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Why is this game so rigged?

Discussion in 'Stadium 1 & Stadium 2 (Hidden)' started by misingnoglic, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. acetrainerbob

    acetrainerbob has written:

    this game is rigged. In hard battle mode, the CPU spammed me with a bunch of Earthquakes. Then I fought Misty's gym. There was a shiny Voltorb! But I kept missing with almost every Thunderbolt. Out of the 6 or 7 times I used the move, it only hit once. Oh yeah, that was when my friend took over for me when he finally landed a succesful Thunderbolt. But the CPU's Pokemon had 100% always hit perfect accuracy Thunderbolts
  2. SaltySoul

    SaltySoul title goes here

    It's not rigged. And I play a preowned Stadium 2 and I don't think I beat TR. I got to battle 3 and lost. You need Mewtwo and a strategy.
  3. TheLegendaryArcanine

    TheLegendaryArcanine Arcanine is my fav

    im currently playing pokemon stadium 2 and round 2 in that game aint no joke its really hard. you have to have mewtwo and some highly raised pokemon
  4. SouthParkPikachu

    SouthParkPikachu Cartman <3

    my friend's pokemon stadium 1 game is rigged bad because everytime he uses the game pack thing that comes with the game it says "connection has been lost, please try again."
    he has to blow on the game pack in order for it to work correct.

    and his mewtwo got owned by a pikachu in 1 hit o_o
  5. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    I remember Pokemon Stadium being a difficult game to beat. Still I loved how you could change the colors of certain pokemon and get a surfing pikachu.
  6. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    Uh... what? I haven't played RBY, but as far as I know (I can't find the RBY attackdex), Thunderbolt is 100% accuracy. It shouldn't miss.
  7. Jinvaani

    Jinvaani Well-Known Member

    Rigged? I always get immense bad luck with misses/confuse hax, but then again, I sometimes get lucky too with my critical hits too, so it balances out for me.

    Then again, those scientists running the annoying swagger/confuse ray/thunderwave combo on Stadium 2 were dreadfully difficult to beat. I just resigned myself to the worst, and if I managed to pull through, it was a bonus. Don't even get me started on that broken paralyze/wrap combo on Stadium; its just turn after turn of helpless damage and sitting there.
  8. mycooly

    mycooly Banned

    Rigged? I don't think so man
  9. 11DBHK

    11DBHK Banned

    i have som many bad stories to tall about this game.
    being wrapped to death.
    confusion and pralyz hax
    "lucky" crits.
    ridiculous misses.
    the game certainly feel like it's rigged at times...
    so many stories..SO MUCH RAAAAAGE
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2011
  10. Red_the_knight

    Red_the_knight Pokemon Warrior

    I could say it's so-so from Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2. Trust me, I tried so many times to be my foes with a one hit KO, and it never works for me. I nearly get screwed every time it was close to victory.

    I nearly won against Lance, but all I need is a one hit move, and then Dragonair is out for good. If you guys want, I could give you all strategies of beating the gym leaders, stadiums, and elite fours if you want.
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