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Why did Pokémon/Viz Media stop producing seasons 3-5?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Colewcar, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. Colewcar

    Colewcar New Member

    Why did Pokémon/Viz Media stop producing seasons 3-5?

    Viz Media is the only company with the distribution rights for the anime series, and out of the whole series, the only seasons that aren't being produced are seasons 3-5. These are the ones in Johto.

    3. The Johto Journeys - 41 episodes
    4. Johto League Champions - 52 episodes
    5. Master Quest - 64 episodes

    I'm an avid collector and I'm dying for answers, hoping I can find out why Pokémon International or Viz Media pulled the plug on those specific seasons and is not producing any DVD copies.

    I've emailed and mailed letters to both Viz and Pokémon International, maybe someone here knows something I don't know.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Sonic10158

    Sonic10158 Member

    I'm like you, I wish I could own every season on DVD from here in America (as Viz was the only ones to include things like the Pokérap and Pikachu's Jukebox in season 1's, but who knows why they skipped those three seasons when releasing box sets a couple of years ago. Maybe they just weren't popular enough back when they first made individual volumes back in ~2001?

    But it still doesn't make sense why they replaced the individual volumes that were made for seasons 1,2,and 6 with box sets, but completely skip 3,4,5,7, and 8.

    Though if you really want every season, like me, I'd suggest look into importing them from Australia. Magna Pacific has every single season released there. You will need a compatible DVD player, of course, but it is definitely cheaper than spending ~$1000 on the out of print american dvds from eBay or Amazon.
  3. Covcraig

    Covcraig Member

    If you want every season then you can get them from Australia in 6 disc digipak form

    Each set has 52 episodes and basically constitute each season, except for the first two which cover Indigo and orange islands..baring in mind Indigo was over 80 episodes.

    These too have the Pikachus jukebox on
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