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Why My Little Pony?

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Not trying to be rude, but what exactly is the appeal of My Little Pony? I've met bronies here and in other places on the internet, but never really understood what the charm of the franchise is. If anybody can help me understand that, it'd be great. Thanks.


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It has great writing, humor and the animation is top notch. The show can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It also has good music and a colorful cast which is something that current cartoons lack lately.

Oh, and Rainbow Dash.


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Maybe its just the fact that guys-
Well, wait, maybe they-
No, well how about-
All right I have no stinkin' clue, its a mystery


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yes someone explain this to me too. why do like 22 year old men like this stuff? ive been wondering for the longest time with no answer


Great animation, great songs, funny relatible characters, humor, and a sarcastic sky blue pegasus, what's not awesome?
It's sorta like spongebob only with pastel colored ponies.
Oh and the creator-producer person worked on fosters home for imaginary friends and power puff girls... Does the name Lauren Faust ring a bell?


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Ask in the MLP:FIM thread.
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