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Do you even need a Wi-Fi Router?
Before you spend $50 on a Wi-Fi router, there is something to consider: do you even need one? If your entire network is running on wires, and it works fine, then you don't need a Wi-Fi router. If all your computers though are in one spot, and you really wish to migrate, you may consider Wi-Fi. But remember, if you buy a Wi-Fi router, you better milk it's money's worth. Buying a $50 for a router to accompany your DS is like buying a $50 accessory for it. Also if there's only like one computer that will use the Wi-Fi access, it's not worth it either. For video game consoles, notably Nintendo's, you're better off buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter or just hooking it up to your network via wire.

Also note that if you plan on upgrading to Wi-Fi, remember that ALL DESKTOPS NEED AN UPGRADE AS WELL. Most desktops don't come with integrated Wi-Fi receivers, and receivers are just about as expensive as the routers themselves.

What do I need to get online?
1. A compatible Wi-Fi router (or access point adapter).
2. Broadband internet (basically DSL or cable)
3. Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, or Mac OS X in order to use Wi-Fi without third party software.

How can I even access Wi-Fi?
There are two things to understand. With Wi-Fi there are two kinds of equipment, a receiver, and a access point. An access point is where you connect your Wi-Fi enabled equipment to, which those are called receivers. Sometimes equipment can be both receivers and access points, under what is called ad-hoc network (this is how the PSP and DS communicate with each other). When you're shopping for Wi-Fi equipment, make sure you're getting an access point creator (which is a router) or something that can create an ad-hoc network. However, the trouble with ad-hoc networking is that you may have to be in close proximity.

How to access Nintendo Wi-Fi or some other network
For every Wi-Fi enabled system, you can use an approved Wi-Fi enabled router. Most modern models will do, namely from Netgear or Linksys. Those that don't have built-in Wi-Fi will either have a first party attachment (such as for the Xbox 360), or a third party attachment (for older consoles). Nintendo specifically has a USB adapter that acts like an access point for just the Wii and DS.

Remember to follow all instructions when installing equipment. Also all systems of the current generation use both 802.11b and 802.11g.

Using Wi-Fi access points in "free" access places.
The only place with true "free" Wi-Fi access is any public place, that is if it's government owned. However, some of the government owned places also have requirements. For example: to use it when in the library, you might have to have a card. To use the wi-fi at a school, you must be enrolled in it.

Using Wi-Fi at a commercial establishment like StarBucks or McDonald's is only allowed when you've purchased something. Depending on the establishment, you'll get away half the time, but you can be pressed charges on the account of resource theft, which is pretty much the same as any sort of theft.

Maximum Range of Wi-Fi
The maximum range of Wi-Fi is typically 250 feet in an open space. The optimal range is 100 feet in an open space. When you're looking at a closed space like your home, those figures drop to about 125 feet maximum and 50 feet optimal.

Maximum range means how much you can get one bar. Optimal is typically around three bars. You need to be within 20 feet of the access point to have full bars.

Settings to keep things simple.
This is from my NETGEAR router, so settings may vary.

Does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) require a login? Should be set to "No" unless you really need to log in. I believe by setting this to "Yes" and filling out the required information will allow your router to automatically log on to the internet. If you don't set this up, there's a good chance your DS will not connect.
Account and Domain name: Only applicable if you connect to a server based network (that is, you work in the professional setting). So leave it alone
Internet IP address: Set it to "Automatically Obtain IP Address", or in the case with NETGEAR, "Get Dynamically from ISP"
Domain Server Name (DSN) Address: Set it to Automatically obtain, or "Get automatically from ISP"
Router MAC address: Set this to Default or Get Automatically.

SSID: This is the name of your network. By default it's usually the router's model name (so change it to something you'll know).
Region: This is locked for me. Otherwise, set it to the appropriate region you live in.
Channel: Leave this alone. If you are noticing connection conflicts (such as another router is within your area), changing this may help.
Mode: Leave this on Auto.
Security Options: After a little investigation, I realized that WEP is weaker than WPA. Your best bet is to use WPA+WPA2. Either one works though. However considering the DS asks for a WEP key, you might have to set this to WEP.
Passphrase (WEP): For WEP you need to set two things. First is the strength. For maximum strength, use 128-bit encryption on an automatic type. Second is the passprhase. Just type up something you can remember. This acts as a primary password which generates a set of keys. The next thing you have to do set which key you want to use. The key is what's you need to write down.
Passphrase (WPA): WPA is easier, you just enter a passphrase you can remember.

When you set up your DS for the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, make sure all the options in it matches what you set in the router.
Finding your WPA or WEP key
Some notes:
1. I'm going to assume that either you're the network manager, or nobody gives a penny about who manages the network.
2. If there is a network manager and you're not it, then ask that person first.

So how to find your WPA or WEP key:
If you are using a recent Netgear Model, going www.routerlogin.com will get you into the firmware, otherwise use this:

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Internet and Network Connections -> Network Connections.
2. Double click on the "Wireless Network Connection".
3. Click on the "Support Tab", and note what your Default Gateway address is (it should start with 192.168.1)
4. Type the address up into an internet browser.
5. On the login prompt, use username admin and password password. This is the default setting. If this was changed at any point, ask your network manager for login information.
6. Find your router's wireless settings. The WPA or WEP key should be in there. If not, look for wireless security options.
7. If there are multiple keys, use the one that's selected.


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How does WI-FI connect to the computer (don't have it yet but for the future...)


swift and lol
What kind of WiFi thing are you using? If you are using the Nintendo WiFi USB router, plug it in your USB port and the disc that comes with it.


I'm back!
Right, I have WiFi, but it won't work on my DS, I check the router thing and it was acessable. Do you know why?


swift and lol
If you are using it for D/P/Pt then you must set it up at the game menu. (Where New Game/Continue and Option is located)


When I test the connection on my DS, it's fine but sometimes the connection on wi-fi is all over the place. I got loads of various error codes and even when I do get on or try to interact, I get disconnected, so it's just one big circle.

Do I need a WEP key, because I haven't got on registed on my ds. I have the rest of them though, WEP is just blank?

The most common errors I get are, but not limited too: 53100, 81010 and 61010. I don't have a wifi usb, I just have a broadband connection and router. I guess mine just has a mind of it's own, trading normally is hard but GTS seems to be fine with me.
Last edited:
I just got wifi on Friday, and I've been trying to have battles with my friends ever since I got it. I set up a network, the DS connected successfully, and I thought I was good to go. It seems like GTS is working fine, but when I go to the Wifi Club in the basements of Pokemon Centers, I connect for about two minutes. After that it always says, "Connection error. You have been disconnected from Ninentendo Wifi Connection."
Then it has error code 84020. This only happens in the Wifi Club, what should I do?

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I have an interesting problem to say the least.

Last year I upgraded my internet from a 56k to a broadband internet connection. Well I got a Wii and wanted to hook it up as well. So I made a list of everything I needed and went shopping. I got a wireless router and a couple adapters. I hooked everything up and the network worked great. Both my computers could get online, my Wii and Ds were online, even when my brother came over with his laptop, the network worked great.

Then something happened. Needless to say if i knew, I'd say it. When my primary computer is hooked up to the internet without the router, the internet works great on the primary computer. But now when I hook up the router, the internet works for everything around the house except the computer its attached to.

It just bugs me that I have a network everywhere in my house except for the primary computer.


Hunter HAXZD
I keep getting Error code:52130 on my wii wifi
I have been trying to get this to work for months now
I am pretty sure my wpa key is correct
And when I searched the error code on google it told me I should change the signal on my router to either 1 or 11
When I tried doing that It just changed it right back!
Some1 please help.


i have a uestion,
my wi-fi USB connector doesn't work on my computer and i do not have
a accesable router that i want to risk as an unprotected spot but i need a accespoint to switch online at, i do have a Wii which is connected to the internet throughout a USB lan connector so i was wondering if there is a possibility to connect my DS to the Wii.

i am new with the Wii so i don't know the ins & outs of it yet.


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The Wii cannot be used with the DS for anything besides connectivity in games designed to utilize it. The answer is a concrete no.


Ice cold...
Whenever I try to install the Wifi USB connector on my computer an error pops up saying "Please connect the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector to your computers USB port."
Even though it is already there. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to fix it?

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Okay I need help with my wifi: Here's the story

A couple of days ago an OP (From the chat) told me of a Windows Vista verison of the Wifi which I can download so I did and everything worked out fine. I was able to battle and trade again like normal.

Then today (Didn't play it a bit after that) when I was about to get a Shaymin the wifi stops working. I went to connect and at first the green icon that shows the connection shows up for a few moments like it's about to work but suddenly goes back to red so I get a message that says Unable to connect to the Wifi.

So I went to test the connectivity in the Wifi settings and the same thing happens with that icon. And this time I got this code error 52103.

What is going on?


The Wii cannot be used with the DS for anything besides connectivity in games designed to utilize it. The answer is a concrete no.
crap, i think my hopes will rest on the upcoming DSi then, if that one will have more capabilities with online i might be able to trade & battle on the site again.

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Is it possible to get a virus on your computer from another wifi user?
Yes, but Not many Viruses will be send via a Local Wifi network as the impact rate is very low.

Since you're usually connected to the net when in a Wifi network, you'll often find Viruses via the net. (I've been done several times that way, But my Anti-Virus Scanner (which us almost always kept up to date) picks them up.)


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ok i have been playing diamond online and now my ds will not connect to my internet what could the problem be


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Im trying to get my DS online to trade pokemon over the net.
However, my router has a WPA key which is non-compatible with the DS.
My dad is refusing to take it off or change it.
Is there any other way to get online without the USB thingie for your PC?
Also if you do use the USB dongle i take it my PC has to be on for it to work?
and i already have a dongle just not a DS WIFI specific one, will it work?


Nutter t.KK

can Mega Evolve!

Im trying to get my DS online to trade pokemon over the net.
However, my router has a WPA key which is non-compatible with the DS.
My dad is refusing to take it off or change it.
Is there any other way to get online without the USB thingie for your PC?
Also if you do use the USB dongle i take it my PC has to be on for it to work?
and i already have a dongle just not a DS WIFI specific one, will it work?

Getting online, there are several ways. There is always wired internet connection, this requires a commonly used cable in your PC.

I've used internet hardware with USB sockets, one ethernet port, and Many ethernet ports. Almost every Pc has both at least one USB socket and one ethernet port. Laptops usually have a Modem.

Every "net-dongle" needs power from the PC/laptop that is on. You can't use the dongle with out it on.

It depends on the USB dongle, but you can't connect to both the net and the DS with the same dongle. You can Bridge the Wired connection and dongle, if it works.

This can be tricky to do. I really suggest Looking up Network Bridge for your computer operating system. I haven't got enough info to give you a step by step guide.

Me? I'd plug in my old internet router in my net box.