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Why hasn't Ash got more Pokemon in Kalos yet?

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World Turtle

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I was under the impression the only reason Ash even had 10 Pokemon in BW was because they were doing callbacks to OS (which means both Kanto and Johto), but with rotation. I mean he gets the Regional Bird (Pidgeot/Noctowl/Unfezant), The Friendly Bug (Butterfree/Heracross/Leavanny), and The Starter Trio (with the Fire-type having the same "Abandonment backstory" as Charizard did). We also see The Back-Up Water-type (Kingler/Palpitoad) and the Wild Fighting-type (Primeape/Scraggy) make a return (Scraggy is obviously a Bratty Half Pint version).
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Ash only had a team of four when he reached his third and fourth gym battles in Hoenn.. and once Hawlucha joins the team, he'll be in exactly the same situation for Kalos.. So it's not like he's trailing behind with captures..

Yeah, and in Sinnoh, whenever he caught more than the requirement to fill the team, he didn't just stuff his Gliscor inside of a box or ship it off to Oak or Juniper. Instead, he had that Gliscor working its butt off with the Air Battle Master. He made sure that Flying Scorpion was gonna be working hard, not sitting near a pond eating Bulbasaur sap all day. It makes me wish that there were at least 2 Pokemon at Ash's lab that had such a deep rivalry with one another that they battled each other every day like Magnezone and Metagross.

Lucario At Service

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While i agree that quality can overcome quantity.

But just because of this reason and the fiasco that happened during the Unova Saga doesn't really qualify as the reason for Ash not to capture more Pokemons.

Its not that catching too many Pokemons is wrong or bad thing. What's important is how the writers handle each of his regional Pokemons.

During the Unova Saga, the writers where only focused on giving the Starters & Pikachu the majority of the screentime (don't count battles in this). Since Ash had all the Starters during the Unova Saga, this meant that 4 slots of his team where taken over by them. This left little opportunity to focus on the other Pokemons of his team (considering that for most of the Saga only Scraggy and Krookodile got majority of the focus in those 2 free slots, while Palpitoad received the least).

But this time he only has one Starter, which means that only 2 slots have have been taken over on an almost permanent basis. And if the writers can play their cards right (which is the most important part/fact), then i don't see the problem of Ash getting around 7-8 Kalos based Pokemons (not counting Pikachu) for this Saga and handle them correctly.


The end of an era
I actually like how Froakie and Fletchling have been getting quite a few appearances and focus, something I missed from BW. Hopefully Hawlucha (if it is indeed to be caught) will be caught soon to end this drought of captures.


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1 - Catching more Pokemon is irrelevant when it comes to winning a League - how does owning more mean he's stronger? It doesn't.

Agreed. If anything, it would hinder him since he wouldn't be able to train them all equally like what happened in BW. He needs a small, well-trained team in XY in my opinion.

J Ken

He hasn't gotten more Pokemon because the writers want to focus more on the mon he has before he goes on to capture more. It's nice but it doesn't seem fair how even though they've been on his team for 20+ episodes and are his only captures that none of Froakie or Flechling have really gotten to do too much of anything outside a few roles here and there.


I come and go suddenly
Seriously, come on! Get with the program!

I watched the first Kalos episode in English, and you had this extreme confidence in your voice when you said "I want to win the League this time!"

You've been through 5 Regions already, when will you learn?

You will never win if you don't capture more Pokemon!

Professor Oak first told you that all the way in 1998!

I don't see how catching more Pokémon means a better chance of winning the league. If anything, in terms of the anime at least, then more Pokémon can actually be bad because it means less development and spotlight time for the other Pokémon that really need it.

BW tried a lots of Pokémon rotation thing and failed miserably at it. I'm actually glad they aren't rushing the captures this time round. And like everyone else said, Quality over quantity.


Lover of underrated characters
It is ridiculous....
I want him to have more Pokemon on hand than Clemont.

Lord Trollbias

Y'all Salty Bishes
It is ridiculous....
I want him to have more Pokemon on hand than Clemont.

We aren't even at the 30 episode mark and Ash already has half a full team. There is really no need to rush things.


Yeah, ok!
They are clearly going the AG route so I don't see why people are complaining about. Everything about XY is a throwback to AG.

He's only going to make 5 captures the whole saga.


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Emperor Empoleon

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I think its a bit silly too. We've seen Ash's enthusiasm for catching and meeting new Pokemon, and he's only gone after one so far. Unless he just had off screen capture failures or something.


Yeah, ok!
I think its a bit silly too. We've seen Ash's enthusiasm for catching and meeting new Pokemon, and he's only gone after one so far. Unless he just had off screen capture failures or something.

You act like Ash doesn't say that every series. He did so at the beginning of Hoenn and Sinnoh too and only maybe 5-6 captures.
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