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Wi-Fi team (Battle tower)


Keep in mind that this is not for Pokemon Center Basement Friendcode wifi battles but for the Battle tower's wifi room. And while I haven't used them yet the team is already trained and pretty much ready for battle so don't suggest nature changes

;103; Coco the Exeggutor
Brave nature
Shell Bell held
Moveset is Wood Hammer, Leaf Storm, Psychic, Trick Room
Role is Trick Room supporter and all-around attacker

;181; Ross the Ampharos
Relaxed nature
Choice Specs held
Moveset is Thunderbolt, Shock Wave, Signal Beam, Focus Blast
Purpose is Trick Room boosted special sweeper

;105; Q*Bert the Marowak
Brave nature
Thick Club held
Moveset is Double Edge, Brick Break, Bonemerang, Endeavor
Purpose is Trick Room boosted physical sweeper

What do you think?

E4 Edo

Well-Known Member
Id change wood hammer for solar beam and trick room for sunny day


Id change wood hammer for solar beam and trick room for sunny day
O_O the removal of trick room would unravel the very fabric of my team's strategy making Ross and Q*Bert worthless. and not having would hammer would waste the attack boost from the brave nature. so how about NO!


heh! I came up with a good idea and I didn't even need you people to suggest it! I'm giving Coco a Focus sash so it can't be 1KO'd by Charizard before it has a chance to lay down a Trick Room. First order of business, getting enough BP to actually get a focus sash...

Frost Nova

The predator awaits.
Wood Hammer and Leaf Storm on the same moveset is just plain redundant and provides piss poor coverage. Grass + Psychic doesn't hit steels at all, remove one of them and use Sleep Powder instead. At least you can put something to sleep and it'll allow you to bring in something that can take out a Steel type.

And for that, use something like a Magnezone that can trap steels and kill them.

Swords Dance / Earthquake / Rock Slide / Fire Punch OR Double Edge is standard Marowak btw. Rock Slide lets you hit flyers who are otherwise immune to your STAB move. Unless you need to break enemy Substitutes Earthquake is in general a better option.


I don't really feel a need to imitate the "standard" Marowak moveset. Although I am thinking of replacing endeavor with Swords Dance OR Stone Edge. I considered Rock slide too, but with base 75 I expect perfect accuracy & I don't know where to get that TM anyway.

Annhialator Zero

Super-effective Brick Break = 150 power
STAB Earthquake = 150 power.

Redundant wut?

Endeavor is useless on something like Marowak, more coverage is better, Rock Slide definately needs to be used to give coverage.

The set is standard as Marowak has no other options that work well, those are pretty much it's only five usable moves, yeah they work well, but other options will generally fail.

Shock Wave and Thunderbolt on the same set is again redundant, like Frost said a Magnezone would be a better option.

Good set is T-bolt / HP [Ice/Grass] or Flash Cannon / Substitute / Explosion or Flash Cannon