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Why are all pokemon characters white?

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OOOh, there will be so many trolls in this thread by the time it dies unless it is closed first.
Anyway, has anybody else noticed that almost every single main character, rival, villain, gym leader, frontier brain, and COTD they have ever featured on the show has been white? Brock and Palace Maven Spencer are the only two that do not appear 100% white; Brock's skin appears to have a Mexican color tone, while Spencer looks like he may be from India (even there it's pretty dilluted).
Does this strike anyone else as odd? No I'm not talking down against the show; I intend to remain a fanatic until either the day I die or the day the show gets cancelled; but I just think this is a bit wierd.


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You're right.I never noticed that..............

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...I think it's because they might of forgotten to put black people in the 1st season so if they start doing it now, it might look racist.


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I think it's because their aren't a lot black people in japan, so they don't get much flack about it.

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Aren't they all Japanese?


Yep, and that's the reason they tried to get rid of him for Tracey, and we all know how that turned out...
When the show turns to the Sinnoh battle frontier there will be Arcade Star Dahlia. She's definitely not white. And also, will you watch the anime if all the characters actually look Japanese? I think not. The asian look has never been too popular at all. *throws poisonous glare at Fu Manchu*

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i dont mind but it would be nice to see mixed culture or a main black person no affence ment


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I think it's merely because clearly articulating ethnicites isn't a priority. I would be shocked if it was intentional discrimination, and mildly surprised if it was a strategy for marketing the show/games/whathaveyou.


I wouldn't call them "white", just light-skinned.

It probably has to do with Japan having a large population of light-skinned people.

But Ash and Brock are a little darker.


I think it's because their aren't a lot black people in japan, so they don't get much flack about it.

But there also aren't many blonde, blue-eyed people in Japan and a lot of characters in the Pokemon anime and in other anime are blonde and blue-eyed so...

Do they just pick and choose what they like?


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^ how many people have the color of James's hair in Japan?
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