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Will we ever find out if May won the Johto Grand Festival?


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Misty, May, and Dawn all contributed to this show, and have many fans each. With that being said, I can't imagine the writers writting them off, it will almost be like Iris and Dento are Ash's only 2 friends right now if that's the case.

I can see May returning definitely. When, who knows. But it's definitely a possibility. I hope that she won it. She's one of my favorite characters, and I have faith in her.

latios reborn

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May's my favourite as well but from how thing's go I doubt she will turn up.

Eg: Misty turning up in Hoenn, May in Sinnoh so in turn Dawn will turn up in isshu


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Great! Instead of the same old usual Misty threads, it's a May thread now. Atlease it's a good question this time. But I'm more confident that May won, unlike in Dawn's case. May's got the Pokemon power team.


Ash's fangirl
No, I don't think so. I think they really could have told us if May had won or not around DP. At this point, it's already BW, I really doubt the writers even care anyway :/


Prepare For Trouble
Considering how strong her team was halfway into her journey she probably won or at least got runner-up like Dawn did.


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Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? Only time will tell. But I agree with Caseydia's post above, I'm pretty sure May will win at least one GF.

That is only your opinion, and a biased one geared towards Dawn considering you are a pearlshipper. So far in the previews I didn't see any item from Dawn in Ash's drawer. Instead we saw the trinket May gave him. Maybe the writers are sick of following (most) patterns and will try to spice things up by bringing May instead.

And this is coming from Teshub? LOL. Methinks your account got hacked, buddy.


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And this is coming from Teshub? LOL. Methinks your account got hacked, buddy.

Methinks he's trying to clean up after himself, unsuccessfully.

Anyway, I wish we could get any information regarding May's progress, however seems unlikely, but who knows.

Trainer White

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I highly doubt it.