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Why did the flavor text from Black Tower opponents make it seem so mysterious?

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Bonnie stan
First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong place. This is the first time I am posting outside the anime section, But I did read the rules here and think it would be fine to start a new thread about my question.

Anyway, before I get into my main question which might appear critical, I want to clarify that I loved Black Tower and it's my favorite postgame challenge, I loved the dynamic nature of it that disallowed using prior information each time you went in. Strategizing of when to use each doctor and things like that were really fun.

But here's my question: as I got to higher and higher levels, my opponents kept saying things like: "I have to show off for the cameras by beating you" and "I wonder who's watching us" and "how high will we go? Maybe we'll even reach outer space!" Btw those are not exact quotes but just approximations of what I remember.

I remember Scientist Jacorey even said he was happy I was having trouble finding my way around since he designed this maze of a place.

Once, in one of the dark rooms where you have to use Flash, I ran into someone setting up a camera who said something like "now I have to beat you so you can't tell anybody you saw me doing this" or something like that.

I went into the Black 2 postgame totally unspoiled, with the exception that I've heard that it's one of the most comprehensive games in terms of incorporating stuff from previous generations.

With that said, make fun of me if you want but I really started to think I might meet rogue former members of Team Galactic or something as I went higher up, especially due to the outer space comment.

So to me, when it was only Benga at the top, whom I was expecting, but no one else, no mystery to be solved, let alone anything crazy like Team Galactic, it was a bit of a disappointment for me.. what was the point of all those mysterious comments by everybody, and I'm surprised we never found out who's setting up those cameras and who's watching us.

Was I the only one who felt this way? Or maybe did I miss something (I'm hoping!) that explains all the mysteries
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