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Wifi Battle video logs

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Klaus™, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    I decided to make this after a while, to be modeled after BH's PO log replay thread. some people cant use PO, whether due to parent issues, or computer issues, and instead do wifi. i am one of those. just as much fun and excitement on wifi as PO, if not more, as ive heard of and experienced more hax on PO than wifi *cough* Psilo *cough*. please, share the codes of your battles, so we may all enjoy them. preferably real, competitive battles, not using only your favorites *cough* gen-unners *cough*. try to include a reason why its so good, and if you hve any questions as to how to get the codes or how to view, vm me and ill answer them.

    ill start off with an amazing battle between me and Psilo, a good friend of mine who i rarely beat. a little hax on my side, but hey, cant complain. gliscor sweep baby! the code is: 10-80687-07699

    alright. use this site if you positively absolutely cannot use your ds wifi: http://vsplayer.pokecheck.org/

    just put the battle code in the box and look at the magic.
  2. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    aw cmon. post your videos guys. you wifi users should be all on this.

    another one, i manage to avoid a gyara sweep.

  3. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Here was an OU team I battled earlier in the said past


    Single Weather battle. Managed to avoid a Stone Edge from Mienshao despite being T-waved. Hydro Pump missed twice however but still got through.
  4. AwesomeReshiram93

    AwesomeReshiram93 THE MANNIS ARISES

    A Random Matchup battle with my OU team. I barely managed to win this one if it hadn't been for my Hippowdon.
    26-39850-85713 (Its pretty long)
  5. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned


    durant kick ***** ^_^
  6. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Nice to see a Durant lover:)


    Easy prediction with Banded Haxorus with a flinch on the FEAR!
  7. Klaus™

    Klaus™ Banned

    told this was a really long battle. stall war!


    glad to see some life into this thread :)
  8. Psilo

    Psilo FanaticalPokecultist

    The video above is down.

    But here's a pretty epic battle between the OP and I with randomly chosen teams.
    You don't see dusknoir sweep often :)


    EDIT: Just wanted to note that we both chose teams for this one completely blindly to make things more fun.
  9. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    A battle I had with he who posted above me. It was a good feeling that my first team I ever made could care this well against one of my clans best battlers, and once again, really good game dude.


    Might make this into a war story later to explain what was going through my head
  10. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    Here are the video's. Still kicking myself about the first one. Last two turns. Should have Bullet Punched to ruin Focus Sash and SuperPower would have Koed. GG anyways.

    Battle 1
    Fail. Could have won.

    Second Battle.
    Dusklops screwed him. Two important Koes before it went down. Glad I used it over Jelicent

    Battle 3
    Defensive Scrafty took quite a few beatings and took out a bunch of pokemon. But Offensive Ferrothorn won it in the end.

    GG Shadow. Excellent battles.

    Just reposting my Clan War battles. Will start to post my other videos here too. Glad you made this Klaus.
  11. Psilo

    Psilo FanaticalPokecultist

    This thread doesn't get enough activity.

    Durant doing more work:
    56-38289-57791 (who said it couldn't take down Palkia?)

    Porygon-2 Walling a whole team:

    A bit of trolling with Gengar

    And one more battle with the same team just for good measure
  12. Dragalge

    Dragalge This is more than 20 characters long

    Here is a glitch I discovered


    Guess they should ban Smeargle cuz of this
    @Psilo, its not that Wifi matches are bad if is that what you mean if not sorry , IMO people like to use PO more. But hey, Durant as my fav is great in Uber XD great users of him you guys.
  13. Psilo

    Psilo FanaticalPokecultist

    Not what I meant at all. I use both :D I just meant I know of plenty of wifi users who haven't contributed to this thread.

    But yeah, Durant is great. I just recently discovered his sheer power and have used him frequently, as you can see in the above videos (and the one dark lord posted a few posts up).
    That was an interesting glitch :eek:

    Pretty fun battle from earlier:
  14. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    A battle I had with the op, I decided to play it safe instead of out predicting him for once. It payed off when he got a max followed by min damage roll that changed the game entirely


    He completely outplayed me early game, but I think he got over confident and my Ttar pulled me ahead. Gg dude, I was thinking I lost that one
  15. Psilo

    Psilo FanaticalPokecultist

    Thank god for making good predictions. I'd have been demolished if I hadn't made the plays I did first few turns.
  16. NoteLobo

    NoteLobo Banned

    26-72323-57128 battle between me and Firemaster. First one with my new team. 3-0ed him.
  17. Dragonicwari

    Dragonicwari Artistically angry

    A close match with the op. infernape showed blaziken who's boss (ironically I like blaziken more). Second match in a row he used an uber/ something that will soon be über against me.

  18. Gyarados Fan

    Gyarados Fan Well-Known Member

    Real wifi is WAY more fun then stupid simulators.
  19. Psilo

    Psilo FanaticalPokecultist

    OP might like this Golurk sweep.

  20. Deruk

    Deruk Member

    This is probably one of the fewest long games I've played. I made a lot of mistakes but then again I am new to battling.

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