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Why did you deside to start a site?


Just me
Well, I started a site first and foremost because I wanted to tell the truth about the many rumours of the Pokémon games - the TRUTH sections on my site were therefore among the first I decided to make. Of course, the original inspiration that made me think it would be fun to have a site was Mew's Hangout.


i started a site so that istead of me telling people about me, i just give'em the webpage plus i get to put all my stuff that ain't private on the net. that way, no usb...


Just me
There really wasn't much of a point in that post, Pikachu980...


The Queen
I started a site so that everyone could hear what I have to say and see all my hard work. Ama's Stuff resulted from me getting a laptop, so I saved some pics I wanted to transfer on the freewebs account. After a while, I got involved with fanart, and then my fic was in need of them since I incorporated my own new Pokemon. And now it's a gigantic site with a ton of fanart, fan comics, rants, links, fanfic data, and all kinds of stuff of mine. ^^
My other site, Pikachu Rated was to simply compile facts about contests so that people could stop asking stupid questions, like "How do u get da place in da mussiem???" XP
i decided to because i used to have a website but i never hosted it (i didn't know you have to host it back then) then a few years after that my friend told me he was making a website so i decided to make one to see which one looks better...guess i won...