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Why didn't Ash scan his Pokedex on Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth?

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That was one of the really peculiar things about the episode "Pokemon Emergency", how Ash went through the entire battle with no Pokedex knowledge of the very Pokemon he was attacked by. Its so funny to me because other than this episode, Ash was so eager and rushy to use his Pokedex with every single new Pokemon. This is what caused him to have Metapod get kidnapped by the Beedrill. If he had just recalled Metapod BEFORE scanning Beedrill, Metapod wouldn't have been kidnapped. But nope, Ash has to think to use the 'Dex first.

Really, the only Team Rocket he used the 'Dex on was Lickitung. He was there when Victreebel was caught, but no 'Dex. He didn't even use it on the newly evolved Arbok and Weezing.

Man, the Indigo League really has all these oddities.

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Probably too concerned to use it. First time he encountered TR plus Pikachu was badly hurt and these criminals want o jack the Pokemon Center? And its the 2nd day of his journey? Yeah I probably would be too shocked or hopped up on adrenalin to even think to use the Dex.


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Could have used the Questions thread, but it was answered by the person above.

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