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Will there be a chance for a Chole and Ash shipping ?


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Ash would be a better fit for her than Goh would.


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Not a chance.

Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
If you want to ship it, go ahead. Nothing is stopping you. Don’t listen to what other people are saying. If you like these two characters together, there is nothing wrong with that.

Now, imo, I don’t see Ash and Koharu together. They don’t interact all that much in order for me to ship them. Besides, I think Goh is a better match for Koharu than Ash is but you do you, pal.


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Tbh, the only reason I think I'm infatuated with this ship is because the friction between them. Reading some fanfics, I've seen some authors make it slightly more serious, or just a straight up a gag. Both entertaining.

I'm with you in this -- I like this ship.