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Will you import SoulSilver and/or HeartGold? / Which version are you getting?

Will you import?

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The DS is region free.
If I wait till the game comes out in Europe, I face a wait of nearly a year.

However, I will wait till the game comes out in America. I badly want Heart Gold, but not badly enough to ruin the game by not understanding what the hell's going on.

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I'll be just buying them in the US when they come out. I intend on buying both of them, since Johto is my favourite~<3 Maybe if I have the money, though, I'll import one.*shrugs*

Lady Umbreon

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I'm waiting until it comes out over here. I'll most likely get HeartGold because 1) I usually let my cousin pick first then take the opposite version and back in Gen 2 she preferred Silver and 2) I like Ho-oh better than Lugia (I hope they keep you being able to get both legends).


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I'll wait so the game come to Sweden but it probably going to take some time
I have Silver so I'm going to buy SoulSilver :)
Im going to wait until its released in the uk before i buy it. I might try it out on Rom when it comes out in the US but i will definately buy a copy so that i can trade everything over froma ll my other games and hopefully never have to buy another pokemon game again lol (ive been waiting for a remake of gold and silver before i stopped buying the games). I still havent decided which one to buy yet. I will wait until there is a hell of a lot more details but since i bought Silver back in the day ill probably go for Heart Gold (hopefully it will change its name by the time its released in the UK)


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Judging by the exclusives in Gold and Silver, I'll probably go for HG =)
I'll be importing once it's out in America, cause I wouldn't want to play through a game not going what was going on =P Buuuut I couldn't wait an extra 2/3 months for it to come out in the UK!


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I am not going to import and wait until it's released in the US, I'm definately going to get HeartGold, Rainbow Feather FTW!

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I'm definitely going to be importing both games, but will most likely have SoulSilver first.


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I'll just wait until it comes out here in the US.

I'll probably get Heart Gold first then Soul Silver.


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Absolutely not. I have no problem waiting until the game comes out in NA.

Which version? Probably will go with the Gold one.


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I will probably import it. I love collecting things.


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Importing Soul Silver and will buy Heart Gold when it comes out here in the US.


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im gonna probably import silver from america like my platinum but by that time i may not have the money so may wait for england release
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I'm waiting for it to come out in the UK, I can't speak a word of Japanese so there's no point in importing it. I'm very likely to get both versions like I usually do, but my priority would be SoulSilver if I can't. ^_^



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I'm not sure which version I will import, but I'm definitely going to import one of them from Japan as soon as it is released so that I and my Totodile may travel across Johto on the quest for Pokemon Masterhood. ;158;


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Yay! My poll was allowed. :)

Anywho, I'm still debating what I'm going to do, I might import Gold and get Silver when it comes out here in the US.


Not importing at all. It'd be fairly useless to my lack of Japanese language abilities. Originally I thought I'd get SoulSilver since I played Silver before, but it seems like Silver is a hell of a lot more popular than Gold. May be worth while to have access to the less popular version exclusives.

However, on another note, I have to wait and see what those version exclusives are. That will most likely make my final choice for me.
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