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Why are you personally still playing/using D/P/Pt?


Formerly Torterra14
I still play Platinum because of all of the move tutor that aren't in B/W. I still transfer my pokes from plat too after I teach them move tutor moves or 4th gen only TMs like Stealth Rock.


Rises with Magnetism
Mainly for the Sinnoh-exculsive pokemon:

-Dialga (event only in HG/SS)
-Palkia (event only in HG/SS)
-Giratina (event only in HG/SS)
-Turtwig evo family
-Piplup evo family
-Chimchar evo family


Petal Blizzard
Chaining, catching the remaining legends to transfer over to black. That's all.


오션 마스터
I am an RNG abuse boss in 4rth gen. I can't do it in 5th gen. though...


Who dun dug diglett?
I don't have HG/SS, but I want to get it, I only have Black. I got Platinum after Black, so I guess that's why I'm playing it. I'm currently trying to get an Ambipom(lvl up my Aipom) so I can get the National Dex.


Active Member
I still play platinum because that is my main game. I never really got into soul silver (major let down when I finally unlocked the 2nd half of the world map, only to have my lv. 50 pokemon fighting wild lv. 14 WTF!) and Diamond for the pokemon ranch and constant game restarts. Although, I like to restart that game, make eggs from platinum and send them over to diamond to hatch and use as my main party. The last time I did that though, the SMR2010 Jirachi event was happening at toys r us (the first event to hit town! the last event was for hall of origin arceus, and that was a 4 hour drive away :( ), so I got that event, moved it to platinum (platinum now had 2 jirachi) reset the game and got a third lv. 5 Jirachi for my main party to use before I could throw my first pokeball! BTW, does it count as cheating if you hatch your main party outside the 1st pokemon center you come across?

Iris Mist

Hylian Princess
I still play the games for a change from Black and White. Plus I use them to transfer Pokemon to Black/White (just transferred Dialga & Palkia over yesterday)


Milkshake Soda
just because...

Because I got most of my Pokemon to lvl 100 and i wanna pwn! My friend code is:3739 3192 6668! CHALLENGE ME!


Michief Maker.
Multiple reasons mainly;

  • I have one Platinum with all its boxes full of Level 100s, Events, Shinies and EV trained Pokémon and don't really feel like transferring them all over yet especially since I suck at using the touch screen capture method in BW.
  • Chaining for shiny Pokémon. Also a good way to find Pokémon with good IVs.
  • Battle Frontier. Much more fun than the Battle Subway.
  • I feel Platinum is a much more solid game than BW however I am starting to enjoy BW a bit more than I previously did.

dragon user

Well-Known Member
I still play my diamond because i don't like black version. I just never got into 5th gen imo they're running out of ideas for pokes, just look at clink... Plus 4th gen just owns


Just go STEEL hard!
I personally play Platinum because I want Rhyperior and Magnezone.If I used Diamond and Pearl it will take too long to get a Rhydon or a Rhyhorn.I do not like the pokemon in Heart Gold and Soul Silver.(Too many attackers)Rhyperior and Magnezone are some of my favorite pokemon.I could get Weavile but will end up getting two attackers.I wanted Krookodile except it's not in the game.NO!!!


Lover of underrated characters
I got some pokemon, I can`t get on HG on my Diamond

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
I have been making a team in Platinum before HG/SS came out and I want to continue with the completion of my team in Platinum


Active Member
Few reasons I am still playing diamond. I havnt bought black or white yet. I am still trying to complete the pokedex before i get the game as well to move them all over and I havnt accomplished all I can in the game yet either.