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"Why hold back?" (Advanceshipping, PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by CyberCubed, Jun 30, 2005.

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  1. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    New fic, this time made to be a slightly edgier version of an episode you might see in the show. For those wondering, this fic has no connections to my previous one.

    “Why hold back?”

    “Blast it!” Rico screamed as he shoved the Houndour into the cage and shut the lock.

    “That thing friggin bit me!” he yelled, shaking his finger to ease the pain.

    The Houndour growled from inside the small two foot tall cage, trying to bite the poles of the cage to get free.

    Rico put his hands on both sides of the cage and rattled it up and down. The poor helpless Houndour was shaken back and forth, at the mercy of the poacher’s rage.

    There were several identical cages lined up in a row next to the poor Pokemon. The cages were stacked two on top of each other, while the row stretched 10 cages long. Inside the other cages were additional Pokemon such as Geodude, Kirlia, Trapinch, Eevee, Tyrogue, Wartortle, and Baltoy.

    Rico placed down the cage containing the frightened Houndour on top of an empty cage.

    “You’re lucky I’m in such a good mood today you little runt, I’m going to make big money off of useless trash like you.” Rico stated as Houndour and the other pokemon looked at him with fear.

    The sun has started to rise behind the mountains, as another fresh new day begins.

    Cut to Opening Theme Song.

    “We find our heroes still traveling through the forest in search of a town to rest, little do they know that rest won’t be the only thing they need.” the Narrator um…narrates.

    Max was walking ahead of Ash, May, and Brock as he was eager to get something to eat.

    “Hey Max, what are you going to eat when we get to the next town?” May asked.

    “I don’t know, anything juicy!” Max turned to his sister.

    “You think we’re almost out of this forest Brock?” Ash stated as he started walking next to May and Max.

    “We should be almost to the end of it, this forest has to end sometime soon doesn’t it?” Brock stated.

    Suddenly, our heroes hear a loud cry from the other side of the bushes.

    “Did you guys hear that?” Ash asked.

    “It sounded like something crying out in pain.” May replied.

    “GET INSIDE THIS INSTANT!” a loud voice screamed from the other side of the bushes.

    Ash and the group look at each other cautiously and decide to bend down and peer through the bushes. They get down on their knees and begin to crawl through the dirty grass as they get to a clearing.

    Ash and May brush aside the bushes as Max and Brock look through next to them. Much to their dismay, they are shocked by what they see.

    They see a very frightened Clefairy in the shadow of a large muscular man. The man is wearing tan pants along with a tight green V-neck shirt. His muscular body is apparent through his clothing, as his muscles are shown through his sleeveless shirt. His green hair is parted in the middle, only revealing his large forehead and intimidating blue eyes.

    The large man known as Rico towers over the small Clefairy.

    “You’re a Clefairy aren’t you?” Rico said, glaring at the tiny Pokemon. “Pokemon like you are pretty rare, I bet you would go for a nice price with my employer.”

    “What does that guy think he’s doing?” Ash demanded as he almost got up from his position.

    “Stay down Ash!” Brock whispered as he put his hand on top of Ash’s back to prevent him from rising. “Let’s see what’s going on first.”

    “Come with me.” Rico stated to the Pokemon.

    The frightened Clefairy shook it’s head putting it’s hands together.

    “I TOLD YOU TO COME WITH ME!” the poacher screamed as he raised his leg and swiftly kicked the cute Pokemon right in the face.

    “Agh!” the group gasped still concealed behind the bushes.

    The poacher bent down and lifted the injured Pokemon with his left hand. He raised it close to his face as he saw his foot imprinted on the Pokemon.

    The Clefairy was crying hysterically, at the mercy of the large towering man.

    “I’ve seen ENOUGH!” Ash cried as he jumped out from the bushes and confronted the poacher face to face.

    “Ash!” May cried as the three of them got up from behind the bushes.

    “Who the hell are you kids supposed to be?” Rico asked glaring while still holding the Pokemon.

    “What the heck did you kick that Clefairy for?” Ash demanded. “What the hell is wrong with you!” he cried.

    “Pika PIKA!” Pikachu yelled.

    “You’re a monster!” May yelled standing a few feet behind Ash along with Max and Brock.

    “You know that being cruel to Pokemon is against the law right?” Brock shouted.

    Rico took the injured Clefairy and threw it into a small cage sitting on the back seat of his jeep. The door of the cage closed on the impact of the small Pokemon being thrown inside of it.

    “I suggest you kids better clear out of here.” the poacher stated stepping toward Ash.

    “You’re…a poacher aren’t you?” Ash asked as he saw the injured Clefairy crying in it’s cage.

    “Wow, we have a winner here folks.” Rico sneered. “I’m sure you’re the brightest one in your class kid.”

    “You’re disgusting!” May yelled as she ran up next to Ash.

    Brock stood in front of Max in the background trying to protect the young boy.

    “Well whaddya know? Hello cutie.” Rico stated as he walked one step toward Ash and May.

    Ash put his left arm in front of May as an act to protect her. He looked toward her with a serious face as she complied and stood behind his arm.

    “What’s a hot girl like you doing with losers like these?” the poacher asked.

    “Leave my sister alone!” Max yelled from behind them.

    “Max!” Brock stated as he looked down at the boy.

    “So you have a brother huh?” Rico looked over Ash and May’s shoulder. “Hey kid, I’m sure you won’t mind when I’m slamming your sister against a wall and ramming myself into her eh?”

    Ash and May looked up at him a bit shocked.

    “Yes….I could sure use a girl like you to relieve my tensions. I’d love to show you what a real man is like.” he sneered licking his lips.

    “You bastard!” Ash yelled as he stood in front of May.

    “Ash?” May looked at him cautiously.

    “Maybe I should get rid of these losers first. Then you and I can spend some quality time together, little girl. Come out Machamp and Aggron!” Rico commanded as he threw two Pokeballs in front of him.

    Both Machamp and Aggron appeared before Ash and May with menacing gazes.

    “I’m going to take this Clefairy with me, I have an appointment to keep. But I sure wouldn’t mind taking that girl with me as well. Machamp! Aggron! Get rid of those kids!”

    Machamp and Aggron began to move toward them as Rico sat in the drivers seat of the Jeep. The caged Clefairy was still crying in the back seat.

    A sweat mark appeared on Ash’s face as he reached for his Pokeball.

    “Grovyle go!” he commanded as his Grovyle appeared before them.

    “Go Ludicolo!” Brock screamed as Ash and May looked behind them to see Brock let out his Pokemon.

    Brock ran up to Ash and May.

    “Ash this is serious. We have to get May and Max out of here and fast. We have to follow this guy and help that Clefairy. He’s disgusting!”

    “You’re right, Ash replied, May go take your brother out of here!”

    “But…” May tried to say.

    Before Ash could say another word the Machamp leaped toward him and with one hand slammed Grovyle to the left of them and into a tree.

    “What?” Ash looked up.

    “Pika!” Pikachu yelled as it ran up to help Grovyle.

    Aggron jumped toward Ludicolo and headbutted it into Brock.

    “Ugh!” Brock cried as the weight from his Ludicolo fell on top of him.

    “Perfect!” Rico yelled, “Beat those guys to a bloody pulp. Don’t forget about the little kid standing back there too!”

    “No!” May cried as she threw a Pokeball.

    Much to her surprise, her Bulbasaur came out. She really wanted to choose her Combusken, but in her nervousness she selected the wrong Pokeball.

    A very pissed off Grovyle got up from the tree and rushed toward the Machamp. Grovyle stretched out it’s arms to use it’s Leaf Blade but the Machamp jumped out of the way and dodged it’s attack.

    Pikachu started using it’s Thunderbolt attack against the Machamp as it began shielding itself from the electric attacks behind the tree’s.

    The Aggron began to march toward Max. Max stood there trembling as the large Aggron towered over him.

    “Max!” May cried. “Bulbasaur use Vine whip and save my brother!”

    May’s little Bulbasaur let out it’s Vines and whipped Aggron’s back. The burly Pokemon seemed to be barely phased by the attack, and turned around toward the Bulbasaur.

    “That’s a pretty nice Bulbasaur you have there.” Rico stated still sitting in his jeep. “Machamp, go get me that Bulbasaur too. It would make a fine addition to my wares.”

    Machamp turned to the Bulbasaur while Grovyle was in front of it.

    Ludicolo finally got up from on top of Brock allowing him to stand up as well.

    “Ludicolo, use Water Gun!” Brock commanded as Ludicolo jumped in front of the Aggron.

    Unfortunately, Ludicolo missed as the Aggron lowered it’s head and the attack hit Pikachu full force behind it instead. The force of the water catapulted Pikachu fiercely as it smacked face first into a tree. The little electric rodent was hit with so much force that the impact of the wooden tree caused it to nearly faint.

    “Pi….ka..” Pikachu uttered as it fell down in pain.

    “Ugh, Pikachu!” Ash screamed.

    Brock grunted as he realized he hurt one of his friends Pokemon, and turned around angrily facing Aggron.

    Ash tried to make a run for Pikachu to see if it was alright, but he was quickly distracted by the loud Pokemon cries to his right.

    Ash saw May’s Bulbasaur surrounded on both sides by Machamp and Aggron.

    “Grovyle, help it out!” Ash cried as Grovyle moved into position.

    May ran toward her brother and hugged him tightly.

    “Oh Max, are you OK?” May cried as tears began to fall down her face.

    Max hugged his sister back tightly, “May, what are we going to do?”

    Bulbasaur looked a bit frightened as the huge Pokemon surrounded it. However, Grovyle managed to hit Machamp in the shoulder with it’s Leaf Blade attack.

    “Champ!” Machamp cried as it felt it’s shoulder in pain.

    “Aggron, use your Hyper Beam on those Pokemon!” Rico shouted from his Jeep.

    Aggron obeyed it’s trainer and fired a Hyper beam at Ludicolo.

    “Ludicolo!” Brock screamed as Ludicolo was hit full force with a Hyper Beam.

    “Ludi…” Ludicolo uttered before it fell to the ground and fainted.

    With two of their strongest Pokemon down for the count, Ash and Brock realized they were in a desperate situation.

    Machamp then leaped toward Grovyle with a High Jump Kick attack. Grovyle managed to dodge the fierce waves of flying kicks until it found itself backed up against a tree.

    “Vyle?” Grovyle said as it looked behind itself at the wooden tree.

    Machamp’s legs came toward it as Grovyle ducked. The force of Machamp’s kick was so strong that it actually knocked the tree off it’s roots. Grovyle then lifted it’s body up and Body Slammed the Machamp.

    Meanwhile Bulbasaur continued to use it’s Vine whip against the Aggron, with little success. The mighty Steel Pokemon continued to march toward the little grass type.

    “May, your Bulbasaur!” Brock yelled as he recalled his fainted Ludicolo back into it’s Pokeball.

    May quickly removed her arms from her brother and remembered that her Pokemon was in trouble.

    “Heh.” Rico smiled as he turned the ignition keys to his jeep.

    He then quickly stepped on the gas and drove toward May and Max.

    “WATCH OUT!” Ash yelled. “That maniac is going to ram into you!”

    Rico continued to step on the gas grinning heavily as he drove toward a frightened May and Max who were holding each other trembling.

    “He’s going to hit!” Brock shouted.

    Without thinking, Ash quickly leaped into the jeep as Rico was passing him by. Ash managed to land in the passenger seat with his face pointing downward and his legs in the air. The speed that the car was driving knocked Ash off balance.

    “What the hell?” Rico said, looking at Ash beside him.

    Ash quickly forced himself up as he pulled on the steering wheel to the right.
    Just as the car was about to hit May and Max, Ash’s steering managed to make the car go in a different direction.

    “You little punk!” Rico stated as he pushed Ash’s hands off the wheel.

    As Ash was standing on the passengers seat, Rico quickly stepped on the brakes which shook Ash out of the jeep and caused him to slam into a tree.

    “Aggggggggggh!” Ash cried as he laid on his shoulder in pain.

    “I’ve spent too much time here already. Maybe I’ll just take the Bulbasaur and leave. Yeah, that’s it.” he said to himself as he drove toward his Aggron and the Bulbasaur.

    May and Max could do nothing as they stood watching in horror. They still couldn’t even move due to the fact that they were scared stiff when they were almost run over.

    Rico stopped his jeep right in front of the battling Pokemon. Grovyle was still using it’s Leaf Blade against Machamp, which continued to dodge it’s attacks.

    “Aggron, Machamp! Get that Pokemon out of the way and get me that Bulbasaur!” the poacher commanded.

    Aggron and Machamp heard their trainer’s words and surrounded Grovyle. Before the grass Pokemon could make a move, Machamp and Aggron body slammed it on both sides. Machamp rammed into it from the back, and Aggron rammed into it from the front. A very crushed Grovyle stood nearly flattened against the weight of Aggron and Machamp.

    “Gro….?” Grovyle softly stated.

    Aggron and Machamp moved their bodies away from the Pokemon, as it then plummeted quickly to the ground. Grovyle was out of stamina and out of commission.

    “Aggron, use Sandstorm!” Rico commanded.

    The Aggron obeyed as it whipped up a heavy sandstorm in front of the trainers.

    Brock stood there covering his eyes trying to see what was going on. An injured Ash still laid on the ground in pain. May and Max continued to hold each other in fear. And May’s Bulbasaur could barely keep it’s eyes open from the tornado of sand.

    “We…have to get out of here.” Brock said out loud as he tried to move toward May and Max.

    Ash screamed, “Brock, save May and Max. Try to get them to safety. Call Officer Jenny!”

    “Can you get up?” Brock asked across the blazing sand.

    “Yeah, just get them out first!” Ash yelled through the sandstorm.

    Brock heard Ash’s words as he moved slowly toward May and Max shielding his eyes from the twirling sand.

    He quickly grabbed Max’s arm and began to pull him with him.

    “C’mon Max. We have to go. May follow us!”

    “Ugh…Max?” May said as she let go of her brother’s arm only to get lost in the sandstorm.

    “Maaaaay!” Max cried as Brock continued to pull his shoulder and run away with him.

    “I’ve got Max, we’re going to run away. Ash go get May and Bulbasaur!” Brock screamed as his voice and figure began to fade away into the sandstorm with Max.

    “Pikachu! May! Where are you?” Ash shouted as he struggled to stand back up.

    “Ash! I’m over here!” the girl shouted back.
    Brock and Max continued to run waving their arms trying to get through the storm.

    Max looked to his right as he saw a Pokemon crying out in pain, “Brock! I think Ash’s Pikachu is over there!”

    “Huh?” Brock said as he stopped in his tracks trying to look through the sand.

    The two walked closer and found Pikachu nearly fainted on the ground. Brock quickly bent down and picked it up.

    “Is it OK?” Max asked still holding onto Brock’s arm.

    “I don’t know, we better get it out of here right away.” Brock paused before holding Pikachu up in it’s arms.

    “ASH! I have your Pikachu! I’m going to make a run for it!” he yelled as he pulled Max with him.

    Ash could barely hear Brock in the distance but was able to make out that his Pikachu was in good hands. Ash smiled as Brock, Max and Pikachu continued to fade away in the distance.

    “C’mon already!” Rico shouted from his Jeep.

    Aggron growled as it looked down at Bulbasaur, which was crying due to the sand flashing in it’s eye. Aggron suddenly rammed it’s horn straight into Bulbasaur knocking it into the air.

    “Bulbaaaaa!” it screamed as it was flying through the air in pain.

    Ash held his arm struggling to find May and Bulbasaur. He then came into a clearing where he saw May’s Bulbasaur plummeting to the ground.

    “Bulbasaur!” May cried as she kneeled down next to it, still trying to cover her eyes due to the storm.

    “Machamp!” the Pokemon taunted as it used it’s lower hands to pick up the badly beaten Bulbasaur.

    “No, that’s my Bulbasaur!” May cried as she grabbed onto Bulbasaur’s legs trying to break it free of Machamp’s hold.

    Machamp and May continued to pull on the Bulbasaur until Aggron walked up right next to the girl.

    May looked up in fear at the fierce Pokemon, only to be greeted with a quick smack on the side of the arm by Aggron’s tail, which caused her to plummet backward onto the ground.

    “Damn it!” Ash yelled as he could do nothing but watch as May was slammed to the ground.

    Machamp held the Bulbasaur upside down by the bulb on it’s back. Bulbasaur glanced at May as it saw her face flat on the ground. The frustrated Pokemon could do nothing but watch as it’s trainer lay on the ground in agony.

    “Machamp, Aggron! Return to me now!” Rico commanded from the distance.

    Aggron and Machamp obeyed it’s trainer as they started to jump away from May.

    “Bulbaaaaa!” the injured Bulbasaur cried as it was being carried away by the Machamp.

    “My…my Bulbasaur…” May tried to say as she struggled to lift her face up from the ground.

    The two Pokemon approached Rico in his Jeep. Rico motioned with his head to throw the Bulbasaur into another cage in the back seat. The Pokemon complied as Bulbasaur was slammed into a tiny cage and locked up. Rico then recalled his two Pokemon into their Pokeballs.

    Ash saw the jeep in the blazing sand, but couldn’t move fast enough due to his pounding arm.

    Rico smiled as the caged Pokemon was crying in the backseat, “Thanks for the Pokemon little girl! I’ll sure be able to get a good price on this one, ha ha!”

    He then shifted the car into drive and started to speed away on the jeep into the distance.

    “Ugh!” Ash muttered as the sandstorm began to clear.

    He continued walking until he found his Grovyle fainted on the ground. The sandstorm had almost completely disappeared by this time, giving Ash a clear view of the surrounding area.

    “Grovyle! You put up a great fight buddy, I’ll make sure they pay for what they did to you.” he said as he recalled the grass lizard back into it’s Pokeball.

    As Ash put the Pokeball away in his pocket, he looked ahead to the poor girl sitting on her knees.

    “May!” Ash yelled as he ran over to her.

    May looked up at him while sitting on her knees.

    “They….they took my Bulbasaur.” May said in a teary voice.

    “I know, don’t worry we’re going to get it back.” Ash boldly stated as he began to run ahead following the tire tracks.

    Ash then looked behind him as he was running and noticed that May was still sitting on the ground. He knew he had to follow the tire tracks quickly while they were fresh, or else he would lose track of Rico and the captured Pokemon. But as he turned around he knew he couldn’t leave the girl sobbing on the ground. Ash grinded his teeth as he took one last look toward the path Rico went, before quickly turning around and running back toward May.

    May was crying almost hysterically on the ground, quickly using her hands to wipe up her tears.

    “May.” Ash said in a soft voice as kneeled down right in front of her.

    “My…my Bulbasaur.” May said in between cries. “He…he took it.”

    “I told you, I’m going to get it back.” Ash stated as he extended his hand out toward May in order to help her stand up.

    May however didn’t budge an inch, and didn’t reach for his hand.

    She continued sniffling, “I…I tried to pull my Bulbasaur back. I…I really tried to help it.” She put both hands on her eyes as she rubbed them heavily.

    Ash stared at her compassionately lowering his hand.

    Tears began to flow down May’s face as she couldn’t control her emotions anymore. “It was in such pain Ash! I’m it’s trainer….I was supposed to protect it….but I couldn’t.”

    She lowered her face in reaction to her words and continued sniffling heavily.

    Ash put his hands on the side of May’s shoulders, and slowly began to lift her up in order to get her to stand. She began to rise still crying as Ash stared at her solemnly.

    “Are you hurt?” Ash asked quietly as he began to brush May’s arms up and down in order to calm her.

    “Y-yes. The Aggron knocked me to the ground…it…hurt. It still hurts.” she moped staring toward the ground.

    Ash put his right hand in a fist underneath May’s chin, and raised her face to meet his. She stared at the boy’s face still filled with tears and uncertainty.

    For a few seconds, Ash said nothing but gazed into her hurt-filled eyes. He lowered his hand from her chin and instead put his hands on her shoulders. May stopped crying a bit but the tears were still flowing down her face.

    “Ash…it…it was so scared…I really tried to help it…” May tried to utter.

    “Shhhhhhh.” Ash whispered gripping firmly on her shoulders.

    Ash then used his right hand to wipe the tears from underneath May’s eyes. May stared as he used the side of his pointer finger to remove the tears that had formed on her face. His left hand was still holding onto her shoulder.

    “I know that you did everything you could to save your Bulbasaur.” Ash reassured her in a low voice. “You wanted the pain Bulbasaur was feeling to go away, you wanted to feel strong enough to save it rather than feeling weak and helpless.”

    May nodded but said nothing as Ash was literally a few inches from her face.

    “I promise you. I will do everything I can to get your Bulbasaur back. I got hurt too when my shoulder was slammed into a tree, and he will definitely not get away with hurting my friends.” Ash said as he put his right hand on May’s cheek.

    May began to calm down as Ash was rubbing her cheek, she began to feel more secure and stopped sniffling. She stared back at him flustered, for the moment he held her she felt like there was almost nothing terrible that just happened before.

    “Ash….?” May whispered as Ash continued rubbing her face.

    “I promise, we’ll find him.” he stated as he brought May close to his chest and hugged her tightly.

    May hugged him back tightly, wrapping her arms around her back. She closed her eyes as her head rested on her shoulder, thinking about how Ash calmed her down. Their bodies were pressed against each other for twenty seconds long, as they both held something that was dear to them.

    Ash then let go of her and stared back at her in front of him again.

    “Are you ready to go find your Bulbasaur now?” he asked.

    “Y-yes.” she replied. “Ash…thank you.”


    This fic is only 3 chapters long, as it was made to basically be a 22 minute episode of the cartoon. (If only slightly more adult due to some language).

    Some stuff in this fic may seem a little cliche especially if you read a lot of shipping fics, but hey, everyone makes something with poachers sooner or later.
  2. Revolutionary Destiny

    Revolutionary Destiny snoitome eurt deen I

    I been seeing a lot of Contestshipping fics lately, so it's nice to see an Advanceshipping one.

    It's cool how you're trying to make your story like a 22 minute episode. I could really feel May's sadness after she failed in trying to get Bulbasaur back. That was really sweet when Ash hugged her.

    Just one correction:

    Other than that, it's really great.
  3. Raziel

    Raziel Lively up yourself

    I agree, it's a very good fic brudda, but I wouldn't mind if you were a little bit more descriptive:

    This is what I mean man, try to describe Grovyle and Ludicolo's looks, reactions, etc. don't just say "Grovyle appeared before them", if you do that then a reader who doesn't know what a Grovyle is just won't be able to imagine it.

    I also noticed something in a few paragraphs:

    Ok man, the problem here is that you were writig in present time, but then you switched to past time and you remained like that for the rest of the chapter:


    I just wanted to point that out so you don't commit the same mistake again. It's better if you keep it all in past time man.

    Anyway, very good fic man, keep up the good work.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2005
  4. Xiang

    Xiang Well-Known Member

    Wow! Even if I am not an Advanceshipper, I have to say I like it! (Shame how some people don't read fics when its just not the ship they support, they miss out a lot ;))

    Can't wait for the chapter!

    -Pichu Gurl ;172;
  5. Miss Priss

    Miss Priss Guest

    Thank goodness! I haven't seen any new advanceshipping fics around here! Well, I think it was sweet how Ash was trying to comfort her when Rico took her Bulbasaur. I bet Rico's like a child molestor or something. Anyhoo, I hope it has lots more fluffiness... I love fluffy fics! But even if it doesn't, I'll keep reading. Great job!
  6. Sapphire

    Sapphire Guest

    Cool fic but I suggest you try to put in some description in there.
  7. Sequoia

    Sequoia Well-Known Member

    it's very good...but you could try and correct the your's to you're...other than that, the overall idea seems cool, writing it like a normal ep...
  8. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Thanks for the feedback thus far. :)


    Ash walked away from her and started to look around the area that the skirmish took place.

    “Brock helped Max escape. He also carried away Pikachu, I sure hope he makes it to the Pokemon Center and notifies Officer Jenny.” Ash stated.

    “I sure hope my brother is OK. I didn’t get a chance to see him get away safely.” May said quietly as she held onto her right shoulder with her hand.

    “He’s in good hands May. I trust Brock will take good care of Max and Pikachu, that’s who he is.” Ash stated looking at her.

    “I know, I-I just want them to be safe.” she replied.

    “The tire tracks are still here, let’s hurry. Maybe we can catch him.” Ash said as he motioned for May to follow him.

    May smiled and ran toward Ash. The two began to walk very quickly following the tire tracks ahead of them, hoping it would lead to Rico and her stolen Pokemon.

    Brock and Max were running toward a metropolis-like city as fast as they could. Pikachu had fainted in Brock’s arms, while Max was exhausted from all the running. Brock looked toward his right where he spotted a Pokemon Center.

    “We better get Pikachu and my Ludicolo healed before we head to the police station. They took quite a beating.” Brock stated as he let go of Max’s arm.

    Brock started walking toward the door of the Pokemon Center before Max grabbed him by the shirt.

    “But we don’t even know what happened to Ash and my sister! For all we know they could still be battling out there!” Max urgently reminded him.

    “I realize that Max, and I know how you feel. I made a promise to Ash to take care of his Pikachu, as soon as we get it healed we’ll head back out with the police. If we head back there as we are now, we’ll be more of a burden than a help.” he reassured the boy.

    “Um…ok, but could we hurry?” Max asked.

    Brock nodded and entered the Pokemon Center carrying Pikachu in it’s arms, with Max following behind him.

    Back in the forest, Team Rocket appeared to be spelunking in the bushes.

    “Ah, it’s another beautiful morning.” James stated as he stretched his arms.

    “Sure is, another bright and early day to get a head start on those twerps.” Jessie added.

    Meowth started walking out of the bushes and into the open field, “C’mon, the twerps have to be around here somewhere. Let’s start looking for them.”

    Suddenly a loud screech of an engine started blasting from the left side of the field.

    “What’s that?” Jessie asked as she walked up next to Meowth.

    James walked beside them as well, “Sounds like a car engine to me.”

    The engine sound grew louder, and soon a jeep became visible in the distance.

    “Looks like some nutcase is driving 90mph. What’s the rush?” Jessie stated.

    The jeep came into view as Team Rocket was standing in the middle of the field. The car didn’t seem to slow down, but in fact started to speed up.

    “Um, I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think the guy driving sees us.” Meowth said.

    “He looks like he’s going to run right into us!” James said quickly.

    The jeep then leaped off a hill in front of them and came right upon them.

    “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Jessie yelled.

    “It’s going to hit!” Meowth cried.

    “GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Team Rocket screamed as they all jumped in different directions.

    The jeep smacked the ground right where Team Rocket was standing and continued to drive ahead without stopping. Team Rocket managed to avoid being hit in the last second.

    Once the jeep drove away in the distance, Team Rocket jumped back into the middle of the field.

    “Where did you learn how to drive you maniac!” James shouted.

    “You almost hit us! Why in my good mind I’d be willing to clobber that guy if we ever see him again!” Jessie yelled.

    “Yeah! Even I know how to drive better den dat!” Meowth shouted bring his paws up to his mouth.

    “Hmmmmm” Jessie said scratching her chin. “Did that guy driving look familiar to any of you?”

    “Huh?” James looked at her confused. “Well…I did seem to see that he had green hair, and he did seem a bit familiar. But I’m not sure from where.”

    “You’re right…now where did we see that guy before?” Jessie pondered as she was standing.

    “Uh…guys.” Meowth added. “Didn’t that guy look like the poacher who had all those Ekans and Koffing caged up back when we first followed the twerps to Hoenn?”

    “What?” Jessie and James both asked.

    “You know, the guy we saved those Ekans and Koffing from. The ones the two of you let your Arbok and Weezing protect.” Meowth told them.

    “You know you’re right!” James said pounding his hand. “That WAS the same guy!”

    “Oh great, of all the rotten people we had to see again why did it have to be him?” Jessie said crossing her arms.

    “He looked like he was in a hurry too.” Meowth quickly bemused.

    “AGH!” Jessie screamed. “That idiot can’t get away with this!”

    “What do you mean?” James asked.

    “He almost ran over us you moron! What else!” she scolded James.

    “Oh…right. I almost forgot about that. Now I remember why my life just flashed across my eyes.” James said.

    “Yeah! Let’s show that guy that we mean business. We’re Team Rocket after all!” Meowth said angrily.

    “Well c’mon then, let’s hurry up and follow him.” Jessie said as she motioned for James and Meowth to follow her.

    “Right.” Meowth and James both nodded as they ran ahead with Jessie.

    Ash and May were still walking side by side following the tire tracks. Ash is holding his right arm, squinting a bit as the pain was starting to fade.

    May looked at him cautiously as they continued walking. “Your arm still hurts?”

    Ash looked at her a bit startled, “Oh, uh yeah a little. It’s actually starting to feel a bit better though.”

    “I…I just can’t believe a guy would do something like that.” May said crossing her arms over her chest. “How can some people be so cruel?”

    “I-I don’t know May. That’s just how some people are. And to make matters worse, we didn’t even get the brunt of it. That Clefairy really got – “

    “Ugh! That poor Clefairy. I…” May tried to say as she started to wobble.

    “…May?” Ash asked.

    May then slowly began to tip over and lose her balance. Ash rushed to her side and caught her before she fell to the ground. He then tried to stand her back up, holding her across the chest.

    “I think I got hurt more than I thought.” May added.

    Ash was holding May from the side of her body. His right hand held her along the waist, while his left hand was holding her chest. She kept her balance by leaning against Ash’s body.

    “You know, maybe I’ve been pushing you too hard. I think I would be better off to continue on alone.” Ash said.

    “Wh-what?” May said nervously.

    “I think it would be better off if you headed toward the city that’s nearby. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier, if I take you with me I’ll only be putting you in more danger.” Ash smacked his forehead with his left hand before resting it back on May’s chest. “I’m such an idiot!”

    “Um, Ash?” May asked innocently.

    “What is it?” he replied.

    “Um.” May looked down toward her chest, where Ash’s hand was clutching her left breast. “Ash…you do know you’re holding onto one of my boobs right?”

    “What!?” Ash said startled as he lowered his hand.

    May and Ash both blushed nervously. Ash relaxed his right hand from her waist, as he was now quite nervous about touching her.

    “I’m sorry May…..I didn’t realize I was touching you like that. I-I was trying to hold you steady, uh…jeez.” he said stuttering.

    May stood by herself now without Ash’s support. She continued to blush as she looked at him glowingly.

    “It was alright Ash.” she said. “I-I didn’t mind.”

    Ash put his hand behind his head nervously as he tried to laugh, “Oh….uh…then maybe I should take you to that city now to rest…yeah that’s it. I-I don’t think I can bring you with me.”

    May walked toward him and grabbed both of his hands. They were standing face to face as May tried to calm him down.

    “I’m definitely going with you.” she said as she held his hands in front of him tighter.

    “But you could get hurt. You’ve already gotten hurt.” Ash replied.

    “I know. But…he…took my Bulbasaur Ash. It’s my Pokemon, and I’m responsible for it. Even though I’m not 100 percent, I’m willing to go with you to help rescue my Bulbasaur and the other Pokemon he might have captured. I’m not going to turn my back on it.”

    Ash gripped her hands back and raised them slightly in the air. Their hands were now fully clasped together as they held each other literally inches apart.

    “Will you promise me that you won’t get yourself hurt then? I don’t think I would be able to stand seeing him or his Pokemon lay their hands on you again.” Ash asked in a low voice.

    May looked back into his eyes, “I promise.”

    With that in mind, Ash let go of her hands and began to walk ahead of her. May was a bit surprised that he let her hands go so quickly, but was a little nervous about how Ash felt at the time.

    May felt herself a little warm under the collar, she was completely flustered from when they were holding each other. She felt her heart beating faster when they were pressed against once another, and was a bit surprised by her own feelings.

    May looked at the young trainer as he was walking ahead of her. She thought to herself, in all the time they’ve traveled together, she finally realized something….

    Ash was her hero.

    The leaves on the tree’s carried the breeze that was passing through the air.

    A large green tent is set up at the edge of an area, inside filled with various electronic equipment such as radios. At the edge of the tent in the circular camp site are rows of cages that secure the helpless Pokemon.

    Rico drove his jeep over a hill and braked right outside the campsite. He snickered as he hopped over the door of the jeep and landed on the ground. He walked over to the back seat where he watched the intimidated Clefairy still sniffling from it’s injury. The overbearing man reached for the cage with the Pokemon inside. He lifted it up toward his face and grinned as he begins to walk toward the other cages stacked in a row.

    “I’m betting I’ll make a good 500 off of this batch of Pokemon.” Rico stated as he shaked the cage as he walks.

    The other Pokemon are disheartened to see yet another one captured by the poacher. They stared at him growling, as Rico placed the caged Clefairy on top of a cage containing Tyrogue.

    “Hmmmm, maybe I outta contact them now. This should be a pretty good haul.” the poacher stated as he reached for a radio transceiver in his pocket.

    At the edge of the bushes a very exhausted Team Rocket try to catch their breath.

    “Ugh, I haven’t done that much running in nearly a year!” Jessie struggled to say while panting.

    “Like you have the nerve to complain, your legs are twice as long as mine.” Meowth stated holding his chest gasping.

    “Are you insane? You’re a Pokemon you moron, you’re built for this sort of thing.” Jessie glares.

    “Hey, what did you just call me?” Meowth demands.

    “Shhhhhhhhh!’ James whispered with his finger over his mouth. “He might hear you.”

    Jessie and Meowth looked ahead of them and see Rico talking into his radio transceiver.

    “What is he saying?” Jessie asked as she put her hands on her hips.

    “I don’t know, I can barely make it out myself.” James tells her.

    “He’s too far away, we can’t hear him. By the way, how come you’re not all out of breath?” Meowth asked as he looked at James.

    “Oh me?” James said grinning. “Ha! You both know that as a little boy I had a lot of good workouts with my family. Why, I used to run track with my father every morning at 6.a.m.!”

    “Oh jeez, you were one of those early birds eh?” Jessie asked.

    “Well, not really. I actually was – “ James tried to say before he was cut off by Meowth.

    “Shut up the two of you! I think something is happening over there!” Meowth said waving his arms.

    Rico lowered his radio as he stares up at the sky.

    A large helicopter hovered over the campsite. The helicopter is jet black with an “R” emblem embedded on it. The wind from the helicopter blades blow down on the area. Rico put his arm over his forehead due to the intense winds, he struggled to stand as he stared at the helicopter right in front of him.

    Jessie, James and Meowth are holding onto the branches of the bushes in order to keep themselves from being blown away. The Pokemon in the cages feel the gust of winds as well, as many of them are shielding their eyes.

    A rope ladder suddenly drops down from the helicopter, which is still hovering 10 feet in the air. A silver high healed shoe steps down on the ladder first, before the person jumps the rest of the way down.

    Rico looks ahead of him as the Rocket agent is kneeled down on the ground. She is wearing a tight black outfit with a skirt underneath. Her long silver gloves and white hat add to the matching patterns of black and white. Her golden curly hair extend a foot from her head, as the Rocket agent begins to rise. She gives the appearance of an innocent schoolgirl, when in fact she is a deadly assassin.

    “Hey look!” Jessie shouted as she is trying to balance herself against the tree due to the wind.

    “Isn’t that Domino from Team Rocket?” James pondered as he holds onto Jessie’s waist for support.

    “It is her!” Meowth states as holds onto James legs. “I wonder what Team Rocket wants with this guy!”

    “Well I’m guessing it has to do with all those captured Pokemon he has there obviously.” Jessie said as she begins to lose her balance.

    “Jessie stand still! You’re making me wobble!” James said in a panic.

    “Gah!” Jessie shouted as the branch she is holding onto snaps.

    “Grab onto something!” Jessie, James, and Meowth shouted as the gust of winds blew them all straight backwards into the forest.

    Domino rose and walked toward Rico. In her hand she is holding a black tulip, she began to seductively place the stem in her mouth.

    “You know you could tell your helicopter to land or something, these winds are pretty strong!” Rico shouted.

    Domino removed the stem from her mouth as she waves it back and forth. “Don’t tell me the big bad Rico can’t stand a little wind.” she said seductively.

    Domino walked up closer to the poacher as she puts her hand on his chest. The winds from the helicopter are blowing their clothes as they stand, with Domino’s skirt nearly being blown up in the air.

    She squinted at him and said seductively, “I thought you liked receiving some blowjobs every now and then.”

    Rico grunted and grabbed Domino by the waist with both his hands and pressed her against his body. Domino pointed the black tulip toward the ground.

    “Heh, now why does Team Rocket send a pretty girl like you to give me my payment? In fact, now that you’re here I’d like some additional reward for my services.” he said alluringly.

    “Is that so?” Domino replied stroking his chin.

    Suddenly Domino threw the tulip toward the ground as the stem sticks into the earth. She then lifted up Rico’s shoulder and threw him over her back. The poacher slammed hard into the ground ahead of her.

    “You should watch the way you talk to an Elite Member of Team Rocket.” she says as she bent over and lifted her tulip out of the ground.

    “Ugh.” Rico groaned as he started to stand himself up from the ground.

    Jessie, James and Meowth then struggle to walk their way back behind the bushes before the clearing. They watch intently as they see an annoyed Rico begin to walk back toward Domino.

    “Get up you worthless piece of trash.” Domino glared as she picked up the tulip from the ground.

    “What the hell did you do that for?” Rico demanded as he got up still being blown by the wind.

    “You’re talking to your employer you know, you don’t want to lose out on selling us these Pokemon now do you?” she states.

    “I’m not Team Rocket’s door mat!” Rico said as he stood in front of her. “I capture these worthless Pokemon expecting my fee in return. I couldn’t care less about what Team Rocket does otherwise, I just want my money. Is that too hard a concept for you to grasp?”

    “Can you hear them now?” Jessie asked as her feet are digging into the earth for balance.

    “He’s trying to strike a deal with Team Rocket I think!” James said quickly.

    Domino turned around and looked at the several caged Pokemon stacked in rows. She stared at them from a distance, with a disheartened look on her face.

    “What is it?” Rico asked. “And can you tell that god damn helicopter to get out of here already? I can’t stand this wind!”

    She turned around toward the well built man and grins.

    “Sorry, the offer has expired.” she snapped.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” the poacher demanded.

    Domino turned back toward the cages, “I’m looking at these Pokemon….and they’re… how do I put this? They’re pathetic.”

    Rico stared at her blankly.

    “You expect Team Rocket to pay for this hunk of junk? A Geodude, a Tyrogue, Baltoy, Eevee, and the rest? Why would common Pokemon like these be worth any of Team Rocket’s assets?” she sneered.

    “You guys didn’t give me any specific orders! You just said to capture some rare Pokemon!” He clenched his fist.

    “You’re not very smart are you?” Domino stated as she walked in a circle around Rico.

    “What….what about the Clefairy there? That’s a rare Pokemon isn’t it? You’ll buy that right?” he nervously asked.

    “Clefairy’s can be hard to come by, and for a second there I actually was thinking about accepting it. But….you know what?”


    “I don’t like the way you talked to me.” Domino said slyly as she stood in front of the poacher.

    “You’re telling me I caught all these Pokemon for nothing!?” he yelled.

    “Yep.” Domino sharply replied.

    She then quickly lifted her leg up and severely kicked him in the crotch.

    “GAH!” Rico screamed as he held his crotch with his hands.

    He fell to the floor and continued to hold himself as Domino walked back toward the helicopter. She put one foot back on the rope ladder and looked toward the man crying in agony.

    “I hope you enjoyed your payment! I’ll be glad to give you my services anytime!” she snickered as she threw her tulip to the ground which landed right in front of his face.

    “…Y-….You.” he tried to say in between groans rolling on the floor.

    “Gotta go!” Domino stated as she blew a kiss with her mouth.

    The helicopter then proceeded to fly away with Domino still standing on the ladder. It flew over the trees until it disappeared in the background. The wind begins to slow down as Jessie, James, and Meowth let go of the branches they were holding and stand still again. Rico is still rolling over on the ground crying in pain.

    Back in the wooden path, Ash and May continue to walk steadily side by side. They stare ahead with uneventful looks.

    “Hmm, looks like we’re coming toward a clearing.” Ash stated as he looked back toward May.

    May let go of her right arm and began to cautiously walk behind Ash resting her palm on his back as they go.

    “Don’t you think we should be a bit more careful now? I mean, if that guy sees us coming, he might….” May warned her friend.

    “You’re right. Stand behind me May, I think I see the jeep parked up ahead.” Ash instructed her.

    May complied as the two walk slowly by a row of bushes that are behind the cages that conceal the Pokemon. They slowly crouch together as they look over at the field to see an unusual site.

    “GAH! My balls!” Rico screamed as he continues to grab his crotch.

    “Wha-what’s he doing?” May whispered to Ash.

    “Uh…I think he’s hurt or something?”

    “Why is he grabbing his pants? I think he’s in pain.” May said bewildered.

    Ash continued to stare blankly at the poacher who was rolling on the ground a few feet ahead of them.



    May began to blush as she pointed toward the poacher, “Is…is he grabbing his balls? Do…do guys get hurt when they’re hit there or something?

    “WHAT?” Ash screamed before May quickly put her hand over his mouth.

    “We have to be quiet, remember? Shhhhhh!” May whispered cheerfully as she removed her hand from Ash’s mouth.

    “Why did you just ask me THAT?” Ash asked her.

    “I don’t know, it’s just that’s what it looked like he was doing. I mean, he seems to be touching himself there and crying out in pain. I always wondered why guys had those to begin with. Thank goodness my curves are on my chest.” May blushed as she hugged her chest with her arms on both sides.

    Ash fell down off of May’s remark. He got up quickly as he began to blush.

    “Don’t you think this is the wrong time to be talking about stuff like this!?” Ash scolded as he looked at her.

    May looked back absentminded, “Yeah you’re probably right. Maybe now that he’s down on the floor shouldn’t we use this as an opportunity to free these Pokemon?”

    “Hmm, good idea! But if we come out of the bushes he’ll spot us for sure. We need a plan. His Machamp and Aggron beat us before, we need a way with dealing with them first.” Ash pondered.


    May looked up startled as she heard an all too familiar voice.

    “Bulbasaur?” she asked.

    May’s Bulbasaur turned around in a cage to greet the young trainers in a bush a few feet behind it.

    “It is you Bulbasaur!” May said elated as she started to jump up from the bushes.

    “What are you doing? Stay down!” Ash instantly replied as he grabbed May around the torso and brought her back down behind the bushes.

    “Bulba?” Bulbasaur tilted it’s head.

    “You could have gotten us spotted you know!” he admonished.

    May put her hands on her cheeks, “Oh, I wasn’t thinking. It’s just that….it’s my Bulbasaur!” she exclaimed as she waved her arms at the Pokemon.

    “Bulbasaur! Bulb!” Bulbasaur grinned as it nodded it’s head.

    “Looks like it’s glad to see you too, but we better be careful about this.” Ash stated.

    “Okay, so what do we do Ash?” May asked him carefully.

    “Uh, I haven’t figured that part out yet.” Ash said scratching his head.

    Off of May’s reaction we see Team Rocket glancing at the duo.

    “Isn’t that the twerps?” Meowth asked.

    “Not all of the twerps, I just see Mr. Twerp and Ms. Twerpette.” Jessie stated.

    “What could they be doing here?” James pondered.

    “I don’t know, but if they stay around here much longer they’re looking for trouble.” Meowth declared.

    “Agh.” Rico muttered as he started to stand on his two feet again. He started to slowly let go of his crotch and stared up in the sky. “I can’t believe this!”

    He started walking furiously back toward his tent. Ash, May and Team Rocket all stared watching Rico’s every move.

    Rico slammed his fist down on a small fold up table next to the tent. The table cracked under the pressure of the man’s strength and fell to the ground.

    “NOBODY makes a fool out of me!” he screamed. “That bitch didn’t want these Pokemon did she? Cost me all my time and energy spent capturing them did she? Well, looks like you guys are out of luck.”

    Rico rattled his fingers against the cages that held the Pokemon. Ash and May continued to wait for their moment, not wanting to make a sudden move until the time was right.

    Rico continued glancing at the caged Pokemon as he pressed his hands against the cages one by one in a furious gaze. Sweat began to drop down his face, he was completely enraged.

    “Ah, you’re that Bulbasaur that I took from the little girl aren’t you?” he stated as he stared at the Bulbasaur cracking an ominous smile.

    The frightened Bulbasaur tried to step back a few feet as it was frightened in the cage. May tried to stand up a bit as Rico was in front of her Bulbasaur, but Ash pulled her back down behind the bushes so she didn’t draw them attention.

    “You know what?” he pondered as he stomped on the ground laughing. “Now that Team Rocket refused my offer I guess I have no use for common worthless Pokemon such as you. Maybe I’ll just skin you all or mount your heads as trophies back home in Celadon City. Heh heh.”

    Rico reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. Ash and May looked aghast as they saw Rico snap open the thick knife in front of her Bulbasaur. The Bulbasaur closed it’s eyes quickly in fear.

    “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.” he started laughing as he raised the knife.


    One final chapter to go to wrap up what could be a 22 minute episode of the show. (Again, if only slightly more adult due to some language. ;) )

    Feedback would be nice, such as if I addressed the concerns posted above, and of course if you like the way the story is going. :p
  9. Sequoia

    Sequoia Well-Known Member

    ...pretty good chapter...the grammar/spelling was okay, and i guess the tense problem went too...^^;; may i ask what fic you previously wrote?
  10. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    You mean a fic I posted on this forum? Well there is my NC-17 fic posted right here in the shippers section, although that may not be your thing. I haven't posted any other fics here beside these two.
  11. Sushi

    Sushi unspecified Staff Member Super Mod


    It was nice to see that you included Rico and Domino in this story, especially the way you made a connection between those two characters was surprising - in a positive way of course.
    And I must say I LOVED Team Rocket in this chapter. There was absolutely no sign of OOC-ness (is that even a word?), plus the dialogues and the way they acted were hilarious^^.

    Nice one :D
  12. Sequoia

    Sequoia Well-Known Member

    uh huh...>.< i'm 13 Cybercubed...but this fic is good too, the way it's written really makes you feel like it's an actual ep...
  13. Miss Priss

    Miss Priss Guest

    Real good so far, and the way it's headed is awesome. Spelling/grammar was perfect except for the occasional typo. It's good but there's just one thing wrong with it: It's going to be over so soon. T~T Well, keep up the good work!
  14. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    Can't wait for the next chapter.

    *Burns Cybercubed*

    We do NOT need the x humor. Especially with Advanceshipping.

  15. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Yes we do, I rated this fic PG-13 for a reason. ;)
  16. Sequoia

    Sequoia Well-Known Member

    i thought it was weird that Ash didn't realise he was being a...well, pervert ^^;; but then again, May didn't seem to mind too much...
  17. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Ash was struggling to keep her steady when she was losing her balance, he didn't realize what he was holding on to. ;)
  18. XDLord

    XDLord Guest

    1. Writing doesn't have rating.
    2. Even if you rated this fic, rate it R. It is NOT PG-13.(NC-17 is for sexual scenes, like your previous fic)

    Otherwise, pretty interesting, the last chapter should be interesting.
  19. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    There's nothing in this fic to warrent an R rating. You do realize there is some sexual innuedo and mild violence in movies rated PG-13 right?

    A story with an R rating would mean implied sex, heavy violence, or strong language.

    This fic is rather mild, I don't know why you'd expect something as tame as this to be R rated. You must not read or watch a lot of PG-13 or R rated movies eh?
  20. PikachuBlue

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    Great so far Cybercubed. The description is good. Can't wait for the next chapter. ;025;
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