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Will Paul get his cameo in BW??

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GAry got his cameo in AG
Ritchie got his cameo(s) in Johto
I mean, this guy was the best rival a show can ever get (well, except for Kaiba from YGO). He did what Gary couldn't. And if this guy don't get a cameo, then its a SHAME


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Will Ash ever get laid? Will Dawn make her cameo, will Paul make is grand cameo? What about Barry? Oh and what about the almighty Brock? All questions that we cannot answer.


well, what do u think??

Paul Ketchum

If Dawn does then I think he will too since he was the only other new character that played a big role in DP.


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I'm sure Paul will some how, he was a popular character and was Ash's main rival of last series. It'd be just silly if he didn't come back for a cameo, I'm thinking Ash and Paul will cross paths in a tag team battle type.

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Why wouldn't they bring back the best rival ever?

I would love to see him and Dawn come back together, kill two birds with one stone and force a couple pearlshippers to commit suicide at the same time.


Why wouldn't they bring back the best rival ever?

I would love to see him and Dawn come back together, kill two birds with one stone and force a couple pearlshippers to commit suicide at the same time.


I loooovvveee the way you think


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Please don't start with the cameos again. As soon as someone is mention about an appearance, then a Misty thread is then being argued.


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Probably a short one or he could even only be mentioned in a flashback or something like that


I wasn't even there.
I believe so. We can only wait and see. Or, we can argue about a show :p


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It's hard to think of ways to bring Paul back though... anyone just showing up in Isshu would be weird because of the sheer distance they would have to travel. I do hope that we find out when he defeats Brandon.


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I honestly don't see why Paul has to return, I could see if he was a traveling companion of Ash's, but he was only a rival.

A cameo as in maybe watching Ash on TV, or Paul beating Brandon on TV, I can see. But, physically appearing, I don't think it'll happen.

And, I'm gonna say it. I believe past traveling companions should appear over rivals, like Brock, Dawn, and Misty. Heck, Max didn't even get a speaking role after leaving...
If Paul is in fact the one that released Ash's Pokabu (don't believe me? check out a video/picture of when Pokabu is tied up and you see its trainer walking off into the sunset. The pose and everything is very similar to paul) so if this is true than yes he will make a bigger cameo then some think...


No, unless they want to show what's happened in his battle with Brandon. If not, I guess we will never see him again.


Paul played a huge role in DP and was very popular. He was also on DP's promotional poster. Ofcourse he'll make a cameo.


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I really hope so. He was an awesome rival. But I don't think he will.
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