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Why is this game so rigged?

Discussion in 'Stadium 1 & Stadium 2 (Hidden)' started by misingnoglic, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. Clamps

    Clamps Warning: Jokes!

    Hey OP, in case you're still trying to beat Stadium, Alakazam with all the Ice Punch + Thunder Punch + Psychic + Recover/Fire Punch makes the difficulty trivial at best.

    Also, any Psychic types. Even stuff like Hypno and Exeggutor.
  2. the kids mode is rigged, but everything else is just plain hard. you won't believe how pissed i was when some baby erased my whole file.

    So i started the game when i was 6 (now im 14), me and my friends managed to beat the Gym Leader Castle and win 9 out of the ten trophies in the stadium. then my friends left forever :(
    BTW, me and friends did all that with RENTALS. it took forever to acomplish that. years later, i come back to try to get the last trophy (because i heard you fight mewtwo after you get 10 trophies and beat the gym leader castle) just to find that some b*tch erased my save file. all my time, friends, and effort RUINED. i just quit playing stadium after that.
  3. bme™

    bme™ "Could it be... the legend...?"

    I first played it when I was like 16. I thought it was kind of hard too. But recently I picked it up again, and it didn't seem that hard. When you're a kid, mentally you're not as patient and strategic. You're more likely to blame the game for being cheap, instead of focusing on why you're losing and changing your strategies.

    Boy when I was a kid though I wanted to punch all those Tamers and Gamblers in the face!

    P.S. Lance you're a jerk in round 2
  4. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    Yep I cheated on Clefairy, I pause and scribble them points down to get the Hyper version of the game XD
  5. T.W.I.

    T.W.I. Undercover Rocket

    There IS a round 2 you know...and it's MUCH harder.
  6. Chaos Emperor

    Chaos Emperor ................

    I will admit stadium is REALLY hard, but its not rigged. Ive seen videos of people easily beating Round 2 Mewtwo, if the game was truly rigged, there would be no such videos of people being able to beat the final challenge with little effort.
  7. Flamle

    Flamle Every Weekend....

    I love this game. It was a part of my childhood. However, I am aware that this game is rigged. Everything you do, you miss. Everything you think of doing, is impossible. I remember I was like, 9 years old playing this game and saying "Son of a *****... the killed my damn Charmander." This game was so frustrating. I feel your pain, my brothers.
  8. legendarypokemonmaster

    legendarypokemonmaster Well-Known Member

    The game is insane, but I have beaten it with my cousin. Wrap hax is just terrible. Even Mewtwo couldn't beat everything in Round 2. Eventually, we found out about amnesia and changed our Mewtwo's moveset. It soon became nearly unstopable. When we saw that the Mewtwo from round 2 was the same, except with max stats, we were like "Holy crap!!!"
  9. JynxMidnight

    JynxMidnight IV Breeder

    Pokemon Stadium was hard as hell, but I somehow managed to beat the game without using a game boy color or the games, as I was a poor kid (it was really hard though :/). The game is rigged, just like todays Battle Tower and other similar places. It's that way to up the difficulty, as after a certain point the game would be too simple without cheating
  10. SevenFisher

    SevenFisher Deaf Trainer

    Haha, yeah I can see why you'd think it'd be rigged but it's just very hard game. There's no way AI could be effective at skill wise, so they kind of just have luck on their side most of time. (I hate you Gambler and your OHKO moves)

    Although, it's also worth to remember back then we have patience to go through the game, and nowdays games seem to be rather easy compared in past so when we went through it again it's like Whoa but after few attempts it's manageable.

    Not looking forward to R2 once I unlock that though... I've never managed to beat that on Pokémon Stadium 1 nor 2. Stupid Lv15-20 cup (though I've just realized that that cup has no difficulty, just one cup per Rounds) and that Lv5 cup. >_<
  11. 11DBHK

    11DBHK Banned

    yep, no true counters to psychic in gen1, thus the introduction on steel and dark types in gen2.

    i used haunter and alakazam a lot
  12. G50

    G50 No longer posting


    It's so much easier to avoid Wrap if you switch Pokemon.

    It breaks Wrap, you get a free-pass on the switching, and it's a whole lot easier to defeat the "wrapper Pokemon" afterwards.
  13. SevenFisher

    SevenFisher Deaf Trainer

    It's also good idea to study max speed of each Wrap-user Pokémon, so you can build up a Pokémon that's fast - preferable one who can T-Wave to put their speed down. Slower pokémon like Snorlax will have hard time hitting the enemy, so it's good idea to switch into faster Pokémon who can hit before they get chance to use it.

    Starmie is great to use, and Jolteon too. Former can use its huge movepool to get rid of someone who's weaker to one of his moves, latter to Parlyz (although you want to be careful not to get Parlyz'd in return as it'd make him useless for that battle)

    The only real problem with game I have is Double Team abusers. :/ There's Swift, I guess.
  14. zapto369

    zapto369 Because I'm Worth It

    You wanna hear rigged? In Stadium 2 today I had a Wobbuffet against Steelix. She used attract and then dig the next round. While Steelix was underground I obviously couldn't do anything and then when she attacked, counter didn't work because I was too attracted. That happened about 7 times until Wobbuffet fainted. Yea, this game is rigged.
  15. acetrainerdov

    acetrainerdov ToTW Br0's

    well in my game thunderbolt kills steelix im ash ketchum
  16. SoulSilverMstr411

    SoulSilverMstr411 Hikikomori

    Nope. I was 12. :p
  17. Pika_Princess

    Pika_Princess Well-Known Member

    Heck, I got PS 2 when it first came out and I'm *still* trying to beat it. I haven't played PS 1 in years, but I don't think I beat that one either...I actually had my best luck with an umbreon with a moveset that was pure evil (confuse ray, mean look, toxic, moonlight. I don't remember where I read that one but it made umbreon my favorite pokemon ever :D) combined with a cursing skarmory. But even then I'd have toxic fail several times in a row and I'd have to restart >.<

    Would I call it rigged? Yeah, because like someone else said upthread the AI wasn't smart enough to win if it had the same rules that we did. Remember Lance's five move dragonite in red/blue? And how they could use potions *after* you attacked them? (I'm looking at you, Brock.) But that's what made it fun, because unlike in the games, where you could raise your team to level 100 and beat everyone with no strategy, PS made you have to think about your movesets. Not that it also wasn't frustrating as heck half the time as well ;)

  18. Elec Man

    Elec Man New Member

    For my first post on this forum, I would like to ask this. Am I the only one who has an extremely hard time with the little cup? To this day, I still can't beat R-2! I've only made it to the final round once since the semi-finalist is unbelievably cheap if I remember right.
  19. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    I found Counter/Surf/Ice Beam/Mega Kick w/Gold Berry Squirtle to be amazing against the semifinalist (it is the priority using team, right?). Even at +2 Quick Attacks usually fail to KO him and Counter murders them back...and Gold Berry let you pull it off once more.

    When fighting the R-2 finalist, I used Charmander, and he switched from a Chansey to Scyther. Which got pwned by Fire Blast.
  20. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded At this point, who knows?

    Yeah its pretty rigged for a game.
    Is it any fun only if you still have red or blue versions.
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