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Will Brock ever come back?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by weeaboo, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    To be fair since there exist something as traveling doctors Brock could decide instead of opening daycare center to go on journey to learn more about pokemon and utilizing his knowledge outside by haling pokemon and learning from other famous doctors.

    Since we dont know yet what kind of path Brock will choose,in case of becoming traveling doctor having him travel in same region Ash headed to joining him on journey to learn more would make sense.

    However since writers already brought him back once when he mad break during OI just to replace him once again i highly doubt they will give his character yet another chance in this show.
    There are replaced characters who deserve to return more than he does getting a lot less,but if hypothetically speaking Brock again becomes main character i will be fine with it as long writers provide plausible reason doing something worthwhile out of it.
  2. MidnightMelody

    MidnightMelody Hopeful for Gen 8

    Lets say BW lasts 4 years by the time Ash is done with his Unova trip Brock might be a real doctor. Yes I know time does not past but they could make it but have the people not age. Like in Simpsons.
  3. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    As much of a great character Brock was/is, I just don't see it happening, the writers really have tried to reboot the series by taking away the majority of references this series.

    I'd say it's possible when Ash returns to kanto or future regions, but for the meantime no.

    I hope so though aha.
  4. Miar

    Miar I got one right!

    Not likely, unless we see him assisting one of the Joys at a random Pokémon Center.
    (or rather, needing the assistance himself from being overdosed with Poison Jab)
  5. Shooti

    Shooti Uber Trainer

    I think we've already seen Brock healing some random wild pokemon (baby kangaskhan, stantler, nuzleaf etc come to my mind) few times during his tenure on the show. Those few moments were enough for me considering the fact that the main theme of this show has nothing to do with this sort of pokemon healing. Having him at pokemon centres I think would provide better opportunities for Brock to pursue his goal of becoming a top pokemon doctor of the world. Pokemon centres are equipped with modern medical facilities, knowledgeable nurse Joys as well as some other doctors that we may see someday when Brock makes his cameo to show how he is doing as a doctor and they receive variety of medical cases ranging from mild to severe etc. I'm not saying he should stuck in a pokemon centre of some random city forever. He should travel alone or with his colleagues to various PCs in order to gain more knowledge, handle various pokemon injury cases etc. All of these is obviously not possible if he does one more extended adventure with Ash. Nothing is stopping him from becoming a travelling doctor. But, to be honest IMO it's not possible for Brock to become one of the best pokemon doctors of the world this way by travelling with Ash. The kind of humour he brings to this show with all his flirting tricks also got stale for me in the beginning of Hoenn. To be honest I don't see any reason for Brock to join main cast for another adventure aside from nostalgic and character preference reasons. I think it's best to show Brock getting closer to his new goal off-screen like May, Dawn and Misty(sort of)
  6. Nightfall_

    Nightfall_ Gamer Extrodinare

    No. He's probably gonna make SOME minor apperences here and there but other then that...no. Even though it is not impossible- He could come back, though It isent very likely.

    Besides, I like Cilan better. And so do most people, but I really won't care if he does or dosent come back.
  7. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Going by this same can be said for Brock decision of staying with prof.Ivy to work toward his goal of becoming best breeder in Orange islands,deciding to join Ash again finding that he can learn more by traveling.

    True he can learn a lot by opening daycare center allowing to be supplied with required equipment and tools to perform his job as doctor successfully,but he can learn just as much if he becomes traveling doctor too with this way of living having its advantages over staying at one place.
    By traveling he can explore new regions and pokemon learning more about them and their characteristics,he can travel to different regions to meet other more experienced doctors from who he can learn more,he can apply his skills and knowledge by helping to cure and take car of injured wild or trainer pokemon etc.

    Speaking of purpose behind Brock return to main cast would be in reality same like its case with any new character which join Ash on journey.To contribute to groups dynamic and chemistry and to have him develop more as character on screen.

    Not saying how Brock will return because that ship has probably sailed away,but to be perfectly honest artificial reasons like "he wouldnt have purpose","his character is done"etc certainly wouldnt stop him from coming back if writers decided to do so.
    Since his newly found carer of being doctor is unexplored territory provides material to work upon and do something out of it giving room to Brock character to be fleshed out more.

    Doing notable progress forward toward their dreams can be applied to May or Dawn but to Misty not at all.One of reasons why she left gym to travel in first place was to accomplish her goal of becoming water master which cannot be achieved at gym with only reason why she went back to it at end of Johto being out of obligation.

    Her goal as it was showed in original series is similar to Ash quest requiring to travel and learn things being possible to advance this goal in that way much more than you can by staying at at gym which doesnt have much to do with it.

    Judging by Whirl Cup which Misty entered in Johto it was also showed how there exist tasks through which someone can advance this dream with entering certain water competitions being needed to gain title of water master and be recognized as best water trainer out there.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2011
  8. POKEMONISDUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!

    POKEMONISDUMB!!!!!!!!!!!! Well-Known Member

    I hope he doesn't. I hate Brock. The only person that I want to return is Tracey.

    If Brock does return, it will be a cameo appearance. And I hope this never happens. Brock does not deserve anymore screen time, he has had enough.
  9. CupidKirby

    CupidKirby Well-Known Member


    You know how picky the writers are about that. People have been wanting Misty back for 8 years but it never happened.
  10. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Why are you talking about "people" as if its everyone? Plenty of people never had any interest in seeing Misty return and felt she was a done character.
  11. JennaJayfeather

    JennaJayfeather jflkdjkfgjafgaf

    o_O; Do you want them to pick out ACTUAL users? "People" just applies to well...people. It's not like they said "everyone".
  12. BlueVapor

    BlueVapor Well-Known Member

    People doesn't mean everyone, babe. But I'll assume you just said that so you could follow it up with the 'same old, same old' fact that you don't want Misty back, right ;)

    To contribute, and I'm pretty sure I've said this many times before, I'm sure Brock will come back, but probably not to the main cast. He might not appear in Unova, but what ever comes after, I wouldn't be surprised. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if Dawn, May and Misty appear as well...
  13. Shooti

    Shooti Uber Trainer

    There exist noticeable differences in Brock's current goal and his previous goal. I don't think pokemon centres would hold Brock back from travelling. If anything he can travel to other pokemon centres to learn new things, handle challenging cases, training purposes etc and even meet Ash and company at some random pokemon centre. Plus we don't know why exactly Brock left Professor Ivy. All I remember is Brock geeting curled up in depression everytime someone mentioned Ivy's name.

    I'm not against the travelling of Brock. He definately deserves to travel places, explore regions, meet the best doctors of the world etc but it's him travelling with Ash which I'm partially against at. He has already travelled 4 regions on-screen which IMO is more than enough. None of the main girls/rivals got that luxury. I just don't think both of his goals suit him to travel with Ash and gang. IMO the writers can't do much with Brock's goal and they have demonstrated that by neglecting Brock in Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh(compared to female companions of Ash in those regions).

    I think Brock has matured as much as he could have in the show. The only thing which remains is showing Brock being able to control his craziness on seeing pretty girls. Brock's character failed to contribute to group dynamics in sinnoh (IMO at least). Presence of Brock doesn't guarantee existence of better group dynamic and chemistry among group members IMO. It's not that I'm completely against the return of Brock to main cast. I just think that if anything characters like May, Dawn, Misty and Gary deserve a place in main group more than Brock. I wouldn't like either Cilan or Iris to be replaced any time soon at the cost of Brock either. Because those new characters deserve some love too. However, I'd like Brock to return as a travelling companion over the introduction of another brand new travelling companion.

    In episode called "School of hard knocks" it was shown that there exists an alternate path to enter in pokemon leagues without travelling places and collecting badges. The problem with Misty's goal is that it's probably the most vaguely defined goal anime-wise(out of all the goals of main characters of the show). We don't know what exactly a trainer has to accomplish in order to become an E4 member specialising in a particular type.

    It would be unfair to absolutely rule out existence of alternate ways(which we might not know as of now but could be revealed later in the show) to become a water pokemon master. Possibilities are many. Out of which I think it's possible that once Misty becomes strong and enhances her reputation to the best gym leader of kanto through some sort of rating system run by Pokemon league committee. She could get a call from Pokemon league to participate in a series of water related events on winning which(or coming close in doing so) she can pursue her goal of becoming an E4 member or water pokemon master. This of course is merely product of my imagination. Since Misty's goal is similar to Ash I do think that alternate ways exist for Misty to become water pokemon master which might involve less travelling. Through what path Misty wants to become a water pokemon master is another thing.

    Koga, who was shown to be an average gym leader of Kanto in anime was later revealed to have become an E4 member of Johto in Gold/silver/crystal. I don't think that how he achieved this was clearly stated in anime though. Well, Misty is gaining more experience as a battler by battling trainers who come to challenge Cerulean gym anyway. So yes I do think possibility might be there that Misty is getting closer to her goal by staying at Gym at slower rate however.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  14. pokemon fan 132

    pokemon fan 132 Well-Known Member

    Not everyone but huge portion of fanbase wants this to happen with demand still going big with number being counted in thousands judging by what you can find on youtube,various pokemon sits,petitions etc,etc.

    Also for record it was already established among older fandom whether they want or dont want that she returns how Misty as character wasnt fleshed out enough never receiving closure to story having many things unanswered and unexplored like goal to become water pokemon providing lot of unused material to follow up on it).,having untapped potential to do more with her pokemon team,to expand more on back story(like what happened with parents,from where fear from bugs originates etc),developing her more as trainer.

    At this point it depends on Brock whether he plans to open pokemon center or become traveling doctor but it cant be denied how some differences between breeder and doctor carer exist with both involving healing and taking care of pokemon keeping them in top form.

    About OI issue it was implied in episode "Tent Situation"if im not mistaken how reason why Brock left prof.Ivy is because she dumped him.
    Its of course only assumption being based on what it was said in that episode by other characters.

    Reason why writers didnt do more with Brock is because his goal of being breeder was rather passive not being connected with battling or entering competitions as well there not existing any benchmarks through which it could be showed visible progress kinda stopping whole thing in track.Competitions arent necessarily though they help,but when your not a battler either this really creates a problem to have someone become more actively involved.
    Even before female co-star got introduced to cast with Misty being around,Brock always received the least amount of screen time and passiveness of his goal was probably main reason behind that and why nothing changed.

    For what Brock goal was being mostly about taking care of pokemon,raising them to be in top shape,preparing food etc he got some pretty good screen time displaying his knowledge and skills as breeder quite a few times gaining some development,raising pokemon egg and taking care of couple of baby pokemon becoming recognized by others fir his knowledge in that area.
    However there is only so much you can do with goal which doesnt involve competing or battling.

    His new carer of becoming doctor at very least provides many alternative ways through which it can be advanced doing something worthwhile out of it so some good development could be done if he joined Ash again.

    As traveling doctor he would learn and improve just as much in company of his friends like he would if he traveled alone having in either way opportunity to explore new regions,pokemon and gain experience out of it.

    I still think writers could revamp Brocks character to make him more interesting by revealing more of his past,starting to focus on some of his interest,introduce missing links from past and issues which werent brought up before.Brock had potential as character and still has being possible to flesh him out more but unfortunately writers left it go to waste instead of utilizing his character properly.

    Talking about Iris and Cilan they will probably last for four years and be replaced like previous characters dud unfortunately,After that imo writers should stop with introduction of new characters reusing some of older ones developing them more instead of laving them rot in past with unresolved stories and being only halfway developed.

    Misty goal isnt so vague when you think about it,it involves becoming best or on of best water trainers in world which are basically E4 members with some being labeled as on type masters.
    Ash goal is probably even more vague since its unknown what else is required to accomplish except winning league and beating E4 and champion considering how even Cynthia and Lance arent pokemon masters.
    Becoming master of on type like E4 position showed is easier to accomplish than Ash quest of becoming best trainer in whole world mastering all types.

    Way in which it can be achieved may seem vague but whole thing got defined little more during Whirl islands introducing way through which someone can advance this quest.It was stated by prof.Elm during Whirl Cup in episode "Around the Whirlpool"with more details being given by water priestess Maya,how winning this tournament gives you title "Alpha Omega water types" by which water masters used to be called in past bringing you closer toward dream of becoming water master.With Whirl Cup writers showed how participating in water based events winning them,it needed in order to achieve Mistys goal.Events like Whirl Cup from Johto basically showed how there exist some special tasks which someone needs to enter to become master of water types(similar how coordinators needs to do contests or Ash gyms) .
    Reason why follow up didnt occurred braking new grounds with it was because Misty already left cast.

    Since other than Ash case of becoming pokemon master there have been no introduced alternative ways in becoming top pokemon coordinator, pokemon connoisseur or now in Iris case dragon master judging by what it was showed with Misty quest of becoming water master there most likely doesnt exist alternative way either.

    Otherwise we would heard about some "other ways already"for other careers.

    Problem with gym is that is Misty cant become water pokemon master in this way.I agree how at gym she can learn some new things and techniques but being gym leader can only get you so far,with trainer after that starting to stagnate not being able to learn more with his potential being hold back. Misty wanted to become best water trainer and strongest water trainers are probably E4 like Lorelai not being possible to become that strong at gym.

    Many of them as we get to see are at said position for their whole life basically(like Blaine,Wattson etc), after all this years of battling and training still not being even close to Frontier Brain or better yet elite trainers level.
    Reason is coming from lack of experience.
    Gym can only get you so far with key for further improvement lying in leaving it to learn new things and improve as trainer outside of it.
    Thing is that by traveling Misty could expand horizons being possible to meet stronger trainers,other water trainers which dont come to gym,learn new things about water pokemon much more by observing them in natural habitat than she could ever at gym as well entering tournaments to help her to improve skill.

    Many gym leaders which became something more left to travel to learn new things and improve because of gym not providing them with enough experience and knowledge.Like Wallace for example who left gym to travel and improve before becoming champion,contest master and one of best water trainers in world(see connection with Misty?).

    Also Whirl Cup proved in a way how there exist prestige competitions through which her goal can be advanced which wont com to her if she stays at gym requiring to travel to enter them and gain new knowledge.
    Writers introduced already way through which goal of water master can b advanced,only problem is thy never went beyond that.

    From what it was showed in original series Misty goal was showed to be similar to Ash requiring traveling,meet strong trainers and learn about pokemon in wild along with advancing it through tournaments/competitions.
    This was main reason why she left gym to travel in first place according to 7th episode with purpose being to advance her goal for which gym is nowhere near enough.Only reason she went back to it was because she was left without a choice.

    Because of above mentioned reasons and inability to become that strong rceiving said title gym doesnt have any connections to water master thing and in best case can only serve as "stepping stone"not being clearly enough.

    Speaking of Koga in anime we dont even know if he became E4,however since time skip of three years passing never happened in this show like it was case with games Koga is probably still gym leader.

    Also it was referenced in games how there years passed between leaving his position and becoming E4 probably going on training in meantime.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  15. CupidKirby

    CupidKirby Well-Known Member

    "We three, we the people, or my favorite of all: WEEEEEE!!!"

    Now I'm just trolling. Sorry about that.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2011
  16. BlazingCold

    BlazingCold Well-Known Member

    ^^ You should write fan fics lol

    Anyways, he probally won't come back. It's obvious that he collected a lot of pokemon, he has his gym to run, and he would like to finish off his goal as being a pokemon doctor. I loved Brock in the anime, but it doesn't fit. If he ever does come back, it will probably be a remake of Kanto or something. But they won't do that, they already aired that.
  17. MewTwoEx

    MewTwoEx Metagross Master

    Just doesn't feel the same without him :/
  18. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    Off topic: Pokemon Fan 132 sure loves to write, doesn't he/she?

    On topic: To answer the question, I really don't know what is going to happen. Things might completely go back to Ash being a high quality battler like he was in BF when BW ends. The writers have been are acting funny lately, so I don't know what to think.
  19. Brock is da best i am huge fan of him sooo much nd sum of ya tell "gud he's gone"??? wt da heck nw pokemon writers shud bring brock back in Unova or else i'll stop watchin it!!!!!!!!! seriously am vry angry on da organisation.nt only brock other companions hav also been removed!!!!!! cmon frndz letz cheer for BROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! brock v pray fr ya..!
  20. Demonsead

    Demonsead Hoenn Challenger

    Mentioning misty is the easiest way to get him to show up.

    I don't want Brock back unless he actually explains what Breeding is.
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