just too funny! XD
  14. Sabaku_no_Gaara

    Sabaku_no_Gaara Party Monster 8D

    Zeon~ ;3

    Or Nyarurato.

    Even so......<3
  15. Oh god; NYARURATO(Nya in the dub, but pronounced Nia)! KITTY~!>^.^<

    ...I'm a cat person, sue me.:p
  16. Hakuryuu

    Hakuryuu Bloody git

    Kiyomaro Takamine.



    OH! MAMODO YOU SAY? Gash Bell. In the dub, Zatch.
  17. @ akane_rose: You mean Momon? XD

    Gash, Kanchome, Umagon and Brago > Other mamodos....XDD

    Gash is probably my number one fave....XD Brago a close second, Kanchome then Umagon. XD
  18. Milotic Wave

    Milotic Wave xPLAGUEx

    Tia zatch Brago Zeno & Umagon
  19. alyssa

    alyssa <3 Cutie;

    my favorite is zatch and penny
  20. akane_rose

    akane_rose winter rose

    rose: if that the name of that rabbit mamodo that kept looking up Tia's skirt then yes!! I love that little guy!! though he is kind of perverted... >_>

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