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Why do so many people secretly like pokemon?

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This can be proven if u look at sales. While every single game of pokemon was very succesfull, if u look around every1 will tell u they hate it.


one love
I am never asked about it unless seen playing, but I have no reason to hide my liking of the game.


~Blighted Demon~
i hate being asked what im playing and have to say pokemon then they look at me sniker and say " o well thats..cool"


22 - 04 - 07
I think you already know the answer, they are ashamed because everyone think it's childish.. i blame the anime series (-_-)''


people think you are a baby if you like pokemon but that is rubbish. you can like pokemon, or be OBSESSED with it like me. i dream them, i draw them, i write about them, i daydream at school about them, i spend all day on pokemon websites, i breathe pokemon!


Sandslash+Lugia fan
Well, the major cause is that most pokemon fans also live by the pokemon-is-childish stereotype, so they are all afraid of admitting it, although by what I've seen so far it turns out they are mostly hiding it from each other. When I was talking about an unrelated game with my friend, he called one of the attacks of a monster from the game "takedown". No one except someone who is into pokemon will ever say that.


The Deadman
Shiny_Latias said:
I think you already know the answer, they are ashamed because everyone think it's childish.. i blame the anime series (-_-)''
This one is most probably right.


In NJ, NY, and some of the more rap-influenced areas, Pokémon is considered gay, or else, for homosexuals. I, of course, am straight, but why I secretly like it is because whenever you are discovered playing Pokémon or even doing anything related to it, you will be ridiculed for life. Of course, I left that area and my friends were so into Pokémon, we got permission to start a club after school by our principal and we held tournaments every week and did some cool things. In order to gain access, you had to state all 386 Pokémon in numerical order (or name them all) to come in.

It was great. We got free stuff, too. I got a Lapras EX from the principal after confiscating it from a kid, since I'm the president and all.

+Selestius - Dawn of the Moonlight+


Pokémon is alot like crack, except it doesn't kill you :p

Although it's aimed at kids, I can almost guarantee you that you will become addicted to those critters.

Team Rocket Admin

Well-Known Member
My friends laugh at me, because I still like Pokemon. I think I convinced them I'm out of the habit, but I still am obsessed without them nowing. ;)


Strawberry Milk
My guess is that people just don't show their love for pokemon because if they do others will amke fun of them. It's a very addictive game and it's great. The one way I figured that out was when my older brother asked me to go to best buy to buy him pokemon LG when he was to ashamed to go.


Isn't it obvious these days? Everyone who likes PKMN is either a closet fan or just doesn't want to admit and face public ridicule.


They're scared that people are gonna tease them.


Team Rocket Admin said:
My friends laugh at me, because I still like Pokemon. I think I convinced them I'm out of the habit, but I still am obsessed without them nowing. ;)

Yep, me too. Until my friend caught me playing Emerald ^^; He didnt care though, I guess he likes me whether I like pokemon or not [/soapopera]

Anyway, there was a time last summer when I convinced him it was fun. So we played for about a month, then he lost interest again lol


22 - 04 - 07
I don´t tell my friends I play pokemon but they never ask, most of my friends think pokemon is childish but if they ask i´ll deny because i don´t want to be laughed at.. fortunately my best friend also likes pokemon and we like playing together..


Do not pass Go.
I don't hide my like for Pokemon. In where I live (England) people see me playing Pokemon on my GBA they usually make a sarcastic comment about it being cool or just laugh, cause they think its baybish.*CoughIblametheanimecough*.

But Pokemon is a fun strategical game where you can customise and build your own Pokemon, battle through a storline catching amazing creatures and having a blast trading and battling with your friends. Its much better than games with loads of blood and violence. In fact violence games, in my opinion are the worst. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean battles and stuff with weapons and slahing/stabbing monsters (IMO teh coolest video games type) such as final fantasy. I mean stuff lke GTS and crap like that.

Another point is that the game requires strategy, and so how can it be babyish when you need to think really well on the spot?

I dunno why people hide their love for it, but Pokemon is the exact opposite of babyish.


<the ONLY linoone av
Its kinda sad, today, I saw 2 guys older than me at school in their laps in the pokecommunity forums, when I passed by they hurried to close the window, if only they knew...

Howling Cat

It is the anime that comes to mind for people who don't like pokemon because they grew up watching it as children frankly I don't give a rats *ss anymore I like it you don't end of discussion.

Mudkip Master

About 3 people made fun of me for liking pokemon but i found one of them had a ds and he had ruby in it. I found out one of them watched every single episode of pokemon (his sister told me) and another one was buying pokemon emerald and i found out he had lg.
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