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Why hello!

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by LJNIC, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. LJNIC

    LJNIC Gandalf the Grey

    Hello, I'm an old fan of Pokemon that was lately hit with a wave of Nostalgia and have started to play again! You can call me LJ, they're my initials. I love to Read, I love Lord of the Rings and Led Zeppelin, and play Ultimate Frisbee in my spare time. I'm also a Grammar Nazi. :)
  2. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)

    Welcome to SPPF!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.

  3. Zephraxe

    Zephraxe Air Superiority


    I'm glad to see someone else who loves The Lord of the Rings!

    If you want to talk or want a friend, let me know!
  4. Moog2

    Moog2 Must stay awake...

    Grammar Nazis unite!
    Accept I don't tend to bother poeple wit my corrrections.

    See waht I did there? :D

    Nice to meet you, and enjoy the forums! Nostalgia is great, and so is Alakazam.

    Also, YEAH ANOTHER CANADIAN!! I don't seem to meet many of them on here.

    Happy to chat anytime! :)
  5. LJNIC

    LJNIC Gandalf the Grey

    Thanks guys! :) Also, Moog, you played Radiant Historia? Love that game.
  6. rodrigogb10

    rodrigogb10 Active Member

  7. Moog2

    Moog2 Must stay awake...


    ZOMG. I thought I was the only one who had ever played that game. It's like, my favourite handheld title. Period.
  8. Akaiclone02

    Akaiclone02 Nuzlocker

    i also offer you welcome.
    as you are a grammer nazi you likely find me irritateing since i struggle with spelling but i hope we can still be friends
  9. Shayminslicker

    Shayminslicker Comes out of Nowhere


    Welcome to the fourms!

    If you have any questions you can ask me.

    Enjoy your stay now :).
  10. Dew Watatsumi

    Dew Watatsumi Water Type E-3

    Hello, and welcome to the forums.
    Feel free to ask any of us for questions :)
  11. Minedreigon

    Minedreigon Prisoner to Formulae

    Hello! I like reading too. Pleased to meet you. I'm also learning how to play ultimate frisbee.
  12. -Nator-

    -Nator- Psyperiority

    Hello, and welcome to SPPf, fellow Kazam fan!

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