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Why the tier hate?

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by swalot=yes, May 19, 2009.

  1. Addie

    Addie (•✖•)

    Actually, contrary to what everyone is saying about OU Pokemon being so much better, tiers are determined by usage. So, if everyone started using, say, Delibird, it would become OU.

    And the reason people hate tiers is because of this "individuality" concept that everyone has. It's kind of bs, as you can get individuality through nearly anything, not just the Pokemon you use.
  2. Zero Nexus

    Zero Nexus Stand up, go for it

    Tiers are for queers.

    Seriously, if you want to use it, then just USE IT. Nobody should be looked down on because they use a certain sort of Pokemon. It doesn't matter what you're using, it's HOW you use it.
  3. Unideal

    Unideal Why I don't survive


    Nobody's saying otherwise... unless you're packing overpowered Pokemon in a tier you shouldn't be. But that's just common sense.

    Usually, packing Pokemon that have no business in the metagame you're using them in is indicative of a lack of overall competitive knowledge. I'm not saying people who use them are idiots, but it's like the guy who shows up to the deer hunt packing a pea shooter. If it's fun for him... sure. The guys packing rifles are having a tough time not laughing at him, though.

    The people who use Pokemon that are recognized as "good" and use them well tend to win a lot more than people who only try for one or the other. Seems odd, right?
  4. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    Tiers are silly and stupid.

    OUs are just really good pokemon.

    some pokemon just flat out suck.

    its not that the tier biz is BAD, its just that many people fail to realize that you can use your favorites in a OU battle, but if your not good, you'll most likely wil get your a** whipped by super OUs.
  5. Gen. Empoleon

    Gen. Empoleon Parasect-sect

    Oh this is a fun topic. Tiers are not ****, pokemon are OU for a reason, they are simply used a lot because they are the best. You can use a mixed Blaziken if you want to, but it is outclassed by Infernape in every way. The thing is you guys are completely stupid if you "use your favorites" to win. They are bits of data, they do not have feelings and they do not care if they're used or not. OU is based on usage, if somehow Delibird was used enough to become OU then more power to him, but that is extremely unlikely. The Regi's may have decent stats, but they're not used because of their weakness which are extremely common. Pokemon is competitive, and some of you can't accept that and should just stick to in-game if that's the case. Play to win.
  6. WynautQueen

    WynautQueen Pokemon Caretaker

    I generally agree. Two letters like "NU" or "UU" shouldn't stop you from using a Pokemon you love, nor does it necessarily mean it's a bad choice to do so.

    Case in point, my Mawhile which knocked out a Deoxys with its sucker punch (which also happened to be about 20 levels its senior) during a particularly irritating battle. Going by Smogon's tiers, that's a NU taking out an Uber.

    As long as you don't take tiers as a guide to which Pokemon you shouldn't use, there's no real reason to hate on the tier system.
  7. Gen. Empoleon

    Gen. Empoleon Parasect-sect

    Yes it does. Using a pokemon you "love" in OU is pretty much giving your opponent the advantage. I don't care what you say, using Milotic in OU is going to hurt you a lot more than it is going to help you.

    And your point is? You hit a pokemon with a super effective move against something that is as frail as Deoxys? my god you're right. You obviously know the game better than I do, someone who's been playing competitive longer. Guess what? I use Parasect in Ubers and I win matches with him, in fact I started the "UU craze" where everyone tried a bunch of pokemon in Ubers. Now I am not going on some bull **** rant where "Parasect can preform well in Ubers! No way he's not NU" No, Parasect sucks outside of that one gimmick I made for him, you cannot change a pokemon stats.

    Except if you want to win, you should use it as a guide of pokemon to use.

  8. Unideal

    Unideal Why I don't survive

    Unless you like winning particularly. Then it's a fairly good choice to recognize tiers.

    I'm sorry, are we talking about defenses-thinner-than-a paper-bag-Deoxys? It's not really an accomplishment to kill that with Sucker Punch from practically anything. Not to mention that being able to circumstantially beat one Pokemon isn't any indication as to whether or not you should use Mawile. Being able to take out a wide range of tougher Pokemon fairly reliably... I'd consider using that.

    Tiers are more of a suggestion system based on what other people are using. If the trend is that people are finding X to be a solid Pokemon in the current metagame, you can see that in its status as OU. If people are gravitating away from Y, maybe there's a good reason for that. It's not a definitive thing unless you're talking about Pokemon from a higher tier being used in a lower tier. But it's fairly reliable as to what works and what doesn't.
  9. Black Diaruga

    Black Diaruga Chahuistle

    I'm pretty sure it was a Deoxys-A. It can get OHKO'd by practically any attack even if it's not very effective because of it's horrible defenses.
  10. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    People don't use their favorites because they think they have feeling people use their favorites because they like that particular pokemon. Also if Pokemon was designed for the ultra-competetive metagame then it was designed poorly as evident by the large amount of pokemon that are fairly useless. The competetive metagame is poorly balanced as evident by the fact that teirs are so significant.
  11. Gen. Empoleon

    Gen. Empoleon Parasect-sect

    It wasn't designed poorly if it was made to be competitive (something Gamefreak never does, by the way). Who cares if a single pokemon renders Absol, Mawile and Venomoth useless? GO play UU or NU. Tiers exist in everything competitive, have you ever played smash and heard people talk about how Roy is just as good as Marth? That is what you guys are doing with pokemon.
  12. Unideal

    Unideal Why I don't survive

    I like certain Pokemon too. I also like winning. I keep things where they belong.

    It wasn't designed to be competitive so much that if you apply a few guidelines it turns out the game can be competitive. Please don't misinterpret.

    It'd take a far more brilliant mind to make a metagame in which everything is viably usable. I'm happy with what we've got currently. It means I have to prepare for fewer threats, at any rate.
  13. Umbreon-dana

    Umbreon-dana Phat Philanthropist

    Why does this forum hate everything, I wonder.

    As repeated thousands of times before, tiers are based on useage, if Pokemon X raises in useage, it goes to OU, if it lowers, it goes to UU, if it lowers further, it goes to NU.

    Nothing is stopping you from using the Pokemon you like. OU Pokemon are in there for a reason, people know they work, so they use them to win. If you like a UU/NU/BL Pokemon, good for you, if you can use that Pokemon in a higher tier efficiently, then that's great (Note the lack of sarcasm). If you can't use it efficiently, then throw it out and find something else. I went up 150 points on the Smogon Standard Ladder by using a gimmick Regigigas set. I like it, I used it efficiently, I won, end of story. On the other hand, I tried another Pokemon I liked, Mantine, and plummeted competitively. I liked it, I couldn't use it efficiently, I threw it out and added Regigigas.

    Winning is all that matters in competitive battling. You play to win, not for fun. If you can find a way to combine winning and fun, awesome, because you're more likely to win if you're doing something you enjoy.

    In fact, you don't even have to abide by the tiers, go off and make your own Shoddy Server, make your own tiers, hell, even add some Pokemon.

    In short, shut up, ignore it, and go do something else.

    Wee, first non Garchomp related rant.
  14. MustGetPlatinum

    MustGetPlatinum Well-Known Member

    People who use UU and NU probably don't care about tiers anyway, so it's not like anyone is stopping them. They'll get crushed, but they can still use whatever Pokemon they want.
  15. LadyCharizard

    LadyCharizard ~Rawr~

    Nuff said for me, really.

    I like using Charizard because he's my favourite; I don't care if he's been placed in UU or whatever tier Smogon put him in. I love him, and that's all there is to it; it's the same with all of the Pokémon I've raised thus far, even my Platinum Garchomp, Barlow (even though they call him uber) =3
  16. Shinygulpin288

    Shinygulpin288 Shiny Trader

    I agree with umbreon dana & I have my own point of view. Its all about strategy, a lvl 1 dodou take out most anything. Why? Strategy.
  17. Xanatos the Sage

    Xanatos the Sage New Member

    I unfortunately still dunno what poke'mon are in which teirs, * been playing since Red Blue*. Me and my friends play with two questions before each game "how many uber legends?" and "how many nonuber legends". My GF uses her toxicroak, I even use my Pidgeot on occasion.
    It's all for fun.
  18. Dattebayo

    Dattebayo Banned

    People hate the tier list because their favorite pre-evolved pokemon are placed in either the UU section or NU section and they're forced to evolve their favorites to win in competitions whether they like it or not. I was forced to evolve my Pikachu and Jigglypuff in my Platinum team even though I don't want to do it because of there brilliant performances in the Smash Bros. games. I also refuse to evolve to my Piplup because its performance in the anime.
  19. ◘Ins0mnIac◘

    ◘Ins0mnIac◘ Supreme Overlord

    I think that tiers can be useful, but it's irritating when people follow it like some Poke-bible. It keeps battles more fair, but if you only use UU or NU Pokes it's irritating to me and if you only use OU it's more irritating.

    Personal thoughts of course.
  20. BunnieRabbot91

    BunnieRabbot91 Live Without Warning

    I don't like the tier listings mainly because I find them pointless why should they be put into categories when they all have weaknesses (besides Spiritomb and Sableye) and they can all be beaten regardless if they are NU or OU or whatever.

    It's also getting a tad annoying when people take the lists too seriously. I just miss the days before all this competitive battling stuff happened. When you could use a Pokemon without being labeled as "Uber n00b" or "OU Spammer" for using the Pokemon you wanted.

    Also, I don't understand why some Pokemon are placed into a specific tier, Garchomp and Manaphy uber? :S
    Last edited: May 24, 2009

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