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Will Emerald become a "Player's Choice"?

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I overheard someone say that Emerald will become a "Player's Choice" and its cost will lower to $20. Is this true? It would be nice, as the game costs a bit to much. Could someone please answer this question.


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well I have no idea but according to this http://gameboy.about.com/b/a/007298.htm Fr and Lg became players choice so I see nothing wrong with Em becoming one too.
Thanks Xeres and ShinyManafi. If I'm not mistaken, Fr/Lg were released about a year befor emerald. That means that if Fr/Lg just got on Players Choice, then Emerald probably will take a year. Dang. Maybe, hopefully I'm wrong.
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i swear oonly gamecube games and ps2 games get players choice?


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One word: Sales.

Top groosing games of 2005:
1. Madden NFL 2006
3. Gran Turismo 4
4. Madden NFL 2006 (again!)
5. NCAA Football 2006
6. Star Wars: Battlefront II
7. MVP Baseball 2005
8. Star Wars ep. III
9. NBA Live 2006
10. Lego Star Crap


Wow. Emerald was the second biggest seller? I guess that means the question is no longer if, but when.

How did Madden get on the list twice?


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One for PS2, one for XBox.


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Well, I think it stands a good chance, as it is vital in many squads, due to the egg moves, so, it is often used. Also the BP moves. Emerald's a staple in for many people. And without it, you can complete the national pokedex.

It'll become 'plater's choice' soon

Even though I've never heard of 'Player's choice'


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and the box is green and shiny ;)
Ludicodaniel: Players choice is when nintendo games go down to twenty dollars after they are discontinued, they start making them again, usualy takes a year, and they get a little yellow thing around them that says Players choice...PS2, it is greatest hits, and Xbox would be platinum hits.


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OOOH, if it's a player's choice, I'm gonna buy three more!


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Wait, what? No GBA game was ever 50.00, the highest the new nintendo-made GBA games go is 30! the highest for the DS is 40 if nintendo-made or popular...
I live in up north and Pokemon games everywhere cost 50$ EB, Wal Mart, Zellers etc.
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