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Will Ash have a ‘celebration’ party in Pallet Town?

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I'm doubtful tbh since it seems like there won't be much time left


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Remember the good ol’ days when Ash had a party in Pallet Town when he went top 16 in the Indigo League?

Whether Ash beats Leon or not, I have a feeling we’ll get a similar celebration with most of Ash’s companions and Delia, Misty & Serena will be planning it.
Sounds nice
I would invite the five poke girls to the party and also Brock, Cilan, Clemont and Bonnie


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That would be pretty fun, even moreso if all the champions are invited along with Ash's companions! And I do hope we get more interactions with his reserves, as well as Ash acknowledging them as the reason he's come so far along with his current team. I could wish for more but with all the missed opportunities we've had, I just hope we get the bare minimum lol.


Ash's friends and family throw him a party.
Ash is expected to attend, but then he suddenly receives a call from Prof. Cerise about a new discovery in a far away region.
Ash gets so excited that he decides to leave immediately. He forgets about the party.
The final episode ends with all his friends looking confused and wondering where he is.