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Wi-fi qustions

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Thunda Night

Manaphy Egg owner
A DS, and I think a wireless modem. Not too sure.


Resident Techy
Yeah, you'll have to get online if you're gonna stay a mile apart. So, either some form of wireless Internet access in each of your houses, or possibly a bicycle.


go with the bicycle. LOL!!

anyway.... you need a Wireless router that's already connected in your home, a wireless internet connection, the friend code of your friend.

if you dont have a wireless router, try buying the Nintendo USB Flash Adaptor.

Have fun in trading!!


1-2 Ds and Diamond Or Pearl
2-Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector ( Connected To 2 Computers )
3-High Speed Internet ( DSL-Modem )

That's All xD


Well-Known Member
I have a qustion, me and my friend live about a mile and a half away from each other, what do we need to trade and stuff?
legs ;)

ok now for my old man rant lol "when i was these kids age i had to walk 7miles to the local library, up and down hills through inclement weather and that was just one way!!"


Resident Techy
Yeah, or you could just do it the way we did it back in the day: trade and battle at recess. ^_^ How good of a friend is this that you're trying to keep him at a distance like this?
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