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Why You Still Watch Pokemon Today


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I love the characters, the storylines, the battles.

I love the Pokemon, the movies are awesome, the plots are fantastic.

Pokemon takes you to a place of imagination.

It makes you root for and fall in love with characters you wish you could be.

It's what you look forward to see and escape to.

It's that innocence, and nostalgia that you never want to leave your heart.

That's why I watch it.

Why do you?


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I watch it just because it makes me happy, and the thought of not watching it makes me sad lol. I'm sure its a combination of game characters, TR's comedy, the pokemon, Contests, Leauges/Gyms, etc.


I don't watch it as much as i used to but when it's Paul battles, Gym leaders or elite 4 members then i am glued to my t.v. I think the reason i tune in to it once awhile is because i grew up with pokemon but now that i have different tastes i'm moving away from it but i still come back ocassionally to see what drives the fandom wild.


Hugging 'til the end
Because it is a nice way to spend my free time (when I don't want to go out). It still makes me laugh -a lot- and I really like to watch it, speculate about it and all those things... simple but fun.

Pokémon gives me a nice chance to let my imagination run free, thinking about what, how and why things go around. I guess Pokémon is one of those series that has lots of potential and that keeps me watching it, just to see where are the characters going.


1)Force of habit. I still like Pokemon in general, and watching the anime is okay I guess.
2)The show's only gotten better since I first watched it. Sure, it went through growing pains in Johto, but beyond that? It has actual storylines and character development now! And the Pokemon have real personalities! And if DP's any indication, the writers are starting to get a basic idea of how to do an evil team arc properly(although they still have a LONG way to go).
3)I thoroughly enjoy mocking a children's cartoon in my bulletpoint summaries of the Japanese episodes.


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1) The creatures look cool and fascinating as well as their moves and stuff
2) The world is big and diverse and there are many different kinds of people, not just trainers as implied in the original games
3) The BGM is great listening as well as the theme tunes
4) It sends out some great messages about love and friendship
5) Its soap-opera-esque format. The way each episode follows on from the last and like soaps, it has its twists and turns
6) It's an interesting fantasy world what brings out a lot of possibilities as well as lots of new places in fan fiction, etc.


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I love pokemon in general. Some episodes may be boring, but I continue to watch pokemon. It's starting to get more interesting now.


Son of a Beach
I have quite a few reasons that I still watch.

1. Team Rocket. Those guys just never get old! Between the motto, the jokes, the slapstick, and getting blasted off over and over by Thunderbolt, I just can't quit watching those poor idiots. Twerps!

2. Ash's Chimchar/Monferno/Infernape. Ash catching Paul's Chimchar was the best plot ever!

3. Battles. The action never gets dull, and the battles are always great!

4. Tradition. It's pretty much a Saturday morning tradition for me, and sometimes my dad, to get up and watch.


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Ash is a cool character, I stick with him all the way. Its also funny too, Team Rocket and Ash interactions is always fun. And now, Ash and Paul rivalry is another reason I stick around. I also like Barry and his rivalry with Ash.


gone gently
I like Pokemon. Seeing the critters I train and become attached to in my games have lives and personalities and movements and motivations and all that is pretty fun and interesting. Also, I enjoy Ash and friends and want to see what's happening in their story.


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Simply cos I was raised by Animes, just wished i hadn't kinda skipped the Johto region
because it's still enjoyable overall, for the most part. i like the characters who are introduced every season.

and just ..because i've watched it since i was a little girl, so it's like amazing that something stuck that long around.

i have nothing better to do.! D:!


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I still watch it because:
Its my favorite Anime!
It is very fun to watch!
I like the story!
I love everything about Pokemon so of course I will watch it
The Characters are great
I like watching the Pokemon in action (Especially my favorites!)
I like the battles, they are very cool to me.
It gets better and better to me as time goes on!
I am also addicted to it XD
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Well, the Anime brought me to the Pokemon series and I guess I can't stop watching.
I did actually leave Pokemon, mainly because they didn't show it on the TV anymore.
Then I got back, and watched Hoenn and Sinnoh.

I have mixed feelings about the characters. More negative to the new characters, and the old are much much better. The storyline is pretty much the same. I would wish it was darker, and less childish. You have a good potencial evil villain plot, but I feel it can bring more. Lot of wasted potencial.

Trainer Yusuf

Because I'm one of those dumb people who was brainwashed by Pokémon francise in their early childhood days.


Because i enjoy it? And i'm a Pokéfreak?

I don't watch it much anymore though for the simple reason that it's not on. I don't get many channels :/ I watch it on Youtube though.


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I'm not sure.Part of it is the nostalgia and intrest in it,another part is wanting to see how it continues