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why this isn't a reboot

Do you think Pokemon Best Wishes is a reboot?

  • yes

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • no

    Votes: 39 83.0%

  • Total voters
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He already knows Professor Oak (who appeared in episode 1 of best wishes), meaning he has been through the kanto region. If it was a reboot they could have just had him start in Isshu with a new pokemon.
He knew professor Oak before the show began. SotU proves this.


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I know it was said a couple of pages back but it annoys me so much I have to correct it (I won't quote though), but basically the jist of it was that the people who were saying it wasn't a reboot hadn't proved that it wasn't and therefore they were wrong.


The burden of proof is on the person/people making the positive claim (in this case: That BW is a reboot). It is, of course, impossible to do so, without redefining the term and thus case closed. Right? *headnod*
It's basically the difference between "guilty" and "not guilty" on a jury - you're not making a claim of innocence when you vote not guilty, you're just saying there's not enough evidence to justify voting guilty (by any of the arbitrary percentages or levels of doubt assigned to these things). If you want to make the claim that the person is innocent, however, that is a different claim to "not guilty" and that one you do need to prove.


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Yeah, they did. Might was just upset that all of his/her arguments were being roundly and completely destroyed and ran to tell mommy (figuratively speaking, anyway).

The mods actually showed up to stop the arguing on the thread that was getting out of hand due to Might's refusal to acknowledge defeat and stop posting. In fairness, some of the posts of the people arguing with him/her were starting to get snippy, but I think that was understandable given the circumstances. Still not allowed on this board, however.

Seriously, if BCVM22 actually got an infraction I'll be shocked. If anything Might was the one who deserved one, not him/her.


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...Why is it that people (might) think BW is a reboot. It's not a reboot because it features Ash, Team Rocket, Oak and Delia, and elements fromt he past sagas. Plus, it's still obvious and clear that Ash has been to all those past regions.

If this was a reboot, we wouldn't have any characters from Kanto-Sinnoh, and it would've started over witht he boy and girl from Black and White. But, it didn't, so Best Wishes is NOT a reboot.

I swear, people need to learn what the word 'reboot' actually means...


Has there even been any compelling arguments towards this being a reboot? Besides the "NO YOU'RE WRONG IT'S A REBOOT STOP BEING CHILDISH" crap that has plagued the past eight pages.
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