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Why does sonic have so many autistic fans?

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Zoe Trent

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I'm not trying to diss sonic/his fans. I have autism myself so this isn't a anti-autism thread but I been seeing a lot of bad fan media/some people irl who enjoy sonic at my special school.

Does sonic have a mostly autistic following or do people just say it to hate on the series/furries.

Kutie Pie

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people just say it to hate on the series/furries.

Most likely this, though I think some of the fans are just that crazy and/or obsessive. Every fandom has their crazy/creepy fans, yes, but it appears to be that much more "obvious" in the Sonic fandom, if folks like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-chan are to be believed (though he gives everyone else in the fandom a bad name anyway).

Either way, the fanbase is insane--autism, furries, or not. There are some sane, decent fans in the fandom, but they're easily overshadowed because the crazy vocal minority is loud, or the haters are loud. Or it's all Sonic '06's fault. Take your pick.


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