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Wild World Online Request

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Zora, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. Zora

    Zora now where did metal slime go?

    Animal Crossing Wild World Online Request

    Okay, as you have probably noticed, items are much more strict to there group then the orginal, and not many people know others offline with ACWW. I thought that it might be easier if we had a request thread. For some AC manics, this will be similiar to the "trading posts" but instead, you will traval to your town, all so with more items (friuts and turnips, money, more). So basiccally you give a wishlist, then if someone has it, then you ask for trade, and then ask for an item. Of course money is always a great and common trade item. So anyways, lets get started on those "wishlists"
    My request
    Link; Hyrule:
    Golden Net (Cheated or not) 1000k

    Tip: Remember, you can request for an item just to be added to your catalouge, not actually buy it from an member.

    Notice 1
    No more posting if gates are open and friend codes and whatnot. It is annoying me.
    (You may post it as a reminder if you posted a sell/buy)
    Friend Finder
    Status Thread

    (The numbers on the right are the day they were given to me, remember you have to wait a week to have a new shop-post. The edit button may be nice)
    2/25 ۞7HR45HM31573R۞'s Shop
    6/19 Zora's Shop
    6/19 Pikahound's Shop
    1.) No bashing
    2.) No lying
    3.) No posts containing if gates are open or your friend code purely
    4.) Follow Normal Rules (this includes the Wi-Fi forums unique rules)
    5.) Listen to Mods if they interveen.
    6.) No Argueing.
    8.) New rules will be added.

    There will be no punishiment, but please follow them. Bolden was the biggest one.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2006
  2. Hoshi no Kabii

    Hoshi no Kabii Well-Known Member

    Great idea for a thread. Im currently looking for a Royal throne.
  3. TPMX

    TPMX Beans backing up...

    Why not include what we're giving away?

    For Sale/Trade: Flying Saucer
    Sold: Nada.
    Wish List: Metriod

    Nothing much else.
  4. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    for sale: robo tv, golden shovel, and snowman clock.

    wishlist: more mario coins!
  5. Tazzler

    Tazzler Well-Known Member

    Wish list
    ~Modern Cabinet
    ~Modern End Table
    ~Modern Wardrobe
  6. Octillery

    Octillery You're cool.

    I want the fridge where you open it and it says you found 10 rupees o_O
  7. William12123

    William12123 The First Poke-Civer

    Whats this Link; Hyrule thing you want Zora; to my knoledge you can only get master sword ( spotlight item) and triforce ( redds tent, 30000 bells)

    Sadly, i want both and have neither. Also have 1 500 000 to spend on rare items ( metroid, arwing, town hall model, museum model, billiards table ) and almost anything cabin or regal.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2006
  8. Polaros

    Polaros Jade Star Trainer

    For Sale/ To Offer: Bells, Fossils, Flying Saucer, Triforce, Various Wallpapers/ Flooring, Ranch Hutch, White Katana

    Modern Desk
    Modern End Table
    Anything Regal
    Super Mario Series Anything
    Ancient Tile/ Wall
    Trpical Vista/ Floor
    Ivory Piano

    Lovely Phone
    Lovely Kitchen
    Lovely Armoire
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2006
  9. William12123

    William12123 The First Poke-Civer

    [Polaros! You got the triforce! Man, as soon as i get my wifi connector, im paying you a visit! I'm ready to pay 50 000 bells for the triforce! But you cant exactly sell bells...

    Last edited: Jan 19, 2006
  10. Asrialys

    Asrialys Well-Known Member

    I think he means that's what he's offering instead of items. I think...
  11. Little_Pikachu

    Little_Pikachu With Action Amusing!

    A few of you seem to be collecting modern furniture, me too :} I have a modern end table, but obviously since I'm collecting modern too it's not for sale. I will order some in through the catalouge if anyone's interested though (Nooks is closed for upgrading today, so it'll be a couple of days before I can get them to you though).

    If anyone wants to help me out, I'm obviously looking for modern furniture except the bed and end table which I have, and Robin has been bugging me for the longest time for a 'Latin Uniform' so if anyone sees one of those in their shop or can order me one, please drop me a line :)
  12. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    What about rugs and wallpaper? I think I have some of those, too. -_-;
  13. Hoshi no Kabii

    Hoshi no Kabii Well-Known Member

    I have the Latin Uniform. Ill trade it to you or sell for somethin little. I have 2 of them.
  14. Zora

    Zora now where did metal slime go?

    I have Modern Carpet and Wallpaper off my head
  15. William12123

    William12123 The First Poke-Civer

    Anybody have any cool armor suits? I only have roman helmet and gold armor
  16. Asrialys

    Asrialys Well-Known Member

    I have a Knight's Helmet.
  17. William12123

    William12123 The First Poke-Civer

    And I cant go and buy it from you...
  18. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    I want a ninja uniform, anyone have one? Will pay big bells. Thank you.
  19. Wert_the_Wolf

    Wert_the_Wolf I want your cheese..

    I have an Arwing, so i can just order one to sell if anyone is interested, just like...1000 bells higher than Nook, cause i gotta make a livin' don't I? ;)
  20. Alakazam

    Alakazam I like cheerios.

    I need anythig from the Robo set besides Robo bed, Robo tv, robo couch, robo wall and robo carpet.

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