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Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by m190049, Oct 1, 2008.


Will you get Platinum when it comes out near you?

  1. Yes

    1,181 vote(s)
  2. No

    78 vote(s)
  3. Undecided

    96 vote(s)
  1. chubb-o-wub

    chubb-o-wub Well-Known Member

    Um... sure. I don't want to fall behind inthe competetive scene in DPPt and I heard that Kingdra and Scizor are really good now.
  2. Cals666

    Cals666 Novice Breeder

    I'm going to buy the English version of Platinum, from the US, for my little brothers birthday. I already own the Japanese version of Platinum so there is no need for me to buy the English version.
    I completely recommend getting Platinum because it is a very enjoyable game.
  3. Noheart

    Noheart The Abysswalker

    Of course. It's going to be super special awesome, but I will tire of it sooner or later.

    Besides, I own at least 2 games from each generation.

    1st Gen: Red & Yellow
    2nd Gen: Crystal & Gold
    3rd Gen: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed
    4th Gen: Diamond & Pearl.

    I will haz Platinum. I WILLZ!

    And since I don't read Japanese, I don't want to import it. I'd rather just wait.
  4. UmbreonLord

    UmbreonLord 5th Gen OU

    I probs will. I got diamond and I got about £50 of vouchers left over :)
  5. Arceus1308

    Arceus1308 Megafan of Pokemon

    Yes of course I will
  6. Krake

    Krake Flabebe's Kids

    Probably not. I don't see why they have to have features that you can only get through events, but that's just me.
  7. contester Ccbueno

    contester Ccbueno Rescuer CCbueno

    probrably yes, but since i spend a lot of time in diamond, i think i'll keep it as the main version(it's a pain in the *** to trade more than 100 pokémons)
  8. b3an0b0y

    b3an0b0y Well-Known Member

    At first I thought I wouldn't but my mind is changing, I just regret trading lots of Pokemon though.

  9. klonoa

    klonoa Galaxy Idol

    Im really looking forward to getting it, as soon as that bad boy comes out in the US, im there, importing it of course.
  10. Of course. :'--)
  11. I'm going to buy it as soon as it comes out in the US. Actually, I'm going to buy two copies :D
  12. Fire Storm

    Fire Storm Well-Known Member


    First of all, I need it to complete my collection.
    Second, I want to try to play through it with only fire and electric type so that it takes longer...
    Third, I just want to play through again without restarting -- its taking great restraint to keep me from buying another diamond right now.
  13. Yogurt

    Yogurt Well-Known Member

    Yes but does anyone know how much it will be costing around the US? D/P are $35 so I'm guessing it will be the same price or at least I hope...
  14. shadowtomb987

    shadowtomb987 Well-Known Member

    I want that game!

    Yeah, it sounds like a cool game. Maybe, after Ash is done with Sinnoh. He will go to Johto to compete in the Frontier Brains,like he did when he was done with Hoenn and went back to Kanto.
  15. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    The title will cost whatever you paid for Diamond or Pearl. There wasn't even a need to ask.

    Not only will this likely not happen, but this is the wrong place to try and discuss it.
  16. Solaceonave

    Solaceonave Member

    oh yeah...definately....but i'm going to import the U.S version
  17. xPanda

    xPanda ~~~~

    im going to get the game on the day it comes out^^
    i've been waiting so long
  18. Beckie

    Beckie Raichu trainer

    I have all the games, so of course I'm gonna get this one!
  19. heatran_ran

    heatran_ran Lost in Ilex Forest

    Obviously. It is the most awaited game. ever!!
  20. barath

    barath Well-Known Member

    lolz no.. i have NDS emulator.. so no worry.. already i am playing the japanese version.. i should say its worth buying.. but reason 2 is i dont have any stores near my home..

    My house is isolated..

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