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Why do you still play Pokemon?

lethal Xsanity

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I stopped playing after i beat ruby? i guess in 2004 when i was 11,and gave away my Game Boy advance and games to little cousin's,and one day i remember how fun it was but it was to late as i already gave em away :(
So one day i borrowed my Girlfriend's Old Game boy Advance and bought Pokemon Fire red as it was the Re-make of the original and i thought it was so awesome Re-Playing what i played as a kid and now fully understanding techniques and all,and catching Pokemon by differential in Types,and by what i needed in situation's through out the game.( I never did this as a kid,i would just catch i thought was cool and thats why it was harder and very different playing it back then).I caught Pokemon that i never had as a child, and this was awesome although I am 16 and a junior in High school, Ha Ha.
I thought it's amazing how you can re-live your child with a game that is actually really cool when you see the different aspect's of it that we couldn't see as a child.
I don't really see myself playing this that much later on?
I have to start working and like i stated i have an active social life,so i'll play less but eventually i have to get a DS to play more cause the game is so awesome in alot of way's :D


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Its been the reason I've had every Nintendo handheld system, and it does allow you to do so much in it. Whenever I need to kill time, this is the best series around to do it.


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for me, it was one of the first video games i played (next to mario games) and i find it fun and a really good rpg. i have a really big imagination so that has to do with the creatures in it. i never really stopped playing it but i had breaks like after diamond because friends would stop playing it. now only a few of my friends still play it so i am kind of playing it in secret. overall it is probably on of my favorite types of games.
Fun. S'what it is.


I'm not josh'n
Is there a reason not to play it?


it shone! ^_^
Second: Morality. I'm not condemning those who like M-rated games, but Pokemon is good for everyone. Children will not be learning bad words or how to drive viciously.

Yeah, they'll just be learning about the fun of catching wild creatures and forcing them to fight each other for our own amusement...

Some people can complain about animal cruelty all they want. Pokemon is not about cruelty to animals. It's not gory even when some nature documentaries are understandably gory.

I'm sure there are people into dog fighting that insist that it isn't 'cruel' to the animals, and that they 'want' to fight each other too.

What I find odd is that the Proffessor at the beginning of each Pokemon game tells you that "some people battle their Pokemon, while others just keep them as pets" yet everytime you're going through a route and you pass a trainer you have to fight them; there's no option of saying no.

It would be like someone into dog fighting, every time they pass someone in the street walking their dog, insisting that the dogs fight each other.
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poke master gunther

I dont know why exactly, i guess because it was the first game i ever played other than mario golf and tetris on my old game boy when i was really young and it is one of the best games ive ever played and it can be different every time i do a playthrough


Cradily's Victory!
I never really got into playing pokemon back in the games of Yellow, gold. silver, crystal, I never had a gmboy colour back then so my only opportunity was to play it from a friend. But after I got a gameboy advance for xmas my friend let me borrow his pokemon sapphire, and I was even allowed to start again.

From that moment that was when I got hooked into pokemon, 1stly because of the improved graphics quality on the GBA and the fact that there were new pokemon, during that time I had an emphasis for catching new pokemon I would meet (for example a skarmory next to fallaborough town back in r/s) and training to be strong.

Even watching the adverts for the new pokemon R/S just got me so hyped, there was a shop I went to that had the pokemon annual (before R/S came out) and it had the full list and profile of all 3rd gen pokemon (apart from jirachi and deoxys) in alphabetical order (when I saw the pokemon aron I soon realised why were saying that there was a pokemon with the same name as me, but my name has an extra A).

Moving on swiftly, now that I have a nintendo DSlite atm with platinum, I have returned to competitive battling and training,breeding. I still play it now because of future wi-fi event pokemon and the battle frontier facilities as well as the odd shiny pokemon ( I have 2 found naturally and another 2 from trades)

Pokemon won't die, it's just something that is so awesome, I don't even no if I should save up for either HG or SS because I have progressed so far in platinum that it's just too soon to move over and plus I've never really beaten pokemon silver I borrowed (for like a day), but we'll see I may, I may not.


Ich bin der Kapitän
it has a magnificent RPG system. if the game had any other theme and it was called something else I'd still be playing it.

gtab x3

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Well now i am trying to beat all the contests, and it is auctually quite fun and challenging


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Pokemon just never gets old. Here and there ill think im over it but a little after that im playing it again.

Also its the fact that you can actually battle with a variety of pokemon against so many trainers. I played digimon but there is not as many people playing it.


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Pokemon just never gets old. Here and there ill think im over it but a little after that im playing it again.

Also its the fact that you can actually battle with a variety of pokemon against so many trainers. I played digimon but there is not as many people playing it.

I agree. I've been involved since 1997. 13 years. and never once did I get so bored with it that I put it down for anything longer than 3 months.


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For me it's just simply fun and enjoyable. There are many aspects I can expect from the game.


I'm a gamer and as Pokemon is one of the more popular series is why I play it, it also is a simple game on the outside, but very complicated on the inside. Sort of like my other favorite game, RuneScape.


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Because it's fun!

Johto King

2nd gen all the way!
I love pokemon games! Ever since I received my first color and pokemon gold I was