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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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The question is pretty self explainitory, do you plan on importing them straight from Japan, or are you waiting until they are released in your country?

And which version are you getting? ;249; ;250;
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Not going to import it, but i will buy SoulSilver. :)
Im going to wait outtill it comes to England liek I always do.
Ill probably buy both just because I like Johto so much


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I'll be importing the English versions from America, as I live in the UK. Not sure which version I'll get yet though, tough choice. May have to wait and see what version exclusives there are etc.


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I live in England. I'm gonna wait for them to come out in America and import both versions from there like I do with all my other pokemon games :)


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I'm not really sure to be honest. I mean, I do and I don't.
I do want to because I want to play it ASAP, but I don't because I don't want to ruin the experience for when it's released to America.


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IDK yet i have to look at it first and hopefully gamefreak doesn't mess it up.

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Nope, I'm not that impatient. And I know if I did import, I'd be way too confused, as I don't speak Japanese. XP

Plus also, I'm getting SoulSilver.


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Gonna wait for them to come here to the states, even though it'll be SO hard to wait! And my choice of version will be SoulSilver ^_^


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I'm thinking about it, but this game is something I have been waiting for, for God knows how long. I usually reserve imports for games that have little to no chance of getting an American release.


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I'm probably gonna import 1 version once it comes out in the US, and then buy the other when it reaches the UK. I have bad experiences with Japanese versions, though, so not gonna import it untranslated.

Can't wait~!


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i will get it from america but i will only get 1 not sure which one yet

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What's the point in importing it when it'll be out in the UK a few months later?

I'll get SS, but i'll wait for it to come out in the UK.
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SoulSilver, and I'm importing it. Maybe, just MAYBE, I'll buy HeartGold from the US.


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I'm not that impatient to start playing, so I can wait until it comes to my country. And I still don't know what game to choose from. HG would be the nostalgic choose, but what happens if, by some way, SS get cooler stuff (like Skarmory)?
I'm going to import as soon as it gets out. But I'll also buy the US version when it comes out later. Normally, I would wait for US version, but since I played GSC in Japanese, I thought it would be more fun if I also play the remake in same language. And I'm planning to get HS.
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Patience is the key with me. However, my loyalties stay with SoulSilver. Always will.


I'll probably just wait to buy both once it hits America.

But I won't shut any doors to the possibility of importing~

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I hate playing games that can't be understood like the japanese versions, so I will wait until it is released in US and I will get it immediately.
I have already decided that I will buy Heart Gold as I like Ho-Oh more than Lugia!
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