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Why doesn't Giovanni Actually fire Team Rocket Trio?

Yeah. I wondered why Giovanni doesn't actually fire Team Rocket Trio for their failure, humiliation, etc similar to Meowth being supposedly fired from Team Rocket earlier in Best Wishes?

You'd think they chase after Pikachu for like about 27 years ago.

Yeah. I know it was asked before but... okay


Funky Kong Supremacy
They’ve had (extremely overexaggerated) hands in taking down other evil teams like Galactic, Plasma, & Flare plus the fact that they follow Ash leads them to rare things most people would never find in their lifetimes.


Deluded Dreamer
The anime explains it. While they were viewed as losers in OS they still were on the team, although they got close to being removed and had to pay off a ton of debt to delibird as well. Even in AG they were on thin ice but they managed to claim they defeated Team Aqua and Magma. While Giovanni didn't probably believe it or consider it a major feat, it did make him consider atleast sending them to sinnoh to establish a base. Upon learning they defeated Galactic he decided to see them as reliable and gave them a promotion. They worked to that end and were HIGHLY efficient, making him finally like them. And so because they claimed to defeat Plasma too he was on good terms with them in XY, and them claiming to defeat Flare gave them more recognition too, being told to go establish a base in Alola. While they did fail in that and didn't have anything to report back on, their prev achievements still made them reliable enough for Giovanni to trust them with the gatchat machine
So yes, the reason they aren't fired is because through their lies they have made Giovanni consider them as assets who he mostly likes now


Aim to be a Pokémon Master
Yeah. I wondered why Giovanni doesn't actually fire Team Rocket Trio for their failure, humiliation, etc similar to Meowth being supposedly fired from Team Rocket earlier in Best Wishes?

You'd think they chase after Pikachu for like about 27 years ago.

Yeah. I know it was asked before but... okay

Well, you don't want loose ends hanging if they had some sensitive information regarding the organization. After all, once you join the mob, you stay there forever.


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It was established by the start of DP that Giovanni couldn't even remember who they were, so started actually taking their 'accomplishments' at face value and acting oblivious to their bungling for the most part. It helps that most of the time post-DP they tend to be better at hiding their incompetence in front of him and even making a few fluke-ish contributions.

Basically TRio's washout status had gone so far that it actually 180ed and benefited them. :p

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
My theory is that Giovanni realizes the true potential of having TRio around and sending them off to different regions to gain info on that region’s evil team will eventually cause them to inadvertently take part in bringing down the rival organization without doing the dirty work himself. In the anime, Team Rocket is pretty much the only evil organization that hasn’t been broken up. He’s using TRio as a secret weapon to make sure TR is the only one left standing.


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Giovanni is very well aware of the fact that even though TRio is mostly incompetent in relation to the other members of Team Rocket, they still have a valuable utility that no other member, including Giovanni himself, would ever get close to succeeding into... They make it easier for writers to fill 40% of an episode with their stuff, duh.


Deluded Dreamer
Because he's the biggest moron to ever be in an anime.

Jessie: We took down Team [insert name here].

Giovanni: Good. You're promoted.

James: Yayz!

The imbecile never asks for evidence, as you can see. He's a gullible as Ash is.
I mean tbf XY showed them faking evidence for their claims that they defeated Team flare, so fair to assume they always do that. Plus it is a huge ass coincidence the region TR ends up travelling to, suddenly it's evil team disappears after they are done
That along with their fake evidence is probably enough to convince Giovanni

Rune Knight

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I find this to be a good theory that addresses the topic:

Basically. Giovanni owes a depth to Jessie's Mother who went MIA while looking for Mew (this is confirmed to have happened).

James comes from a rich family who could be funding Team Rocket on the side. Letting James go would backfire not just from financial standpoint, but also because his family has an extensive amount of knowledge about TR's operations that could end up getting out if they are no longer part of it.

Meowth is an exotic Pokémon that can talk, making it rare and unique. Not to mention that it is also very intelligent.

Finally, at the end of the day, the Trio are still inexperienced teenagers, at least according to the anime. Giovanni isn't cruel, he likely feels some responsibility towards them, but decides to keep them on the side to not get in the way of his actual operations.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Giovanni knows that TRio will somehow botch up anything they stumble upon which is why he sent them to Hoenn to secretly take out Teams Magma and Aqua all while TRio think they’re just there to steal Pikachu and tell Giovanni all about the evil teams and their plans without knowing he’s using them to observe the rival organizations. And then TRio played a part in their downfall with them not realizing that was the true plan all along. Giovanni then did the same with Sinnoh by telling them that they were to build a headquarters for Team Rocket. Cyrus’s plan sort of succeeds as his goals were met but TRio helped get the Galatic Admins arrested and cause Team Galatic to fall apart with no leaders to guide them. I think that there was originally a different plan for Unova where TRio are told how successful they were at dismantling three rival organizations that Giovanni decades to tell them up front what his plans were for Unova which is why they were more serious and not focused on Pikachu. Then the earthquake happened and changed everything
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Not thinking twice!
I'm starting to wonder if the original plan was to keep TR's serious demeanor going indefinitely, or at least until the end of the BW Series before the changes caused by the natural disasters in 2011.
Wasn't the original plan to straight up get done with TR in BW?