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Wifi team

Roy 747

Here is my Wifi Team

Timid- 253spd/253hp/4def
- Baton Pass
- Swords Dance
- subsitute
- double team

Azelf@Focus Sash
mild - 252spatk/252spd/6hp
- nasty plot
- flamethrower
- energy ball
- psychic

Garchomp@life orb
-brick break
- stone edge
- earthquake
- dragon claw

- thunder wave
- seismic toss
- stealth rock
- softboiled

adamant-252hp/100atk/158 def
- stoneedge
- megahorn
- earthquake
- avalanche

I don't know who else to use?
any suggestions plz would help alot


Toon link
Replace Double team on Ninjask for protect or a attcking move.