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Why did Misty change in EToP?


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Looking at ETOP, suddenly at the end of volume 2 (I believe) Misty's design changed. There's no reason given. All of a sudden she just pops up in her anime design, light hair and all.

Was she censored? Or did they just want to make her look more like her anime version? But several other characters look different in this manga.


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It's not just Misty.

Both Brock and Ash got that change as well. It's not really censorship, it's just more of altering their outfits to make it more like the anime.

The only real censorship was that Misty was never drawn...*ahem*..."healthy" after chapter 6.

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Ash and Brock didn't change that much. Misty changed the most with the hair coloring and stuff. While I did like Misty's original EToP design more then her usual design (It made her stand out more...at least the edited versions I bought did) I didn't really think much of it. At least she still changed outfits during different chapters. I loved Misty's outfit she had on for the league. My real complaints for EToP was the constant changing of Ash's Pokemon without explanation. I realize this manga was limited and stuff and based on the anime but come on! Ash had a Oddish in Pikachu's Goodbye EToP version and it's never seen again. I wanted to see him use a Vileplume! Ash was cheated! But getting back on topic it was done I guess to make her seem more like her anime self, even though she only had on her anime clothes for like two chapters (thank goodness)


I'm curious why Gary didn't get the change as well