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Why is this gen so underrated?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by Azureth, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Azureth

    Azureth Well-Known Member

    I'm 25 yet out of all my friends most have played gen I and II but very few have even tried gen III. Any idea why this is?
  2. iCakeify

    iCakeify Luxray Fanboy

    Gen 3 is awesome, there's just butthurt nostalgists all over the place that can't just accept that newer generations actually is as good as the older ones.
  3. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    My guess is that those people are either blinded by nostalgia for the two first generations, or just grew tired of Pokemon after second generation and never played the newer games.
  4. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    Among those who stopped at Gen II, they probably "outgrew" the franchise and didn't continue. If you're referring to fans who enjoyed later generations as well as earlier ones, but not III, then I have a few possibilities. Prepare for a post I probably spent way too much time on.

    It might be because Hoenn was the first time they tried to separate the region from the previous ones.

    GSC's Johto was a direct sequel to RGBY's Kanto, and even connected to it, so I suppose many fans were expecting whatever came next to continue that tradition. When Hoenn was unable to link to the previous games, lacked some of the Pokemon available in previous regions (until FrLg and Emerald filled in the blanks in the Dex), had Teams Aqua and Magma rather than Rocket (until the remakes), and otherwise just seemed disconnected from the previous generations, fans ended up with something they weren't expecting and may not have been sure how to react. Sinnoh had the benefit of Hoenn already having separated itself, so it was better accepted by following rather than starting a pattern. Unova had the benefit of two generations of precedent and being advertised as a "new beginning" from the get go. Additionally the 4th and 5th Generations allowed for Pokemon from previous generations to be transferred forward, unlike the gap between the 2nd and 3rd.

    It may have also been that Team Aqua and Team Magma had goals that seemed a bit less logical than Team Rocket, even compared to later Teams.

    Rather than seeking money and power, they wanted to better the environment by essentially destroying the environment. I'm guessing that a number of fans saw their plans as ultimately unworkable as expanding the land/sea for the benefit of people and Pokemon seemed to ignore the fact that it would expand the environments for some while shrinking that of others, which would in turn throw off food chains and cause other problems. Basically, it looked like Maxie and Archie didn't think things through. By comparison, Galactic's goal, while grander in scale, may have seemed more "reasonable" in that Cyrus simply didn't care about what happened to the old world in his quest to make a new one. While Galactic at least acknowledged that they would mess up the old world through their plans, Aqua and Magma seemed to think that they could make things better for their favored species without thinking of the consequences it could have for the rest of the environment, and even ultimately the habitats that they wanted to help. By Unova the goals shifted again from changing the physical world to changing the way humans and Pokemon would interact within it, so Plasma also seemed more reasonable than the Hoenn Teams.

    As for the remakes of the 1st gen that were also a part of Gen III, it may have been because the fans felt they had already played those games before and didn't see the point of spending money on the updated graphics and Sevii Islands when they could still pull out their older systems and play R/B/Y.

    Of the two, I would probably lean toward the fact that it was the first to be disconnected from previous generations that turned fans off the 3rd Gen. These are just my guesses, though. It could also be that they disliked the art styles changed between generations or other reasons (Pokemon losing its popularity and fans following the next trend instead, etc.).
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2012
  5. BlazikenBlitz

    BlazikenBlitz Blaziken Ninja

    I remember hearing someone hate Hoenn because of the abundance of surfing and water.
  6. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    I absolutely loved FR/LG but I found R/S/E to be meh. I still play FR/LG today but I just can't get into R/S/E.
  7. SuperEpicRock

    SuperEpicRock Well-Known Member

    Your specific friends just sound like they outgrew/got tired of pokemon, but in all seriousness, I have heard people say that 3rd gen is the worst, even if they'd played all five. Personally, I love 3rd gen, although that's mainly just because it introduced my favorite pokemon ever, Camerupt. Other than that I guess I can see how it is a little bland compared to 4th and 5th gen, and of course, 1st and 2nd gen still have the nostalgia factor, so that's probably why there's so much hate for 3rd gen going around.

    Just wait until all major pokemon players started their journeys at around 3rd gen, then you'll be hearing "I wish they made pokemon like they did in gen 3!!"
  8. ebevan91

    ebevan91 Well-Known Member

    I started appreciating 3rd gen more after I saw 5th gen :/

    I don't really like 5th gen at all. 4th gen is OK, but could've been better.
  9. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    If you're 25 now, that makes you and your friends all in the 13-15-year-old range when Ruby and Sapphire released, probably right around the time you all realized that the opposite sex, and cars, and... I dunno, eight-track tapes or whatever the devil you kids like were maybe just a little more stimulating than children's video games.

    This thread and this past thread--


    --are both built on the same flawed (unintentionally so, but still) premise, that being that just because you don't see people declaring their undying love for Generation III, that it was thus "underrated" or "forgotten" or what have you.

    I'll say here what I said there:

    Hoenn simply hasn't (yet) had a chance to re-emerge from underneath the snowdrifts of time and start growing again. When that happens, the outpouring of people who suddenly remember/decide that Hoenn was the awesomest thing ever will convince you that no, Generation III isn't underrated or forgotten, but rather at this exact point in time (January 2012), Hoenn is simply between the part of the cycle where it goes dormant and the part where it reemerges. Johto was in such a state not that long ago and Sinnoh is probably only another year or two from going into such a state.
  10. Streetlight

    Streetlight Well-Known Member

    These people simply don't understand that these things called Max Repels exist. I for one love Hoenn's abundance of Water routes. They're a fresh change of pace from Kanto and Johto's walk on a sidewalk for 10 seconds to the next city type routes.
  11. Jinvaani

    Jinvaani Well-Known Member

    I like it just for the tropical setting... reminds me of playing it in Majorca back in 03, and I got an inflatable beach-poke ball with the nintendo magazine. and I remember the day it came out my mum went into town specifically to get Sapphire for me. She told me it was sold out but was lying. One of the best days I can remember. ^-^
  12. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    The craze died down. Simple as that. R/S/E were awesome games, but they were sadly in between the eras of nostalgic gameplay and online (futuristic) gameplay, making them quite forgotten.
  13. DarkCharizard2

    DarkCharizard2 Vae Victis

    I think people grew tired after the first two gens. I personally think gen. 3 is the best gen going.
  14. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Funny, recently I've seen more people praising Gen III than criticising it.

    But really, like with every Gen, there are people who like it and people who don't like it. Just different opinions.
  15. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    Your friends are in the wrong demographic, that's why.
  16. Eranu™

    Eranu™ Well-Known Member

    I think it's gen 3 is better then gen 2.
    Can't wait to see the remake for ds, since they will definitely make one.
  17. Sapphire Mudkip

    Sapphire Mudkip ~zafirofuego

    I never really find people who like R/S/E. They either like the first two gens only or they only like Gen IV and V. I really don't get it. I found Pearl boring compared to me constantly playing Sapphire.
  18. CMD Calcio

    CMD Calcio L'Amore per Sempre

    I still remember that 1st and 2nd Gen came out where I live when Pokemon was still a huge fad. 3rd Gen was kinda under the radar and 4th and 5th Gen both came out on the DS which I feel like is more popular than the GBA ever was. I also like BCVM22's post on this lol.
  19. Lineaire

    Lineaire Well-Known Member

    This basically sums up how I thought of Emerald and probably why Gen II is one of my favorite Generations. xD I liked Pearl and White but I just didn't get into Emerald and I agree with the team Aqua and Magma thing... least their outfits were cool though.

    ROFLMAO Well-Known Member

    Gen. three is definitely my favourite one by far. The games just clicked, they were fantastic, I've poured a lot more time and played through them a lot more than any of the other Pokemon games. They're the reason I was verrrrrry disappointed with Sinnoh. The lack of a use for the time system (outside of berries/Mirage Island) was really the only thing that let them down. But on topic: I've never really seen many people bashing the third gen.

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